Derby Dead Pool: Links

Other Dead Pools - The daddy of them all. An American dead pool which usually attracts over 1,000 teams vying for the $2,000 top prize. - Run by one of the DDP participants (and frequented by many others), this is, strictly speaking, not a dead pool as such, but a list of 50 famous people who its compilers feel might not see out the year. Watch them drop, and head for the discussion forum to debate who's next.

The - This whipper snapper has been running since 2003 and is becoming rapidly popular in the process.

The Hartlepool Deadlypool - Fiendishly complicated dead pool. - One of the earliest dead pools in the World. Had been predicting stiffs from 1970-2008.


Dead Or Alive? - Not sure how old that half-remembered celeb is these days? Or whether he/she's even still with us? This site has all the answers.

Nonagenarians and Centenarians - Some info on famous and not-so-famous people who won't see their 90th birthday again.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - The ultimate online resource for information on actors, actresses, or anyone else connected with the film/TV industry.

NNDB - Similar to IMDb, but covers all celebs, not just thesps.

Wikipedia - Huge and ever-growing online encyclopedia. Nice, concise write-ups on most people you might be interested in choosing for your team - and you can even add your own if you want.

Celebrity Death Beeper - Sign up to this site and it sends you an email every time a celeb dies. Somewhat US-centric, but handy for making sure none of your team pop off without you (and us) noticing.

The Blog of Death - A very thorough list of everyone vaguely famous who's died recently. Again, useful for checking you haven't missed anyone's demise.

alt.obituaries - Google discussion group on all things death related.

Random Stuff

The Death Clock - Work out when you're likely to die! Also features a list of dead celebs and a write-up on when and how each of them met their maker.

Find A Grave - A pretty comprehensive list of deceased famous people and where they're buried.

Brainy History - Find out which notable people popped off on any given date in history.

Sickipedia - The sick jokes encyclopedia.

Where Are They Now? - Compiled by the Derby Dead Pool's former host (and 2010 champion) Octopus of Odstock. It's also worth perusing for the odd motor racing celebrity who is in poor health.

And if you fancy having a go at creating your own dead pool, well here's some advice...

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