Team selections for Derby Dead Pool 2023

Key to symbols

    unique pick (+4 points in the event of a hit)
    joker (double points in the event of a hit)
    drop 40 (+3 points in the event of a hit)

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& It's a Good by from me | (THEME) #1 Hits | (THEME) ...and its goodnight from him | (THEME) 20 Crooners Croakin' | (THEME) 80s Babies 20s Cadevers | (THEME) A Bottle of Lucozade and the warm blanket | (THEME) A Brush (or more) with the Law | (THEME) A Chris Goodbye | (THEME) Acting as in the Twenties | (THEME) All Death Is Consolation | (THEME) ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERNS FRONT | (THEME) All these moments will be lost | (THEME) ALLITERATIVELY ALIVE NO MORE | (THEME) Alternative in Death - The Right Deadlihood Award | (THEME) American As Apple Pie | (THEME) Apollogies For Still Living | (THEME) ARTHUR'S THEME | (THEME) Ashes to Ashes XI | (THEME) Baby Kissers Taking a Big Sleep | (THEME) batstarlord of the whotreklock | (THEME) Bibliogryphon's Bookworm Food | (THEME) Body with No Arms No Legs Floating in Ocean | (THEME) Boom, Boom, Out go the lights | (THEME) Buying Max Yasgur's Farm | (THEME) BYE-BYE BORING BROADCASTERS 2023 | (THEME) Can't Think of a Music Pun | (THEME) Cashier Number 91 please! | (THEME) Clerically Dead | (THEME) CLOG POPPERS | (THEME) Come on Karma, Where's the F@@king Justice | (THEME) Comedy Cremations | (THEME) Complete Phallusies | (THEME) Complications from a fall | (THEME) Criterion Afterlife Edition | (THEME) CRT to DOA | (THEME) DCAU Demises | (THEME) DDP 2063 | (THEME) Dead And Dusted 2 | (THEME) Dead Beats | (THEME) Dead Continent | (THEME) Dead Leaders | (THEME) Death to all but metal and Dame Shirley Bassey | (THEME) Decaying Orbit-uaries | (THEME) Decomposing Blubber | (THEME) Deutschland verabschiedet sich! | (THEME) Dick Smith's OzEDeath List | (THEME) Drop Dead Diva | (THEME) Dropping Aitches | (THEME) Dying Donkeys | (THEME) Dying of Pretentiousness | (THEME) Easy Peasy Japanesey | (THEME) Exiting The Stage | (THEME) Fireball's Play Your Cadavers Right | (THEME) Five Minute Bell Ends | (THEME) Formula Fatality | (THEME) Francis Of Wrestle-Easy 2023 | (THEME) Funk Pop a Roll | (THEME) Gay-Tes Of Heaven | (THEME) God's Gonna Gettem | (THEME) Gone Solo | (THEME) Grappling with Mortality | (THEME) Gray Panthers | (THEME) Great Gig in the Sky | (THEME) Great Gig In The Sky Encore | (THEME) Great-Dead Britons | (THEME) Gris Gris | (THEME) Hell to the Chief | (THEME) He's Making A List, He's Checking It Twice | (THEME) He's Not The Family Guy | (THEME) Hispanics and Lati-no's | (THEME) Hits Of 36 Years Ago And Hits Today | (THEME) Hoosier Deaddy?? | (THEME) House Of Soon To Be With The Lord | (THEME) In The Hole! | (THEME) International Dying Festival | (THEME) IT'S A COP-OUT 2023 | (THEME) Jane's Antique Wrinklies | (THEME) Jocks Away | (THEME) Just in Case | (THEME) Keeping the band alive!! | (THEME) Kennedy Driving School | (THEME) KICKING BUCKETS INSTEAD OF BALLS | (THEME) Kiddyfiddler Harriers | (THEME) Kiwi fruit sundae | (THEME) Last Christmas | (THEME) Last of The Summer Winos | (THEME) Laugh-in to the Grave | (THEME) Laughing in the face of Death. | (THEME) Literarily Dead | (THEME) Lost of the Lost | (THEME) Lt. Colonel Kilgore's Ultimate Surf Party | (THEME) Lullabye-bye of Broadway | (THEME) M6 Toll(ed) | (THEME) Made In Detroit | (THEME) MAGA Hit List | (THEME) Miscreants | (THEME) MST3K Massacre | (THEME) Musical chairs | (THEME) Nearly Dead Kennedys | (THEME) Nice! | (THEME) No More Expenses | (THEME) No Mr Bond Villain, I Expect You To Die!!! | (THEME) Nobel Notables | (THEME) Norman Lear and All His Friends | (THEME) Not Going in a Black Cab | (THEME) Not Gone Yet, But Still Forgotten | (THEME) OAPs | (THEME) Oh Ronnie, Where Art Thou... | (THEME) Old As Dirt | (THEME) On yer bike! | (THEME) Once Shaggable, Now Baggable | (THEME) One Century Is Enough, Madam! | (THEME) One More Knight | (THEME) Oscar Strikeouts | (THEME) Oui Oui Baguette | (THEME) Passing of the Passed | (THEME) Pazuzu 5 Points | (THEME) Pazuzu Bad Boys | (THEME) Peace, Drugs, and Death | (THEME) Perfect 10 | (THEME) Political Correctness Gone Mad | (THEME) Poor Little Ghoul | (THEME) Pop goes the Wurzels | (THEME) Pulling up the Daisies | (THEME) Punk is Dead | (THEME) Rappers Delight | (THEME) Rockers who Rolled to the graveyard | (THEME) Rolls Off The Tongue | (THEME) Ruling The Afterlife | (THEME) Rushing to Tim Horton's for Maple Donuts | (THEME) Sad Last Days | (THEME) Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel | (THEME) Saturday Night Dead | (THEME) Scrubber Out | (THEME) Shake, Rattle, Roll Over and Play Dead | (THEME) She’s a Dead Skate, Charlie Brown | (THEME) sid and marty coffin | (THEME) Slippery Soap | (THEME) snooker loopy c*NTS are we | (THEME) Softly Softly Catchee Monkey(pox) | (THEME) Space Wasters | (THEME) Special:RandomInCategory/Living_people | (THEME) Sportspeople I Think Might Die in 2023 United | (THEME) St. Peter’s Warblers | (THEME) Sudden Death | (THEME) Syndication Zombies | (THEME) Thanks for being a Sport | (THEME) Thats 70's Mixtape | (THEME) The 27 Club | (THEME) The Dead Kennedys | (THEME) The Dead Parrots Society | (THEME) The DOA Tour | (THEME) The Elders of Reality TV | (THEME) The Fat Lady's singing... | (THEME) THE FINAL WHISTLE | (THEME) The Gallifrey Regeneration Game | (THEME) The Gang joins the DDP | (THEME) The Masked Dier | (THEME) The Politicorpses | (THEME) The Retched pong of Brit sit-com | (THEME) The Right to Die | (THEME) The Sick-Bed of Cuchulainn | (THEME) The Survivors | (THEME) The Talking Dead | (THEME) The Ukrainian Actuary | (THEME) The Writing's On The Wall | (THEME) There is nothing like a dame | (THEME) They think it's all over | (THEME) Tik Tok… It’s Time | (THEME) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, DIE | (THEME) Trans Girls Hit squad's hit list | (THEME) Turn Off That Telly and Go to Bed! | (THEME) Unpersons | (THEME) Vive la France... et la mort | (THEME) Waiting for Ugo | (THEME) Weird with a Beard | (THEME) Well Done If You Got These at Home | (THEME) Well, Somebody Ate All The Pies | (THEME) Where are all the Garys and Simons? | (THEME) Who Goes Before the 5-0 Arrives? | (THEME) Who's laughing now? | (THEME) Willie Spence Memorial Deathsquad | (THEME) Wishing (I Had an Obituary of You) | (THEME) YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING | 12 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies Dying | 20 Random Guys Part 1 | 20 Random Guys Part 2 | 20 Random Guys Part 3 | 2024 Here No More | 2024? – no thank you! I’ll leave before | 2nd time's a charm | 5 Feet and 1 to Go | 6 Feet (Down) Under | A Bunch Of Punts | A Pelican In The Wilderness | A Spot of Death | A Submarine Torpedoes and Sinks The Love Boat | A Trophy For Atrophy | AbraCadaver | After You, Madam | Ah, the ol’ team | Alternative Observations 2023 | Amanita virosa | Ambulance chaser | And Now His Watch Is Ended | And they all died | ANGELS | Apricot Crumble | Are You Still Dying, Darling? | ARSE-IN-HOLE | Aye, they're off the fags alright | Bad 4 U, You Look Dying & Decaying | BALDY FOREVER | Banana's Bruises | Banana's Peel Slippers | BANGELS | Bastard Must've Died | Beat the Cost of Living Crisis with One Simple Trick! | Ben-Hur and Messala Were Lovers | Bennington & Speight's Aerial Silk Workshop | Bieber's Believers | Bladerunner | BLIMEY! | Blueberry Crumble | Bourne to Die | BREATHLESS IN SEATTLE | BROWN BANANAS | bry80cr | Bucket Kickers 79 | Bucket Of Blood | c. a. daver | Cancel My Appointments | Captain Hemlock's Twenty | Carkers Convention 2023 | Champion Funeral Home | Chelski Pensioners | Cobbled on the Eve | Coffin Fit | COMPOST CORNER | Corpsicles | Couldn't Think of a Team Name | Crofty's Coffin Crew | Dai YaB'stards | Darling Did You Forget to Take A Breath? | Dave's Dead, Aye Dead Drunk | David Quantick's Showbiz Pals | Day in the Death | DDP Tofoa | Dead and Deader V: Carrion My Wayward Son | Dead And Dusted | Dead And Dusted 1 | Dead Ends | Dead Is Dead | Dead Last? Dead Right! | DEAD LOSS | Dead Ringers | Dead Wait | Deader than a Dead Thing | Deadies 8 | Deadpool Surprise | Deadwig | Death Becomes Them | Death Can Be Funny | Death Is International | Death Nebula 3000 | Death Stalks United | Death Stinks | Death to the Future | | Deceased Hose | Departures Board | Diana Rots | Die Now....Die Now....Show Us You've Pegged | Diego | Dirt Nappers | Don't Eat The Figs | Down Under Death Merchants | Down Under the Daisies | Dr Shipman's waiting room | Droller Coaster | Drop Dead Celebration | drunkasaskunk | Eddie's Parade of Darkness and Despair | Equatic Doom | Error 404s | Eternity Tours | Ethnic Cleansing | even one's a win | Evil Grimace | Expiry Date 2023 | Exu's Exiteers | Fade to Black | Falling Off The Perch | Faster Than A Dead Horse | Fat Kids Always Win at Seesaw | Faucheuse’s main list | Feng Shui Pig | Final Curtain Calls | Finbarr Returns from the Dead | For whom the bell tolls | Forgotten But Not Gone | Frail or cancerous | Francis of Arse-Easy 2023 | From Here to Eternity | Funeral Director 2023 | Funeral Directors Apprentice 2023 | Funeral Furore | Funeral Holmes | Girlfriend In A Coma | God, It's Brutal Out Here | Going Green | Going Underground | Going, Going, Gone | Gooseberry Crumble | Grave Danger | Grim McGraw | Grobler's Stiff Ones | GUN Fishing | Haben die Spaten | Hangman's XX | Heading Nowhere | Headstone Hunters | Hearse of the Dead | Heaven Can't Wait | Heaven or Hell? | Here's Who You Could Have Won | His and Hearse | Huddled Masses | I Cannot Believe They're Not Deader | I Couldn't Eat Another Bite | I Like to Cease Beside the Seaside | I Told You I Was Ill | I Will Not Die, it's the World that Will End! | I'll sleep when you're dead | I'm Sorry For Your Trouble | It's A Grim World After All | It's Grim Up North | I've Been Dying To Play This | Jackie Treehorn | Jellydead | Jimmy Savile's Paedo FunHouse and Grill | JoeRam | John Key's List | Julia Elston | Jumptheshark V 14.0 (now living in Derby) | Just Fade Away | Lard Bazaar | Let the Bodies Hit the Floor | Lidders Late Lamentables | Life Got Cold | Lights Out | Lived so let's die | Living in a Box | LL's Pool | Long Lived the Queen | Lord Football's Usual List of Ill People | LW's Czech Out | Madonna's Hand Of Bod | Manuel's Stiffs | Mass Hole Cemetery | Matt Hancock's Unwashed Cock | Min Reaper | Moldy Oldies | Moribold Krakatoa's Playhour | Morrigan | Mortem Omnibus | Most Unique Picks 2023 | Mr & Mrs Drummerboy | Mr Shadrack’s Apparatus | Much Ado About Snuffing | Naked Florida Gravediggers | Neither There Nor Thereabouts | No Weddings and Twenty Funerals | Noah Reason and the Youth in Asia | NoSoup4U! | Not at All Well | Now That's What I Call Emeli Sande's In Memoriam | Noz4news | Octopus of Odstock | Old People Smell Of Piss | Once You Go Black | ONE BAR GAS FIRE AND A TIN OF DOG FOOD | One Eyed Jacks | Only Fools and Corpses | Oscar The Beast | Over The Rainbow | Pan Breed | Partridge As Reaper | Pazuzu United | Pearly Gates | pedro's catacomb ensemble | People I Think Might Die In 2023 United | Perhaps' Pointless Punts | Permanent Kip | Peter Falk's Friends | Phantom's Pick 'n' Mix | Pistonbroke | Pity da Foolz | Plan B from Outer Space | Plausible Passings of 2023 | Pool Ghoul | Poppin’ Clogs | Powder Picks Em Off | Pretty Noose | Prowlers Goners | Pull my finger | Puzlman's Passing Picks | Reaping the Benefits | Rigor Mort Us | Roasting Bodies In Redcar | Rotting Kanzlerin | Sad News FC | Salmon Mousse | SAMSONS AND DELILAHS | SAY HELLO TO THE ANGELS | Say Hi to Uncle George | SeasideEssexXile | See You In Heaven | Shame Thatcher Can't Die Twice | Shaun of the Dead 69 | SHORTER OF BREATH, ONE DAY CLOSER TO DEATH | Shovelful of Dirt | Simply Dead | Skate Dumpers | Smart Beta | So Long Farewell | Song to the Siren | Southerners Stiffs | Soylent Green Is You | Spectre of Death | Star Dust | Statik Charge | Stephen Hawking's Football Boots | Steve's Stiffs | Still_Drunkasaskunk | Stone Dead Cert | Sweeney Todd's Nutritional Information | Swimming in the Death Pool | Team Cat AIDS | Tentoesup | The Alternative Deathlist | The Anfield Iron | The Award for Best Original Decomposition goes to... | The Beatles Are Dying In The Wrong Order | The B-Team | The Caulkhead Coffin Kickers | The Choir Invisibule | The Cobbles Toll for Thee | The Colnbrook Coroner | The Conqueror Worm | The corpse list | The Crowdsourced Deathlist | THE DEAD C**T SCROTS | The Deadest Of The Dead | The Death Toll is Catastrophic | The Douglas Bader Dance Troupe 2023 | The End of the World As We Know It | The Good, The Bad and Cliff Richard | The Grim Actuary | The Honey Trap | The Living End | The Long Awaited Return Of The Blackpool Jury | The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul | The Love Boat | The Master of Unlocking | The Misers | the old lady | The Old Ones are the Pests | The Policies Of Benjamin Netanyahu | The Really, Really Rottens | The Rotting Corpses of the Undead | The Sound of the Underground | The Spanners | The Sunday Supplement's Premature Review of 2023 | The Walking Dead | There is no spoon | There's A Shiva In The Park | They Might All Die | They're Loving Angels Instead | This Mortal Coil | Thomas Jefferson Survives | Time for Me to Fly | Time's-up Team | Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Die | Tiny and Ellie's Pick of the Drops | To Kill A Gabor Sister | Today's the day the maggots have their picnic | Touch of Grey | Tragic, our Maurice! | Trojan Hearse | Trumps Disinfectant Chumps | Tumbling Dice | Two Coins & A Punt | Unusual Suspects | Vale: These 20 Cunts | Very Ill Turned Very Dead | VIRUS? WHAT VIRUS? CORONA'S A BEER! | Waiting for the Hearse | Wayne Manor | Weakend at Bernies | What’s the Story, Mourning Glory? | Where's My Damn List? | Who Turned out the lights? | William Hague's Special Friend | Windsor the Troll | Windsor's OBE | Wisconsin Reaper Beater 2.0 | Women's Deaths Matter Too | Worm Farmer | Worm Fodder | Wormer, he's a dead man! niedermier dead! marmalard dead! | You Could Have Waited, I've Just Put The Kettle On! | You Dirty Rotten Swine, You Deaded Them! | You Have 1 Year To Die…Your Time Starts Now | You Might Be A King or a Little Street Sweeper | Zero Hit's Wishlist | Zipline | Zombie Dance Party | ZZ Topped: Heaven, Hell or Houston


& It's a Good by from me
First year in DDP.
  1. Mel Brooks Drop Forty bonus
  2. Gary Busey
  3. Phil Collins
  4. Bill Cosby
  5. Pete Doherty
  6. Shannen Doherty Drop Forty bonus
  7. Corey Feldman Unique pick
  8. Michael J. Fox
  9. Gary Glitter
  10. Michael Gove Unique pick
  11. Michael Heseltine
  12. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  13. Shane MacGowan Drop Forty bonus
  14. Ozzy Osbourne Joker!
  15. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus
  16. Keith Richards
  17. Michael Schumacher
  18. Tina Turner
  19. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  20. Harvey Weinstein


(THEME) #1 Hits
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 141th
(THEME) Those who have had a UK number 1 hit single either solo or as a group...
  1. Ian Bairnson Unique pick
  2. J. J. Barrie
  3. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus
  4. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  5. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  6. David Crosby
  7. James Dunn (singer) Unique pick
  8. Dave Edmunds Unique pick
  9. Chris Farlowe
  10. David Graham
  11. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  12. (1961) Randy JACKSON Unique pick
  13. Lena Martell Unique pick
  14. jane morgan
  15. Willie Nelson Drop Forty bonus
  16. Trevor Oakes Unique pick
  17. Chris Rea
  18. Peter Robinson Unique pick
  19. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  20. Young Thug Unique pick


(THEME) ...and its goodnight from him
Years in DDP: 13
Best position: 32th
(THEME) A team of Rons, Ronalds, Ronnies etc...
  1. Ronald Blythe Joker!
  2. Ronnie Campbell Unique pick
  3. Ronny Cox
  4. Walter Cunningham
  5. Ronnie Dawson Unique pick
  6. Ron Dennis
  7. Ron Ely
  8. Ron Headley Unique pick
  9. Ronald Isley
  10. Ron Kovic
  11. Ronnie Milsap
  12. Ron Paul
  13. Ronnie Rees Unique pick
  14. Rony Robinson Unique pick
  15. Ronnie Schneider Unique pick
  16. Ronald Venetiaan Unique pick
  17. Ronald Wayne
  18. Ronnie Wood
  19. Ron Yeats
  20. Ron Yerxa Unique pick


(THEME) 20 Crooners Croakin'
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 248th
(THEME) Will any of these be singing for their last supper?
  1. Ed Ames
  2. Paul Anka
  3. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus
  4. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  5. Pat Boone
  6. Jerry Butler
  7. Petula Clark
  8. Phil Collins
  9. Connie Francis
  10. Engelbert Humperdinck
  11. Jack Jones (singer)
  12. Tom Jones
  13. Steve Lawrence
  14. Barry Manilow
  15. Johnny Mathis
  16. Joni Mitchell
  17. Wayne Newton
  18. Bobby Vinton
  19. Dionne Warwick
  20. Roger Whittaker


(THEME) 80s Babies 20s Cadevers
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Late Gen X-ers and early millenials
  1. Kate Bock Unique pick
  2. Chris Brown
  3. Nick Carter Unique pick
  4. Alfred Enoch Unique pick
  5. Matthew Falder Unique pick
  6. Ryan Gosling Unique pick
  7. Kit Harington Unique pick
  8. Paris Hilton Unique pick
  9. Emile Hirsch Unique pick
  10. Nicholas Hoult Unique pick
  11. Kim Jong-Un
  12. Beyonce Knowles Unique pick
  13. Brie Larson Unique pick
  14. Blake Lively Unique pick
  15. Billie Piper Unique pick
  16. Chris Pratt Unique pick
  17. (singer) Rihanna Unique pick
  18. James Rolfe Joker!
  19. Rishi Sunak
  20. Taylor Swift


(THEME) A Bottle of Lucozade and the warm blanket
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Remembering the 70s…
  1. Caroline Blakiston Unique pick
  2. Norman Bowler
  3. Eleanor Bron
  4. Nadia Cattouse Unique pick
  5. Tony Caunter
  6. Keith Clifford
  7. Vernon Dobtcheff Unique pick
  8. Peter Ellis Unique pick
  9. Jill Freud Unique pick
  10. William Gaunt
  11. Malcolm Hebden
  12. Geoff Hinsliff Unique pick
  13. Michael Jayston
  14. Doreen Mantle
  15. Judy Parfitt
  16. Robert Powell Unique pick
  17. Frances White Unique pick
  18. Richard Wilson
  19. Arnold Yarrow
  20. Barbara Young Joker!


(THEME) A Brush (or more) with the Law
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 436th
(THEME) Celebrities in hot water
  1. Robert Blake
  2. Sidney Cooke Joker!
  3. Bill Cosby
  4. Joseph James Deangelo
  5. Joe Exotic
  6. Stuart Hall
  7. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  8. Ted Kaczynski Drop Forty bonus
  9. Don King
  10. Jean-Marie Le Pen
  11. Imelda Marcos
  12. Rupert Murdoch
  13. Robert Pickton Unique pick
  14. Roman Polanski
  15. Dennis Rader Unique pick
  16. Robert Ben Rhoades Unique pick
  17. William Roache
  18. Charles Sobhraj
  19. Lech Walesa
  20. Rose West


(THEME) A Chris Goodbye
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Time to meet christ for these
  1. Chris Brown
  2. Christopher Chope Unique pick
  3. Tony Christie Unique pick
  4. Tony Christopher
  5. Chris De Burgh Unique pick
  6. Chris Farlowe
  7. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Unique pick
  8. Christopher Fowler
  9. Chris Haughey Unique pick
  10. Chrissie Hynde Unique pick
  11. Kris Kristofferson
  12. Christian Lacroix Unique pick
  13. Christopher Lloyd
  14. Christa Luft Unique pick
  15. Chris Rea
  16. Chris Slade Unique pick
  17. Chris Spedding Unique pick Joker!
  18. Chris Steele
  19. Chris Tarrant
  20. Christopher Walken


(THEME) Acting as in the Twenties
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 70th
(THEME) Veteran player WEP has turned his main team into a theme team of German actors
  1. Heinz Baumann Unique pick
  2. Hannelore Bollmann Unique pick
  3. Erwin Brunn Unique pick
  4. Ruth Geller Unique pick
  5. Gardy Granass Unique pick Joker!
  6. Renate Grosser Unique pick
  7. Waltraut Haas Unique pick
  8. Eva-Maria Lahl Unique pick
  9. Lotte Ledl Unique pick
  10. Regine Lutz Unique pick
  11. Erni Mangold Unique pick
  12. Karl-Ulrich Meves Unique pick
  13. Bettina Moissi Unique pick
  14. Horst Naumann Unique pick
  15. Agathe Poschmann Unique pick
  16. Thomas Reiner Unique pick
  17. Margit Saad Unique pick
  18. Dieter Schaad Unique pick
  19. Rolf Schimpf
  20. Heinz Trixner Unique pick


(THEME) All Death Is Consolation
Years in DDP: 13
Best position: 191th
(THEME) These suffered for their art. Will they suffer for this team's points?
  1. Carl Andre Unique pick
  2. Frank Auerbach Unique pick
  3. Peter Blake
  4. Jim Dine Unique pick
  5. Richard Estes Unique pick
  6. Audrey Flack Unique pick
  7. Francoise Gilot
  8. David Hockney Joker!
  9. Jasper Johns
  10. Alex Katz
  11. Yayoi Kusama
  12. Peter Max
  13. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  14. George PASSMORE Unique pick
  15. Gerhard Richter Unique pick
  16. Bridget Riley Unique pick
  17. Edward Ruscha Unique pick
  18. Ralph Steadman
  19. Frank Stella Unique pick
  20. Marian Zazeela Unique pick


Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 133th
(THEME) The western genre in film and tv. Yee-haw!
  1. Ed Ames
  2. John Astin
  3. Carroll Baker
  4. Mel Brooks Drop Forty bonus
  5. Dyan Cannon Unique pick
  6. John Collier Unique pick
  7. Angie Dickinson
  8. Robert Duvall
  9. Gene Hackman
  10. Geoffrey Horne Unique pick
  11. Piper Laurie
  12. Gina Lollobrigida
  13. Peggy McIntyre Unique pick
  14. Lita Milan Unique pick
  15. Rita Moreno
  16. Debra Paget Unique pick
  17. Stephanie Powers Unique pick
  18. Joyce Randolph Joker!
  19. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) All these moments will be lost
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 233th
(THEME) Sci-fi actors, notables and all that other nerdbird stuff.
  1. David Calder Unique pick
  2. Terry Carter Unique pick
  3. Bruce Dern
  4. Brad Dourif Unique pick
  5. Lou Ferrigno Unique pick
  6. Gil Gerard Unique pick
  7. Erin Gray Unique pick
  8. James Hong
  9. Peter Jurasik Unique pick
  10. Michael Keating Unique pick
  11. Walter Koenig
  12. Ben Murphy Unique pick
  13. Terry O'Quinn Unique pick
  14. Michael Pennington Unique pick
  15. Ann Robinson Unique pick
  16. Barbara Rush
  17. William Sanderson Unique pick
  18. J. Michael Straczynski Unique pick
  19. Chuck Wagner Unique pick
  20. M. Emmet Walsh Joker!


Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 350th
(THEME) Alliterative celebs
  1. Anouk Aimee
  2. Alan Alda Joker!
  3. Burt Bacharach
  4. Brigitte Bardot
  5. Bob Barker Drop Forty bonus
  6. Brian Blessed
  7. Betty Boothroyd
  8. Barry Bostwick Unique pick
  9. Barry Briggs
  10. Claudia Cardinale
  11. Dickie Davies
  12. Frank Field Drop Forty bonus
  13. Gianni Garko Unique pick
  14. Jesse Jackson
  15. Michael Mansfield Unique pick
  16. Millicent Martin
  17. Michael Mates Unique pick
  18. Mary Moon Unique pick
  19. Ray Reardon
  20. Barbara Taylor-Bradford Unique pick


(THEME) Alternative in Death - The Right Deadlihood Award
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 317th
(THEME) People who won the commonly called "Alternative Nobel Prize"
  1. Martín Almada Unique pick
  2. Andras Biro Unique pick Joker!
  3. Leonardo Boff Unique pick
  4. Theo van Boven Unique pick
  5. Erik Dammann Unique pick
  6. Daniel Ellsberg
  7. Johan Galtung Unique pick
  8. Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher Unique pick
  9. Inge Kemp Genefke Unique pick
  10. Wes Jackson Unique pick
  11. Krishnammal Jagannathan Unique pick
  12. Erwin Krautler Unique pick
  13. Louise Schmeiser Unique pick
  14. Sulak Sivaraksa Unique pick
  15. David Suzuki
  16. John Frances Charlewood Turner Unique pick
  17. George Vithoulkas Unique pick
  18. Chico Whitaker Unique pick
  19. Legesse Wolde-Yohannes Unique pick
  20. Melaku Worede Unique pick


(THEME) American As Apple Pie
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 233th
(THEME) Hispanics, Latinx and other Donald Trump-baiters from south of the border.
  1. Norma Aleandro Unique pick
  2. Luis Aparicio Unique pick Joker!
  3. Alfonso Arau Unique pick
  4. Martha Argerich Unique pick
  5. Fernando Botero
  6. Violeta Chamorro
  7. Roberto Duran
  8. jorge edwards Unique pick
  9. Don Francisco
  10. Lillian Hurst Unique pick
  11. Alejandro Jodorowsky Unique pick
  12. Juan Marichal Unique pick
  13. Manny Mota Unique pick
  14. Pilar Pallete Unique pick
  15. Camilo Pascual Unique pick
  16. Silvia Pinal
  17. Elena Poniatowska Unique pick
  18. Omara Portuondo Unique pick
  19. Jorge Reynolds Pombo Unique pick
  20. Cristina Peri Rossi Unique pick


(THEME) Apollogies For Still Living
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 387th
(THEME) Astronauts
  1. Buzz Aldrin Drop Forty bonus
  2. Joseph P. Allen Unique pick
  3. William Anders Unique pick
  4. Frank Borman Joker!
  5. Vance Brand Unique pick
  6. Robert Crippen Unique pick
  7. Walter Cunningham
  8. Charles Duke
  9. Joe Engle
  10. Edward Gibson Unique pick
  11. Fred Haise
  12. Joseph Kerwin Unique pick
  13. Gene Kranz
  14. Jack Lousma Unique pick
  15. Jim Lovell
  16. Ken Mattingly Unique pick
  17. Harrison Schmitt
  18. Rusty Schweickart Unique pick
  19. David Scott
  20. Thomas P. Stafford


Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 438th
(THEME) Retired world leaders
  1. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  2. Violeta Chamorro Joker!
  3. Ricardo de la Espriella Unique pick
  4. Joseph Estrada Unique pick
  5. Vicente Fox Unique pick
  6. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Unique pick
  7. Yakubu Gowon Unique pick
  8. John Kufuor Unique pick
  9. Ricardo Lagos Unique pick
  10. Hipolito Mejia Unique pick
  11. Jose Mujica
  12. Peter Mutharika Unique pick
  13. Abel Pacheco Unique pick
  14. Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada Unique pick
  15. Jose Sarney
  16. Ahmet Necdet Sezer Unique pick
  17. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Unique pick
  18. Nicephore Soglo Unique pick
  19. George Vasiliou Unique pick
  20. Juan Carlos Wasmosy Unique pick


(THEME) Ashes to Ashes XI
First year in DDP.
(THEME) The traditional cricket theme team
  1. Bob Barber Unique pick
  2. Jimmy Binks Unique pick
  3. Alan Brown Unique pick
  4. Neil Harvey Joker!
  5. Barry Knight Unique pick
  6. Bill Lawry Unique pick
  7. Doug Padgett Unique pick
  8. Ken Palmer Unique pick
  9. Peter Parfitt Unique pick
  10. John Price Unique pick
  11. Harold Rhodes Unique pick
  12. Fred Rumsey Unique pick
  13. Eric Russell Unique pick
  14. Bobby Simpson
  15. Alan Smith Unique pick
  16. M.J.K. Smith Unique pick
  17. Micky Stewart
  18. Raman Subba Row
  19. Roy Swetman Unique pick
  20. Ken Taylor Unique pick


(THEME) Baby Kissers Taking a Big Sleep
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 366th
(THEME) Politicians in the widest sense of the word
  1. Silvio Berlusconi Unique pick
  2. Paul Biya
  3. Muhammadu Buhari Unique pick
  4. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  5. Rosalynn Carter
  6. Joe Clark Unique pick
  7. (monarch) Constantine II of Greece
  8. John Dean Unique pick
  9. Winnie Ewing
  10. Dianne Feinstein
  11. Alberto Fujimori
  12. King Harald V of Norway
  13. Gary Hart
  14. Hu Jintao
  15. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  16. Pervez Musharraf
  17. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus
  18. simeon saxe-coburg gotha Unique pick
  19. Manmohan Singh
  20. Milos Zeman


(THEME) batstarlord of the whotreklock
Years in DDP: 9
Best position: 254th
(THEME) Class this one under "genre shows" and such like…
  1. Colin Baker
  2. Tom Baker Joker!
  3. Christian Bale Unique pick
  4. Halle Berry Unique pick
  5. David Bradley Unique pick
  6. Harrison Ford
  7. Mark Gatiss
  8. Frazer Hines Unique pick
  9. Barry Humphries
  10. Val Kilmer
  11. Walter Koenig
  12. Katy Manning Unique pick
  13. Sylvester McCoy Unique pick
  14. Ian McKellen
  15. Joaquin Phoenix Unique pick
  16. Mitch Pileggi
  17. Patrick Stewart
  18. George Takei
  19. Burt Ward
  20. Steven Williams Unique pick


(THEME) Bibliogryphon's Bookworm Food
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 68th
(THEME) Those who have slaved over the typewriter.
  1. Peter Ackroyd Joker!
  2. Piers Anthony Unique pick
  3. Christopher Awdry Unique pick
  4. Lynne Reid Banks
  5. Peter S. Beagle Unique pick
  6. A. S. Byatt
  7. Samuel R. Delany Unique pick
  8. Lynley Dodd Unique pick
  9. Margaret Drabble Unique pick
  10. Antonia Fraser
  11. Athol Fugard
  12. Milan Kundera
  13. Ray Lawler Unique pick
  14. Penelope Lively Unique pick
  15. Michael Ondaatje Unique pick
  16. Robert Rankin Unique pick
  17. Robert Swindells Unique pick
  18. Joanna Trollope Unique pick
  19. Joan Vinge Unique pick
  20. fay weldon


(THEME) Body with No Arms No Legs Floating in Ocean
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 418th
(THEME) Bobs
  1. Bob Barker Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  2. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  3. Robert Downey, Jr. Unique pick
  4. Roberto Duran
  5. Robert Duvall
  6. Robert Englund Unique pick
  7. Bob Eubanks
  8. Bob Geldof
  9. Bobbie Gentry Unique pick
  10. Bobcat Goldthwait Unique pick
  11. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Unique pick
  12. Robert Klein
  13. Bobby Knight
  14. Bob Newhart
  15. Bobby Orr
  16. Robert Plant Unique pick
  17. Robert Redford
  18. Bob Seger
  19. Bob Uecker
  20. Robert Wagner


(THEME) Boom, Boom, Out go the lights
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 390th
(THEME) The 1960s blues and beat band movement.
  1. Jeff Beck Unique pick
  2. Eric Burdon Joker!
  3. Dave Clark
  4. Mike D'Abo Unique pick
  5. Chris Drejy
  6. Chris Farlowe
  7. Hughie Flint Unique pick
  8. Luther Grosvenor Unique pick
  9. Mike Hugg Unique pick
  10. John Paul Jones Unique pick
  11. Paul Jones Unique pick
  12. Manfred Mann Unique pick
  13. Hank Marvin Unique pick
  14. Jim McCarty Unique pick
  15. Tom McGuinness Unique pick
  16. John McLaughlin
  17. John McVie
  18. Alan Price Unique pick
  19. Mick Ralphs Unique pick
  20. Bruce Welch


(THEME) Buying Max Yasgur's Farm
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Folky musicians
  1. Joan Baez
  2. David Clayton-Thomas Unique pick
  3. David Crosby
  4. Roger Daltrey Unique pick
  5. Adolfo de la Parra Unique pick
  6. John Fogerty Unique pick
  7. Arlo Guthrie Unique pick
  8. Mike Heron Unique pick
  9. Bill Kreutzmann Unique pick
  10. Phil Lesh
  11. Jocko Marcellino Unique pick
  12. Country Joe McDonald Unique pick
  13. Robbie Robertson
  14. Gregg Rolie Unique pick
  15. Melanie Safka Unique pick
  16. Carlos Santana
  17. John Sebastian Unique pick
  18. Grace Slick
  19. Sly Stone Joker!
  20. (singer) Neil Young


Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 439th
(THEME) People you know from the TV
  1. Kate Adie Unique pick
  2. George Alagiah Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  3. Michael Aspel
  4. Joan Bakewell
  5. James Burke
  6. Judith Chalmers Unique pick
  7. Dickie Davies
  8. Anna Ford Unique pick
  9. Stuart Hall
  10. Diddy David Hamilton Unique pick
  11. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  12. David Icke Unique pick
  13. Robert Kilroy-Silk Unique pick
  14. Andrew Neil
  15. Bill Oddie
  16. Michael Parkinson
  17. Esther Rantzen Unique pick
  18. Tony Robinson Unique pick
  19. Alastair Stewart Unique pick
  20. Chris Tarrant


(THEME) Can't Think of a Music Pun
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Music people
  1. toni basil Unique pick
  2. Pete Best Unique pick
  3. Joe DOLCE Unique pick
  4. MC Hammer Unique pick
  5. Herbie Hancock
  6. Wee Willie Harris
  7. Brian Johnson Unique pick
  8. Jack Jones (singer)
  9. Tom Jones
  10. Tom Lehrer
  11. Huey Lewis Unique pick
  12. Barry Manilow
  13. Mick Mars
  14. Brian May Unique pick
  15. Ozzy Osbourne
  16. Ryuichi Sakamoto Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  17. (singer) SUGGS Unique pick
  18. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  19. Kanye West
  20. Weird Al Yankovic Unique pick


(THEME) Cashier Number 91 please!
Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 291th
(THEME) All born in 1930. Very Art Deco…
  1. Buzz Aldrin Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  2. John Astin
  3. James Baker
  4. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  5. Warren Buffett
  6. Mary Costa
  7. Clint Eastwood
  8. Bernie Ecclestone
  9. Gene Hackman
  10. Lynn Hamilton Unique pick
  11. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  12. Tippi Hedren
  13. Dolores Huerta Unique pick
  14. Katherine Jackson
  15. Edna O'Brien Unique pick
  16. Clive Revill
  17. Sonny Rollins
  18. George Soros
  19. Robert Wagner
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Clerically Dead
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 385th
(THEME) (Previously Old Charles Taylor is Dead) Old religous figures of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianism
  1. Shimon Baadani Joker!
  2. Elena Cajucom Manalo Unique pick
  3. Giuseppe Casale Unique pick
  4. Alexandre do Nascimento Unique pick
  5. Gershon Edelstein Unique pick
  6. Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi Unique pick
  7. Hossein Noori Hamedani Unique pick
  8. (patriarch) Ilia II of Georgia
  9. Tim Keller
  10. Hossein Wahid Khorasani Unique pick
  11. Khensur Lungri Namgyel Unique pick
  12. Russell M. Nelson
  13. Jose de Jesus Sahagun de la Parra Unique pick
  14. Erwin Schild Unique pick
  15. Stanislaw Szymecki Unique pick
  16. Thanh Tu Thich Unique pick
  17. Emmanuel Wamala Unique pick
  18. Moshe Wolfson Unique pick
  19. Ali Yafie Unique pick
  20. Hsing Yun Unique pick


Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 200th
(THEME) The wonderful world of Pop…
  1. Burt Bacharach
  2. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus
  3. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  4. Pat Boone
  5. Petula Clark
  6. Edwyn Collins Unique pick
  7. Phil Collins
  8. Georgie Fame Unique pick
  9. Roberta Flack Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  10. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  11. Quincy Jones
  12. Cleo Laine
  13. Joni Mitchell
  14. Willie Nelson Drop Forty bonus
  15. Linda Nolan Drop Forty bonus
  16. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  17. Linda Ronstadt
  18. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  19. Ian Watkins
  20. Brian Wilson


(THEME) Come on Karma, Where's the F@@king Justice
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Ask yourself, do they deserve it?
  1. Jonathan Aitken Unique pick Joker!
  2. Tim Allen Unique pick
  3. Abu Hamza Al-Masri Unique pick
  4. Jeffrey Archer Unique pick
  5. Michael Barrymore Unique pick
  6. Mark Berry Unique pick
  7. Bill Cosby
  8. Heidi Fleiss Unique pick
  9. Barry George Unique pick
  10. Gary Glitter
  11. Ian Huntley
  12. Marion "Suge" Knight Unique pick
  13. Ghislaine Maxwell
  14. Nick Nolte
  15. Mick Philpott Unique pick
  16. Oscar Pistorius Unique pick
  17. Ernest Saunders Unique pick
  18. O. J. Simpson
  19. Martha Stewart Unique pick
  20. Mike Tyson


(THEME) Comedy Cremations
Years in DDP: 9
Best position: 203th
(THEME) Will death have he last laugh with this list of comedy actors?
  1. John Alderton
  2. Thelma Barlow
  3. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus
  4. James Bolam
  5. Mel Brooks Drop Forty bonus
  6. Ruth Buzzi
  7. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  8. Kenneth Cope
  9. Bill Cosby
  10. Graeme Garden
  11. Rhod Gilbert Drop Forty bonus
  12. Janey Godley Drop Forty bonus
  13. Melvyn Hayes
  14. Barry Humphries Joker!
  15. Brian Murphy
  16. Bob Newhart
  17. Prunella Scales Drop Forty bonus
  18. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  19. Richard Wilson
  20. Mike Yarwood


(THEME) Complete Phallusies
First year in DDP.
(THEME) There's a penis hiding in here
  1. Rob Burrow Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  2. Dick Button
  3. Nick Cannon Unique pick
  4. Harry Connick Sr. Unique pick
  5. Francoise Hardy
  6. Jerry Hardin
  7. Peter Higgs
  8. Engelbert Humperdinck
  9. Dick Hyman Unique pick
  10. Penn Jillette Unique pick
  11. Brian Knobbs
  12. Peter Max
  13. Bob Pettit Unique pick
  14. Joan Plowright
  15. Priscilla Pointer
  16. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  17. James Whale Drop Forty bonus
  18. Torsten WIESEL Unique pick
  19. Stevie Wonder
  20. Chen-Ning Yang Unique pick


(THEME) Complications from a fall
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 115th
(THEME) Dictators and the like
  1. Mahmoud Abbas
  2. Edouard Balladur Unique pick
  3. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  4. Raúl Castro
  5. Violeta Chamorro
  6. Raif Dizdarevic Unique pick
  7. Arnaldo Forlani
  8. H. D. Deve Gowda Unique pick
  9. Ion Iliescu
  10. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  11. Mahathir Mohamad
  12. Pervez Musharraf
  13. Ali Hassan Mwinyi
  14. Giorgio Napolitano
  15. Sam Nujoma
  16. Zhu Rongji Unique pick
  17. Than Shwe
  18. Ivan Silayev Unique pick
  19. Manmohan Singh
  20. Kim Yong-nam


(THEME) Criterion Afterlife Edition
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Ac…tors, in critically acclaimed movies
  1. Subir Banerjee Unique pick
  2. Dai Bradley Unique pick
  3. Hana Brejchova Unique pick
  4. Jimmy Cliff Unique pick
  5. Brigitte Fossey Unique pick
  6. Michael Haneke Unique pick
  7. Byun Hee-bong Unique pick
  8. Katie Jarvis Unique pick
  9. Jean-Pierre Leaud Unique pick Joker!
  10. Corinne Marchand Unique pick
  11. Eric Monte Unique pick
  12. Michael Murphy (actor) Unique pick
  13. Bulle Ogier Unique pick
  14. Stefania Sandrelli
  15. Carlos Saura
  16. Jaroslava Schallerova Unique pick
  17. Volker Schlondorff Unique pick
  18. Hanna Schygulla Unique pick
  19. Julieta Serrano
  20. Enzo Staiola Unique pick


Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 375th
(THEME) A theme team of TV presenters, now open for women as well.
  1. David Attenborough Drop Forty bonus
  2. Joan Bakewell
  3. Bob Barker Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  4. Henry Blofeld
  5. Melvyn Bragg
  6. Gordon Burns Unique pick
  7. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  8. John Craven
  9. Fred Dinenage Unique pick
  10. Noel Edmonds
  11. Stuart Hall
  12. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  13. Barry Humphries
  14. David Letterman
  15. Des Lynam
  16. Michael Parkinson
  17. William Shatner
  18. Tony Soper
  19. Jimmy Tarbuck
  20. Chris Tarrant


(THEME) DCAU Demises
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Actors who performed within the DC animated cinematic universe
  1. Dabney Coleman
  2. Jon Cypher
  3. Paul Dooley
  4. Hector Elizondo Unique pick
  5. Mike Farrell Unique pick
  6. Tippi Hedren
  7. Lance Henriksen Unique pick
  8. Robert Ito
  9. Udo Kier Unique pick
  10. Pat Leahy Joker!
  11. Hal Linden
  12. Richard Moll Unique pick
  13. Clive Revill
  14. Al Roker
  15. Sab Shimono Unique pick
  16. James Sikking Unique pick
  17. Terence Stamp
  18. Loretta Swit
  19. Renee Taylor Unique pick
  20. Paul Williams


(THEME) DDP 2063
First year in DDP.
(THEME) People who according to the player, might not bother the obituaries for quite some time
  1. Brooklyn Beckham Unique pick
  2. Simone Biles Unique pick
  3. Steffi Graf Unique pick Joker!
  4. Lisa Hannigan Unique pick
  5. Carly Rae Jepsen Unique pick
  6. Seana Kerslake Unique pick
  7. The Kid Laroi Unique pick
  8. Ally Law Unique pick
  9. Tove Lo Unique pick
  10. Lauri Markkanen Unique pick
  11. Shawn MENDES
  12. Nive NIELSEN Unique pick
  13. Malia OBAMA Unique pick
  14. Yasmin Paige Unique pick
  15. Olivia Rodrigo Unique pick
  16. Joss Stone Unique pick
  17. Taylor Swift
  18. Hope Tala Unique pick
  19. Finn Wolfhard Unique pick
  20. Michelle Yeoh Unique pick


(THEME) Dead And Dusted 2
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 187th
(THEME) 70s musicians
  1. Clarence Carter
  2. Gene Chandler
  3. Neil Diamond
  4. Norman Greenbaum
  5. Debbie Harry
  6. Noddy Holder
  7. Eddie Holman Unique pick
  8. Don McLean Unique pick
  9. Frankie Miller Joker!
  10. Anne Murray
  11. Tony Orlando Unique pick
  12. Freda Payne
  13. Cliff Richard
  14. Diana Ross
  15. Leo Sayer
  16. Bobby Sherman Unique pick
  17. Ringo Starr
  18. Ray Stevens
  19. Dionne Warwick
  20. Charles Wright Unique pick


(THEME) Dead Beats
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 257th
(THEME) A theme team of musicians
  1. Joan Armatrading Unique pick
  2. dickey betts Unique pick
  3. James Darren
  4. David Gates Unique pick
  5. Norman Greenbaum
  6. Paul HARDCASTLE Unique pick
  7. Fritz Hilpert Unique pick
  8. Stix Hooper Unique pick
  9. Ralf Hutter Unique pick
  10. Tito Jackson Unique pick
  11. Martin Lee Unique pick
  12. Ralph McTell Unique pick
  13. Freda Payne
  14. Andre RIEU Unique pick
  15. Andy Scott
  16. Bob Seger
  17. Richard Tandy Unique pick
  18. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  19. Martha Wash Unique pick Joker!
  20. Roy Wood


(THEME) Dead Continent
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 155th
(THEME) Asia is the theme here…
  1. Eugenia Apostol Unique pick
  2. Shyam Benegal Unique pick
  3. (singer) Fairuz Unique pick
  4. Kamini Kaushal Unique pick
  5. Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri
  6. Robert Kuok Unique pick
  7. Tatsuya Nakadai Unique pick
  8. Jiro Ono
  9. Rebecca Pan Unique pick
  10. Asha Parekh Unique pick
  11. Queen Ratna of Nepal Unique pick
  12. Helen Richardson Khan Unique pick
  13. Ryuichi Sakamoto Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  14. Masahiro Shinoda
  15. Mala Sinha Unique pick
  16. Queen Sirikit
  17. Patrick Tse Unique pick
  18. Bowie Wu Unique pick
  19. Kim Yong-nam
  20. Kim Young-ok Unique pick


(THEME) Dead Leaders
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 184th
(THEME) World leaders, not yet dead enough!
  1. Mahmoud Abbas
  2. Martti Ahtisaari
  3. Bashar Al-Assad
  4. Omar Al-Bashir Unique pick
  5. Paul Biya
  6. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  7. Violeta Chamorro
  8. Jean Chrétien Unique pick
  9. (monarch) Constantine II of Greece Joker!
  10. Alberto Fujimori
  11. Hu Jintao
  12. Radovan Karadzic Unique pick
  13. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  14. Josip Manolic
  15. Mahathir Mohamad
  16. Pervez Musharraf
  17. Giorgio Napolitano
  18. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus
  19. Than Shwe
  20. Khamtai SIPHANDON


(THEME) Death to all but metal and Dame Shirley Bassey
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 195th
(THEME) Rock 'n rollers, accompanied by their nan.
  1. Shirley Bassey Joker!
  2. MICK BOX Unique pick
  3. Phil Collins
  4. DAVID COVERDALE Unique pick
  5. Ray Davies
  6. IAN GILLAN Unique pick
  7. JOHN KAY Unique pick
  8. Phil Lesh
  9. Shane MacGowan Drop Forty bonus
  10. Paul McCartney
  11. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  12. Ozzy Osbourne
  13. Sharon Osbourne
  14. Jimmy Page Unique pick
  15. Marky Ramone
  16. Keith Richards
  17. Pete Townshend Unique pick
  18. Robin Trower Unique pick
  19. Edgar Winter Unique pick
  20. JESSE COLIN YOUNG Unique pick


(THEME) Decaying Orbit-uaries
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 124th
(THEME) Astronauts and related scientists...
  1. Buzz Aldrin Drop Forty bonus
  2. John E. Blaha Unique pick
  3. Frank Borman
  4. Walter Cunningham
  5. Charles Duke
  6. Joe Engle
  7. Wally Funk Unique pick
  8. Jake Garn Unique pick
  9. Francis Graham-Smith Unique pick Joker!
  10. Margaret Hamilton Unique pick
  11. Gene Kranz
  12. Donald J. Kutyna Unique pick
  13. Jim Lovell
  14. Story Musgrave Unique pick
  15. Jim Peebles Unique pick
  16. Roger Penrose
  17. Harrison Schmitt
  18. David Scott
  19. Thomas P. Stafford
  20. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova


(THEME) Decomposing Blubber
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 244th
(THEME) A team of fatties, who are fast becoming the norm…
  1. Jean Boht
  2. Alan Brazil
  3. Geoff Capes
  4. Dick Cheney
  5. Takamiyama Daigoro Unique pick
  6. Roy Hattersley
  7. Nigel Lawson
  8. Cliff Lazarenko Unique pick
  9. Dorothy Moore Unique pick
  10. Mo Moreland
  11. Joan Plowright
  12. Ray Reardon
  13. Patricia Routledge Joker!
  14. John Savident
  15. William Shatner
  16. Teila Tuli Unique pick
  17. Terry Waite
  18. Rose West
  19. Marina Wingrove Unique pick
  20. Milos Zeman


(THEME) Deutschland verabschiedet sich!
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 218th
(THEME) It's official - German theme teams are the new wrestlers!
  1. Hans Albert
  2. Helmut Berger
  3. Arthur Cohn Unique pick
  4. Christiane F
  5. Jurgen Habermas Unique pick
  6. Anita Kupsch Unique pick
  7. Rainer Langhans Unique pick
  8. Tim Lobinger Joker!
  9. Tony Marshall Unique pick
  10. Hans Modrow Unique pick
  11. Armin Mueller-Stahl Unique pick
  12. Claudia Porsche Unique pick
  13. Liselotte Pulver Unique pick
  14. Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
  15. Rolf Schimpf
  16. Ingrid van Bergen Unique pick
  17. Martin Walser Unique pick
  18. Rene Weller Unique pick
  19. Fritz Wepper Unique pick
  20. Dorothee Wilms Unique pick


(THEME) Dick Smith's OzEDeath List
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 262th
(THEME) Celebs and notables from Down Under.
  1. Tony Abbott Unique pick
  2. Jimmy Barnes Unique pick
  3. Toni Childs Unique pick
  4. J.M. Coetzee
  5. William Deane Unique pick
  6. John Farnham
  7. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  8. Bill Hayden Joker!
  9. Peter Hollingworth Unique pick
  10. Paul Keating Unique pick
  11. Nicole Kidman Unique pick
  12. Miriam Margolyes
  13. Allan Moffat Unique pick
  14. Rupert Murdoch
  15. Clive Palmer
  16. Leo Sayer
  17. Dick Smith Unique pick
  18. Harry Vanda Unique pick
  19. John Paul Young Unique pick
  20. Johnny Young Unique pick


(THEME) Drop Dead Diva
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Divalicious women, dramatic and flamboyant
  1. Anouk Aimee
  2. Iris Apfel Joker!
  3. Brigitte Bardot
  4. Shirley Bassey
  5. Marianne Bernadotte Unique pick
  6. Joan Collins
  7. Genevieve de Fontenay Unique pick
  8. Jacqueline de Ribes Unique pick
  9. Francoise Fabian Unique pick
  10. Mitzi Gaynor
  11. Tippi Hedren
  12. Joanne Herring Unique pick
  13. Barry Humphries
  14. Glynis Johns Drop Forty bonus
  15. Gina Lollobrigida
  16. Michelle Mercier Unique pick
  17. Liza Minnelli
  18. Leontyne Price
  19. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Dropping Aitches
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 234th
(THEME) Surnames beginning with H
  1. Gene Hackman
  2. Richard Hadlee
  3. Stuart Hall
  4. Luke Halpin
  5. Prince Ernst August of Hanover Unique pick
  6. Francoise Hardy
  7. Gerald Harper
  8. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  9. Debbie Harry
  10. Roy Hattersley
  11. Malcolm Hebden
  12. D. G. Hessayon Unique pick
  13. Pat Heywood
  14. Lady Pamela Hicks Unique pick
  15. Madge Hindle
  16. David Hockney
  17. Paul Hogan
  18. Cissy Houston
  19. Barry Humphries
  20. Douglas Hurd


(THEME) Dying Donkeys
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 264th
(THEME) Members of the US Democratic Party
  1. Bruce Babbitt Unique pick
  2. Lois Capps Unique pick
  3. Jean Carnahan Unique pick
  4. Michael Dukakis
  5. Dianne Feinstein Joker!
  6. Bob Graham Unique pick
  7. Tom Harkin Unique pick
  8. Fred R Harris Unique pick
  9. Gary Hart
  10. Jesse Jackson
  11. J. Bennett Johnston Unique pick
  12. Eddie Bernice Johnson
  13. Madeleine Kunin Unique pick
  14. Pat Leahy
  15. George Mitchell
  16. Jay Rockefeller Unique pick
  17. Pat Schroeder Unique pick
  18. Donna Shalala Unique pick
  19. Douglas Wilder Unique pick
  20. Lynn Woolsey Unique pick


(THEME) Dying of Pretentiousness
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Artists and entertainers dangerously close to disappearing in their own asses
  1. Woody Allen
  2. Ethan Coen Unique pick
  3. Joel Coen Unique pick
  4. Francis Ford Coppola Joker!
  5. Chrith Eubank Unique pick
  6. David Fincher Unique pick
  7. Terry Gilliam
  8. Loyd Grossman Unique pick
  9. Werner Herzog
  10. Jim Jarmusch Unique pick
  11. Milan Kundera
  12. Terrence Malick Unique pick
  13. Stephen Malkmus Unique pick
  14. Paul Mason (journalist) Unique pick
  15. Dave Meltzer Unique pick
  16. Chris Morris Unique pick
  17. Christopher Nolan Unique pick
  18. Dan Smith (musician) Unique pick
  19. Wim Wenders Unique pick
  20. Philip Ziegler Unique pick


(THEME) Easy Peasy Japanesey
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 308th
(THEME) Japanese people
  1. Masako Ikeda Unique pick
  2. Kyoko Kagawa Unique pick
  3. Rei Kawakubo Unique pick
  4. Mie Kitahara Unique pick
  5. Susumu Kurobe Unique pick
  6. Yayoi Kusama
  7. Leiji Matsumoto Unique pick
  8. Hayao Miyazaki Unique pick
  9. Hideko Mizuno Unique pick
  10. Yasuko Nagazumi Unique pick
  11. Yoshiro Nakamatsu Unique pick
  12. Tetsuya Noda
  13. Teruyo Nogami Unique pick
  14. Jiro Ono Joker!
  15. Masahiro Shinoda
  16. Ushio Shinohara Unique pick
  17. Yasuharu Suematsu Unique pick
  18. Shintaro Tsuji
  19. Ayako Wakao Unique pick
  20. Yoji Yamada Unique pick


(THEME) Exiting The Stage
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Stage performers, singing, dancing, acting
  1. Joss Ackland
  2. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus
  3. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  4. Leslie Caron
  5. Barbara Eden
  6. Norman Lear
  7. Gina Lollobrigida
  8. Murray Melvin Unique pick
  9. Liza Minnelli
  10. Bob Newhart
  11. Richard O'Sullivan
  12. Estelle Parsons
  13. Vanessa Redgrave
  14. William Roache
  15. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  16. Maggie Smith
  17. Barbara Steele
  18. Gudrun Ure
  19. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Fireball's Play Your Cadavers Right
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 154th
(THEME) Game show personalities from around the world
  1. Tony Barber Unique pick
  2. Bob Barker Drop Forty bonus
  3. Russell Davies Unique pick
  4. Bob Eubanks
  5. Don Francisco
  6. Stephen Fry
  7. Johnny Gilbert
  8. John Humphrys
  9. Des Lynam
  10. Peter Marshall Joker!
  11. Wink Martindale Unique pick
  12. Richard O'Brien
  13. Pat Sajak Unique pick
  14. Gene Shalit
  15. Ben Stein Unique pick
  16. Donald Trump
  17. Roy Walker
  18. Pamela Wallin Unique pick
  19. Chuck Woolery Unique pick
  20. Jo Anne Worley


(THEME) Five Minute Bell Ends
First year in DDP.
(THEME) A contribution from the world of cricket
  1. Dennis Amiss
  2. Enid Bakewell Unique pick
  3. Peter Baxter Unique pick
  4. Dickie Bird
  5. Henry Blofeld
  6. Ian Botham Unique pick
  7. Geoff Boycott
  8. Mike Brearley
  9. Giles Clarke Unique pick
  10. KAPIL DEV Unique pick
  11. Patrick Eagar Unique pick
  12. Farokh Engineer Unique pick Joker!
  13. Sunil Gavaskar Unique pick
  14. Neil Harvey
  15. Tony Lewis (cricket) Unique pick
  16. Clive Lloyd Unique pick
  17. David Morgan Unique pick
  18. Barry Richards Unique pick
  19. Viv Richards Unique pick
  20. Garfield Sobers Unique pick


(THEME) Formula Fatality
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 340th
(THEME) Return for the racing theme team
  1. Mario Andretti Unique pick
  2. Rene Arnoux Unique pick
  3. Flavio Briatore Unique pick
  4. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo Unique pick
  5. Ron Dennis
  6. Bernie Ecclestone Joker!
  7. Emerson Fittipaldi Unique pick
  8. Jacky Ickx Unique pick
  9. Jean-Pierre Jabouille Unique pick
  10. Jean-Pierre Jarier Unique pick
  11. Alan Jones Unique pick
  12. Jacques Laffite Unique pick
  13. Jochen Mass Unique pick
  14. Riccardo Patrese Unique pick
  15. Nelson Piquet Unique pick
  16. Keke Rosberg Unique pick
  17. Michael Schumacher
  18. Jackie Stewart
  19. Jean Todt Unique pick
  20. John Watson Unique pick


(THEME) Francis Of Wrestle-Easy 2023
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Francis expands to wrestling
  1. tully blanchard Unique pick
  2. Michael Buffer Unique pick
  3. Ted DiBiase
  4. Jim Duggan
  5. Ric Flair
  6. Jane Fonda
  7. Hulk Hogan
  8. Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri
  9. Jerry Lawler
  10. Lex Luger
  11. Vince McMahon
  12. William Regal Unique pick
  13. Robert Rudolph Remus Unique pick
  14. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  15. Jim Ross Unique pick
  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  17. Tammy Lynn Sytch
  18. Ted Turner Joker!
  19. Jesse Ventura Unique pick
  20. Barry Windham


(THEME) Funk Pop a Roll
First year in DDP.
(THEME) musicians, companion team to Tragic, Our Maurice!
  1. Burt Bacharach
  2. Leo Caerts Unique pick
  3. Mindy Carson Unique pick
  4. Craig Douglas Unique pick
  5. Wee Willie Harris
  6. (1956) Randy JACKSON Drop Forty bonus
  7. J. J. Jackson Unique pick
  8. Phyllis Kinney Unique pick
  9. Cleo Laine
  10. Steve Lawrence
  11. Dave Lee
  12. Dennis Lotis
  13. Chas McDevitt Unique pick
  14. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  15. Dizzy Reece Unique pick
  16. Steve Rowland Unique pick
  17. Rosemary Squires Unique pick
  18. Frankie Valli
  19. Clive Wearing Unique pick Joker!
  20. Brian Wilson


(THEME) Gay-Tes Of Heaven
Years in DDP: 9
Best position: 342th
(THEME) Players of the pink oboe. Takes one to know one, dear...
  1. Kenneth Anger
  2. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  3. simon callow
  4. Alan Carr Unique pick
  5. Richard Chamberlain
  6. barney frank Unique pick
  7. Stephen Fry
  8. Victor Garber Unique pick
  9. Mark Gatiss
  10. Boy George
  11. Derek Jacobi
  12. Elton John
  13. Jonathan Knight Unique pick
  14. Ian McKellen
  15. Tyler Oakley Unique pick
  16. Paul O'Grady
  17. Danny PINTAURO Unique pick
  18. George Takei
  19. Tommy Tune
  20. Richard Wilson


(THEME) God's Gonna Gettem
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 168th
(THEME) I think you can work out what theme this is...
  1. George Alagiah Drop Forty bonus
  2. Sandy Gall
  3. Michael Gambon
  4. Paul Gascoigne
  5. Leon Gautier Unique pick
  6. Francoise Gilot
  7. Steve Gleason
  8. Gary Glitter
  9. Gaston Glock
  10. Julian Glover
  11. Janey Godley Drop Forty bonus
  12. Alan Greenspan
  13. Gene Hackman
  14. George Irving Unique pick
  15. Glynis Johns Drop Forty bonus
  16. Gina Lollobrigida
  17. Geoffrey Robinson Unique pick
  18. Gunhild Stordalen Unique pick
  19. Gianluca Vialli Drop Forty bonus Joker!


(THEME) Gone Solo
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 254th
(THEME) The surviving halves of notable couples and double acts.
  1. James Bolam
  2. Rory Bremner Unique pick
  3. Jerry Dammers Unique pick
  4. Ted Danson Unique pick
  5. Ellen DeGeneres
  6. Robert De Niro
  7. Ellen Foley Unique pick
  8. Dawn French Unique pick
  9. Graeme Garden Joker!
  10. Martin Gore Unique pick
  11. David Jason
  12. Penelope Keith
  13. John McVie
  14. John Otway Unique pick
  15. Su Pollard Unique pick
  16. Susanna Reid Unique pick
  17. Patricia Routledge
  18. William Shatner
  19. John Travolta
  20. Rudolph Walker


(THEME) Grappling with Mortality
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 203th
(THEME) Professional wrestlers who could be laying down for the undertaker in 2019.
  1. Jim Breaks Unique pick
  2. Ted DiBiase
  3. Jim Duggan
  4. Ric Flair
  5. Dory Funk Unique pick
  6. Terry Funk Unique pick
  7. "Superstar" Billy Graham
  8. Hulk Hogan
  9. Marty Jannetty Unique pick
  10. Marty Jones Unique pick
  11. Brian Knobbs
  12. Jerry Lawler
  13. Mil Mascaras Unique pick
  14. Vince McMahon
  15. Bob Orton, Jr. Unique pick
  16. Fred Ottman Unique pick
  17. Jake "The Snake" Roberts Joker!
  18. Tammy Lynn Sytch
  19. (wrestler) Virgil Unique pick
  20. Barry Windham


(THEME) Gray Panthers
Years in DDP: 15
Best position: 38th
(THEME) Winners of the inaugural Theme Team League with their team of centenarians in 2011.
  1. Soeur Andre Joker!
  2. Ray Anthony
  3. Anne Baker
  4. Ethel Caterham
  5. John Cruickshank
  6. Benjamin B. Ferencz
  7. Philippe de Gaulle
  8. Bessie Hendricks Unique pick
  9. Al Jaffee
  10. Sister Jean
  11. Norman Lear
  12. Caren Marsh Doll
  13. Colette Maze Unique pick
  14. Janis Paige
  15. Juan Vicente Perez
  16. Song Ping Unique pick
  17. Rachel Robinson Unique pick
  18. June Spencer
  19. Steve Wochy
  20. Arnold Yarrow


(THEME) Great Gig in the Sky
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 175th
(THEME) This theme team will be hoping for another day the music dies
  1. Herb Alpert
  2. Burt Bacharach
  3. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus
  4. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  5. Petula Clark
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. Gary Glitter
  8. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  9. Kris Kristofferson
  10. Cleo Laine
  11. Paul McCartney
  12. Linda Nolan Drop Forty bonus
  13. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  14. Ozzy Osbourne
  15. Iggy Pop Unique pick
  16. Cliff Richard
  17. Keith Richards
  18. April Stevens
  19. Ronnie Wood
  20. Bill Wyman


(THEME) Great Gig In The Sky Encore
First year in DDP.
(THEME) The second theme team about music from this player
  1. Julie Andrews
  2. J. J. Barrie
  3. Pat Boone
  4. Clarence Carter
  5. Jim Dale
  6. Roberta Flack Drop Forty bonus
  7. Berry Gordy Joker!
  8. Buddy Guy
  9. Quincy Jones
  10. John Leyton
  11. Barry McGuire
  12. Johnny Mathis
  13. John Mayall
  14. Nana Mouskouri
  15. Willie Nelson Drop Forty bonus
  16. Tommy Steele
  17. Nino Tempo
  18. Frankie Valli
  19. Bobby Vinton
  20. Roger Whittaker


(THEME) Great-Dead Britons
First year in DDP.
(THEME) A-List british people
  1. Julie Andrews
  2. David Attenborough Drop Forty bonus
  3. David Beckham Unique pick
  4. Tim Berners-Lee Unique pick
  5. Tony Blair
  6. (singer) Bono Unique pick
  7. Richard Branson
  8. Michael Crawford Joker!
  9. Terry Deary Unique pick
  10. Bob Geldof
  11. Boy George
  12. Eric Idle
  13. Mark Labbett Unique pick
  14. John Lydon
  15. Harry Maguire Unique pick
  16. Paul McCartney
  17. Steve Redgrave Unique pick
  18. Cliff Richard
  19. J. K. Rowling
  20. Robbie Williams Unique pick


(THEME) Gris Gris
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 296th
(THEME) So good, they named them twice…
  1. Bev Bevan
  2. Jacques-Roger Booh-Booh Unique pick
  3. Tingting Cojuangco Unique pick
  4. Dave Davies Unique pick
  5. Dudley Dudley Unique pick
  6. Carl-Erik Eriksson Unique pick
  7. Evans Evans Unique pick
  8. Alberto Fujimori
  9. Haidar Haidar Unique pick
  10. Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond Unique pick
  11. Kris Kristofferson
  12. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus
  13. Varavara Rao Unique pick Joker!
  14. Richard N. Richards Unique pick
  15. Robbie Robertson
  16. Chi-Chi Rodriguez
  17. Salim Ahmed Salim Unique pick
  18. Sirhan Sirhan
  19. Tommy Thompson Unique pick
  20. Tu Youyou


(THEME) Hell to the Chief
Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 105th
(THEME) World Leaders.
  1. Mahmoud Abbas
  2. Salman bin Abdul Aziz
  3. Emperor Akihito of Japan Joker!
  4. Asif Ali Zardari Unique pick
  5. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  6. Violeta Chamorro
  7. Arnaldo Forlani
  8. Alberto Fujimori
  9. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  10. Abdelsalam Majali Unique pick
  11. Josip Manolic
  12. Mahathir Mohamad
  13. Tomiichi Murayama
  14. Pervez Musharraf
  15. Ali Hassan Mwinyi
  16. Giorgio Napolitano
  17. Guillermo Rodriguez Unique pick
  18. Than Shwe
  19. Lubomir Strougal Unique pick
  20. Goh Chok Tong Unique pick


(THEME) He's Making A List, He's Checking It Twice
First year in DDP.
(THEME) You know the name, and yet, it's a different person
  1. Bob Barker (rugby) Unique pick
  2. Tony Bennett (sociologist) Unique pick
  3. Bobby Caldwell (drummer) Unique pick
  4. Jimmy Carter (singer) Unique pick
  5. Simon Cowell
  6. Derek Draper (footballer) Unique pick
  7. Clint Eastwood (musician) Unique pick
  8. Frank Field (meteorologist) Unique pick Joker!
  9. Peter Frampton (makeup) Unique pick
  10. David Graham (golf) Unique pick
  11. (1944) Randy Jackson Unique pick
  12. Terry Moore (footballer) Unique pick
  13. Don Murray (footballer) Unique pick
  14. Niels Olsen (rower) Unique pick
  15. Chris Rea (rugby) Unique pick
  16. William Russell (lord mayor) Unique pick
  17. Manmohan Singh (director) Unique pick
  18. Andy Taylor (entrepreneur) Unique pick
  19. Ted Turner (musician) Unique pick
  20. Robert Wagner (darts) Unique pick


(THEME) He's Not The Family Guy
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Simpsons did it
  1. Bob Barker Drop Forty bonus
  2. Alan Bennett
  3. Brian Blessed
  4. Robert Costanzo Unique pick
  5. John Erwin Unique pick
  6. Jamie Farr
  7. Louis Gossett, Jr.
  8. Judd Hirsch Unique pick
  9. Charles Kimbrough Unique pick
  10. Lee Majors
  11. Miriam Margolyes
  12. Edie McClurg Joker!
  13. Ian McKellen
  14. Garrett Morris
  15. Christina Pickles Unique pick
  16. Katharine Ross Unique pick
  17. Marion Ross
  18. Sam Waterston
  19. George Wendt
  20. Michael York


(THEME) Hispanics and Lati-no's
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Soanish and Portuguese speaking people
  1. Nelson Acosta Unique pick
  2. federico bahamontes
  3. Carlos Bilardo Unique pick
  4. Fernando Botero
  5. Esteban Bullrich
  6. Sara Carbonero Unique pick
  7. Pedro Castillo Unique pick
  8. (actor) Chabelo Unique pick
  9. Don Francisco
  10. Charly Garcia Unique pick
  11. Jorge Gonzalez Unique pick
  12. Julio Iglesias Unique pick
  13. King Juan Carlos Of Spain
  14. Mirtha Legrand
  15. Jose Mujica
  16. Daniel Passarella Unique pick
  17. (singer) Raphael Unique pick
  18. Jose Sarney
  19. Jorge Toro Unique pick
  20. Concha Velasco Unique pick Joker!


(THEME) Hits Of 36 Years Ago And Hits Today
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 366th
(THEME) People who had Top 30 UK hit singles in 1987
  1. Herb Alpert
  2. Lindsey Buckingham
  3. Eric Clapton Unique pick
  4. Phil Collins
  5. Chris Difford Unique pick
  6. John Farnham Joker!
  7. Barry Gibb
  8. Tom Jones
  9. Shane MacGowan Drop Forty bonus
  10. Freddie McGregor Unique pick
  11. Sam Moore
  12. Vince Neil Unique pick
  13. Mike Peters
  14. Chris Rea
  15. Linda Ronstadt
  16. Grace Slick
  17. Tina Turner
  18. Bruce Willis
  19. Brian Wilson
  20. Charlie Wilson (musician) Unique pick


(THEME) Hoosier Deaddy??
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Indianans (?), Native American Indianans (?)
  1. Dick Barnett Unique pick
  2. Rupert Boneham Unique pick
  3. Jim Davis Unique pick
  4. Ken Foree Unique pick
  5. Brendan Fraser Unique pick
  6. Janie Fricke Unique pick
  7. Bill Gaither Unique pick
  8. Crystal Gayle Unique pick
  9. Rebbie Jackson Unique pick
  10. David Letterman Joker!
  11. Melinda Loveless Unique pick
  12. Mick Mars
  13. John Mellencamp
  14. Mike Pence
  15. Amber Portwood Unique pick
  16. Dan Quayle Unique pick
  17. Oscar Robertson Unique pick
  18. Marc Summers Unique pick
  19. Twyla Tharp Unique pick
  20. Jo Anne Worley


(THEME) House Of Soon To Be With The Lord
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 94th
(THEME) Politicians and their nefarious machinations…
  1. George Alagiah Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  2. W. Michael Blumenthal Unique pick
  3. Betty Boothroyd
  4. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  5. Raúl Castro
  6. Tony Christopher
  7. James "Gerry" Collins Unique pick
  8. Jacques Delors
  9. Robin Eames Unique pick
  10. Daniel J. Evans Unique pick
  11. Winnie Ewing
  12. Dianne Feinstein
  13. Frank Field Drop Forty bonus
  14. Roy Hattersley
  15. Douglas Hurd
  16. Duke of Kent (Prince Edward)
  17. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  18. Norman Tebbit
  19. Donald Trump
  20. Milos Zeman


(THEME) In The Hole!
Years in DDP: 9
Best position: 130th
(THEME) Is Death going to mark these golfers card this year?
  1. Tommy Aaron
  2. Michael Bonallack
  3. Jack Burke Jr. Joker!
  4. JoAnne Carner
  5. Bob Charles Unique pick
  6. Neil Coles
  7. Bruce Crampton Unique pick
  8. John Daly
  9. Bruce Devlin Unique pick
  10. Al Geiberger
  11. Brian Huggett
  12. Tony Jacklin
  13. Don January
  14. Bobby Nichols
  15. Jack Nicklaus
  16. Gary Player
  17. Betsy Rawls
  18. Chi-Chi Rodriguez
  19. Dave Stockton Unique pick
  20. Lee Trevino


(THEME) International Dying Festival
First year in DDP.
(THEME) YTPMV & 音MAD stars
  1. Rick Astley
  2. Jack Black Unique pick
  3. Gerard Butler Unique pick
  4. Terry Crews Unique pick
  5. Van Darkholme Unique pick
  6. Snoop Dogg
  7. Masami Hisamoto Unique pick
  8. Shuzo Matsuoka Unique pick
  9. (rapper) Morsay Unique pick
  10. Gabe Newell Unique pick
  11. Ryutaro Nonomura Unique pick
  12. Vince Offer Unique pick
  13. James Rolfe
  14. Michael Rosen Joker!
  15. Peter Serafinowicz Unique pick
  16. Kazuhito Tadano Unique pick
  17. Carlos Villagran Unique pick
  18. Nobuhiro Watsuki Unique pick
  19. Vernon Wells Unique pick
  20. (composer) ZUN Unique pick


Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 239th
(THEME) Will these ex-senior police chiefs "fall down the stairs" in 2023?
  1. Hugh Annesley Unique pick
  2. Ian Blair Unique pick
  3. Harry Bunch Unique pick
  4. Paul Condon Unique pick
  5. Cressida Dick Unique pick
  6. David Duckenfield Unique pick
  7. Peter Fahey Unique pick
  8. Ronnie Flanagan Unique pick
  9. Nick Gargan Unique pick
  10. Tim Godwin Unique pick
  11. Phil Gormley Unique pick
  12. Stephen House Unique pick
  13. Peter Joslin Unique pick
  14. Graeme Pearson Unique pick
  15. William Rae Unique pick
  16. Mark Rowley Unique pick Joker!
  17. Sue Sim Unique pick
  18. John Stevens Unique pick
  19. Crispian Strachan Unique pick
  20. Andy Trotter Unique pick


(THEME) Jane's Antique Wrinklies
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 246th
(THEME) A team of old biddies, possibly all standing in front of you at the post office.
  1. Ann Blyth
  2. Carol Burnett
  3. Carole Cook
  4. Shannen Doherty Drop Forty bonus
  5. Barbara Eden
  6. Marianne Faithfull
  7. Mitzi Gaynor
  8. Rosemary Ann Harris
  9. Elizabeth Hoffman Unique pick
  10. Glynis Johns Drop Forty bonus
  11. Doreen Mantle
  12. Judy Parfitt
  13. Joan Plowright
  14. Joyce Randolph
  15. Gena Rowlands
  16. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  17. Prunella Scales Drop Forty bonus
  18. Maggie Smith Joker!
  19. Connie Stevens Unique pick
  20. Wanda Sykes Unique pick


(THEME) Jocks Away
First year in DDP.
  1. Moira Anderson
  2. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus
  3. John Cairney Unique pick
  4. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  5. John Cruickshank
  6. Winnie Ewing
  7. Gawn Grainger
  8. James Harkness (Minister) Unique pick
  9. George Herd
  10. Moira Huntly Unique pick
  11. Phyllida Law
  12. Alex MacDonald Unique pick
  13. James Mackay
  14. Mary Marquis Unique pick
  15. Eileen McCallum Unique pick
  16. Ian McCulloch (actor) Unique pick
  17. Dorothy Paul Unique pick
  18. Donald Scott Unique pick
  19. Gudrun Ure
  20. Hugh Wyllie Unique pick


(THEME) Just in Case
First year in DDP.
(THEME) The scenario is, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine becomes even more of a clusterfuck
  1. Sergey Aksyonov
  2. Yevgeny Balitsky Unique pick
  3. Alexander Bortnikov
  4. Aleksandr Dugin Unique pick
  5. Valery Gerasimov Unique pick
  6. Ramzan Kadyrov
  7. Vladimir Kara-Murza Unique pick
  8. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow
  9. Aleksander Lukashenko
  10. Dmitry Medvedev Unique pick
  11. Andrey Mordvichev Unique pick
  12. Alexei Navalny
  13. Evgeny Nikiforov Unique pick
  14. Leonid Pasechnik Unique pick
  15. Yevgeny Prigozhin Unique pick
  16. Denis Pushilin Unique pick
  17. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  18. Igor Sechin Unique pick
  19. Sergei Shoigu Unique pick
  20. Sergey Surovikin Unique pick


(THEME) Keeping the band alive!!
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Last survivors of bands
  1. Pete Agnew Unique pick
  2. James Alexander Unique pick
  3. Ray Anthony
  4. Aston Barrett
  5. Richard Carpenter
  6. Micky Dolenz Joker!
  7. Abdul "Duke" Fakir
  8. Henry Fambrough
  9. Barry Gibb
  10. David Johansen
  11. Robbie van Leeuwen Unique pick
  12. Sam Moore
  13. Michelle Phillips
  14. Diana Ross
  15. Gary Rossington Unique pick
  16. Andy Scott
  17. Marshall Thompson Unique pick
  18. Dean Torrence
  19. Michael Tubridy Unique pick
  20. Otis Williams


(THEME) Kennedy Driving School
Years in DDP: 16
Best position: 124th
(THEME) The world of Politics…
  1. Sam Bankman-Fried
  2. Hunter Biden Unique pick
  3. Joe Biden
  4. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  5. Rosalynn Carter
  6. Dick Cheney
  7. Noam Chomsky
  8. Sandra Day O'Connor
  9. Elizabeth Dole
  10. Dianne Feinstein
  11. Arnaldo Forlani
  12. Arthur Foulkes Unique pick
  13. Rudolph Giuliani
  14. Jean-Claude Juncker
  15. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  16. Ghislaine Maxwell Joker!
  17. Nancy Pelosi
  18. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus
  19. Klaus Schwab Unique pick
  20. George Soros


Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 14th
(THEME) This international football theme team had a superb 2014, winning the TTL and earning a place in the top 20 overall.
  1. Ron Baynham Joker!
  2. Franz Beckenbauer
  4. Stan Bowles
  5. Lorenzo Buffon Unique pick
  6. Antonio Carbajal
  7. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  8. Bryan Douglas
  9. Just Fontaine
  10. Cliff Jones
  11. Joe Kinnear
  12. Denis Law
  13. EDDIE MCCREADIE Unique pick
  14. Pat Rice Unique pick
  15. Kenny Sansom
  16. Karl-Heinz Schnellinger Unique pick
  17. Luis Suárez Miramontes Unique pick
  18. Gianluca Vialli Drop Forty bonus
  19. Danny Wallace Unique pick
  20. Bob Wilson


(THEME) Kiddyfiddler Harriers
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 285th
(THEME) First they preyed, now we do
  1. Prince Andrew Joker!
  2. Barry Bennell
  3. Sidney Cooke
  4. Chris Denning Unique pick
  5. Alan Dershowitz Unique pick
  6. Joseph Fritzl
  7. David Fuller Unique pick
  8. Gary Glitter
  9. Stuart Hall
  10. Roy Harper Unique pick
  11. Rolf Harris
  12. Ian Huntley Drop Forty bonus
  13. Robert "R." Kelly
  14. Jonathan King
  15. Ghislaine Maxwell
  16. Graham Ovenden Unique pick
  17. Geoffrey Prime Unique pick
  18. Fred Talbot Unique pick
  19. Ian Watkins
  20. Bill Wyman


(THEME) Kiwi fruit sundae
First year in DDP.
(THEME) New Zealanders
  1. Judy Bailey Unique pick
  2. Jim Bolger (New Zealand) Unique pick
  3. Bruce Bolton Unique pick
  4. Ralph Caulton Unique pick
  5. John D'Arcy Unique pick
  6. Johnny Devlin Unique pick
  7. Malcolm Dick Unique pick
  8. Roger Douglas Unique pick
  9. Lloyd Geering Unique pick
  10. Richard Hadlee Joker!
  11. Kate Harcourt
  12. Roger Harris Unique pick
  13. Nev MacEwan Unique pick
  14. Malvina Major Unique pick
  15. Donald McIntyre Unique pick
  16. Geoffrey Palmer (politician) Unique pick
  17. Keith Quinn Unique pick
  18. John Rowles Unique pick
  19. Grahame Thorne Unique pick
  20. John Walker


(THEME) Last Christmas
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 340th
(THEME) Actors, singers and writers with connections to the Christmas holiday
  1. Julie Andrews
  2. Alan Arkin Unique pick
  3. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  4. Michael Caine
  5. Richard Carpenter
  6. Melinda Dillon Unique pick
  7. Karolyn Grimes
  8. Brenda Lee
  9. Darlene Love
  10. Shane MacGowan Drop Forty bonus
  11. Shirley MacLaine
  12. Johnny Mathis
  13. Bob Newhart
  14. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  15. Clive Revill
  16. Elmo Shropshire Unique pick
  17. Brenda Vaccaro Unique pick
  18. M. Emmet Walsh
  19. John Williams
  20. Brian Wilson


(THEME) Last of The Summer Winos
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 315th
(THEME) Ay up, it's a team of veterans from the long-running Brit sit-com 'Last of the Summer Wine'.
  1. Russ Abbot
  2. Alan J. W. Bell Unique pick
  3. Tommy Cannon
  4. Roy Clarke Joker!
  5. Keith Clifford
  6. Kenneth Cope
  7. Louis Emerick Unique pick
  8. Stuart Fell Unique pick
  9. Mike Grady
  10. Nigel Hess Unique pick
  11. Philip Jackson Unique pick
  12. Ken Kitson Unique pick
  13. Jonathan Linsley Unique pick
  14. Brian Murphy
  15. Maggie Ollerenshaw Unique pick
  16. Sarah Thomas Unique pick
  17. Julie T. Wallace Unique pick
  18. June Watson Unique pick
  19. David Williams (actor) Unique pick
  20. Barbara Young


(THEME) Laugh-in to the Grave
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Big screen comedians
  1. Pamela Austin Unique pick
  2. Barbi Benton Unique pick
  3. Charlie Brill Unique pick
  4. Ruth Buzzi Joker!
  5. Moosie Drier Unique pick
  6. Ann Elder Unique pick
  7. Barbara Feldon
  8. Goldie Hawn Unique pick
  9. Sarah Kennedy
  10. Rich Little
  11. Roddy Maude-Roxby Unique pick
  12. Mitzi McCall Unique pick
  13. Lorne Michaels Unique pick
  14. Hart Pomerantz Unique pick
  15. Barbara Sharma Unique pick
  16. Lily Tomlin Unique pick
  17. Willie Tyler Unique pick
  18. Frank Welker Unique pick
  19. Dick Whittington Unique pick
  20. Jo Anne Worley


(THEME) Laughing in the face of Death.
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Funny people
  1. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  2. James Bolam
  3. Mel Brooks Drop Forty bonus
  4. Kenneth Cope
  5. Wendy Craig
  6. Annette Crosbie
  7. Barbara Eden
  8. Janey Godley Drop Forty bonus
  9. Stuart Hall
  10. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  11. Barry Humphries
  12. Tom Lehrer
  13. Brian Murphy
  14. Bob Newhart
  15. Janis Paige
  16. Marion Ross
  17. Patricia Routledge
  18. Prunella Scales Drop Forty bonus
  19. Bill Tidy
  20. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Literarily Dead
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 72th
(THEME) Formerly First Lady's First. Now it's all about literature.
  1. svetlana alexievich Unique pick
  2. J.M. Coetzee
  3. Bob Dylan
  4. Annie Ernaux Unique pick
  5. Louise Glück Unique pick
  6. Abdulrazak Gurnah Unique pick
  7. Peter Handke Unique pick
  8. Kazuo Ishiguro Unique pick
  9. Elfriede Jelinek Unique pick
  10. J. M. G. LeClezio Unique pick
  11. Patrick Modiano Unique pick
  12. Herta Müller Unique pick
  13. Alice Munro Joker!
  14. Kenzaburo Oe Unique pick
  15. Orhan Pamuk Unique pick
  16. Wole Soyinka
  17. Olga Tokarczuk Unique pick
  18. Mario Vargas Llosa Unique pick
  19. Gao Xingjian Unique pick
  20. Mo Yan Unique pick


(THEME) Lost of the Lost
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 385th
  1. John Castle Unique pick Joker!
  2. Larry Dann Unique pick
  3. Michael Deeley Unique pick
  4. Hugh Futcher Unique pick
  5. Lisa Gastoni Unique pick
  6. Mike Grady
  7. Judy Huxtable Unique pick
  8. Colin Jeavons
  9. David Kernan Unique pick
  10. Sarah Lawson
  11. (singer) Lulu
  12. Peter McEnery
  13. Ian McKellen
  14. Priscilla Morgan Unique pick
  15. Angela Pleasence Unique pick
  16. Bruce Robinson Unique pick
  17. Alan Rothwell Unique pick
  18. John Scott Unique pick
  19. Gudrun Ure
  20. David Weston Unique pick


(THEME) Lt. Colonel Kilgore's Ultimate Surf Party
Years in DDP: 14
Best position: 166th
(THEME) Col. Kilgore returns with a team of Vietnam related people. You weren't there, man!
  1. Peter Arnett Unique pick
  2. Wesley Clark Unique pick
  3. Francis Ford Coppola
  4. Robert Duvall
  5. Daniel Ellsberg
  6. Joe Estevez Unique pick
  7. Harrison Ford
  8. Frederic Forrest
  9. Scott Glenn Unique pick
  10. James Goodale Unique pick
  11. Albert Hall Unique pick
  12. Morton Halperin Unique pick
  13. Edward l. Hubbard Unique pick
  14. John Kerry Unique pick
  15. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  16. Ron Kovic
  17. John Milius Unique pick
  18. Keith Payne Unique pick
  19. Martin Sheen Unique pick
  20. Vittorio Storaro Unique pick


(THEME) Lullabye-bye of Broadway
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 252th
(THEME) Stars of the stage on Broadway, New York…
  1. Julie Andrews
  2. Betty Buckley Unique pick
  3. Len Cariou Unique pick
  4. Michael Crawford
  5. Tim Curry
  6. Jim Dale
  7. Blythe Danner
  8. Harvey Fierstein Unique pick
  9. Joel Grey
  10. Rosemary Ann Harris
  11. George Hearn Unique pick
  12. Derek Jacobi
  13. Frank Langella
  14. Andrew Lloyd Webber
  15. Janis Paige Joker!
  16. Joan Plowright
  17. Chita Rivera
  18. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  19. Frances Sternhagen
  20. Tommy Tune


(THEME) M6 Toll(ed)
Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 124th
(THEME) Who of these Midlands characters will end up in the (very) Black Country?
  1. Dennis Amiss
  2. Bev Bevan
  3. Alan Buckley Unique pick
  4. edward clayton Unique pick
  5. David Daker Unique pick
  6. Ann Haydon-Jones
  7. Anne Heywood Unique pick
  8. Vince Hill
  9. Elgar Howard Unique pick
  10. Charles Kay Unique pick
  11. Ace Kefford Unique pick
  12. Dave Latchford Unique pick
  13. Sue Lawley Unique pick
  14. Peter McEnery
  15. Valerie Minifie Unique pick
  16. Maggie Moone Unique pick
  17. Leila Williams Unique pick
  18. David Winnick Unique pick Joker!
  19. Nicholas Winterton Unique pick
  20. Muff Winwood Unique pick


(THEME) Made In Detroit
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 224th
(THEME) Celebs and notables from the Motor City.
  1. Ruth Adler Schnee Unique pick
  2. Ellen Burstyn
  3. Roger Corman
  4. Alex Delvecchio Unique pick Joker!
  5. Abdul "Duke" Fakir
  6. Marla Gibbs
  7. Benny Golson
  8. Berry Gordy
  9. Willie Horton Unique pick
  10. Marian Ilitch Unique pick
  11. Piper Laurie
  12. Marty Pavelich Unique pick
  13. Roger Penske Unique pick
  14. Joyce Randolph
  15. Laurence Rosenthal Unique pick
  16. Joe Schmidt Unique pick
  17. John Sinclair Unique pick
  18. Tom Skerritt Unique pick
  19. Delores Winans Unique pick
  20. H.M. Wynant


Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 355th
(THEME) People who dared to speak out against the orange menace
  1. Joy Behar Unique pick
  2. Jaime Herrera Beutler Unique pick
  3. Jill Biden Unique pick
  4. Joe Biden Joker!
  5. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  6. Dick Cheney
  7. Liz Cheney Unique pick
  8. Bill Clinton
  9. Robert De Niro
  10. Phil Donahue Unique pick
  11. Dr. Anthony Fauci Unique pick
  12. Dianne Feinstein
  13. Pat Leahy
  14. Grace Napolitano Unique pick
  15. Paul Pelosi Unique pick
  16. Nancy Pelosi
  17. Mike Pence
  18. Dan Rather
  19. Marian Shields Robinson Unique pick
  20. Bernie Sanders


(THEME) Miscreants
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 412th
(THEME) miscreants
  1. Mehmet Ali Ağca Unique pick
  2. Yigal Amir Unique pick
  3. David Berkowitz Unique pick
  4. Robert Blake
  5. Anders Behring Breivik Unique pick
  6. Arthur Bremer Unique pick
  7. Mark David Chapman Unique pick
  8. Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Unique pick
  9. John Hinckley, Jr.
  10. James Holmes Unique pick
  11. Jean Kasem Unique pick
  12. Thomas McMahon Unique pick
  13. Sara Jane Moore Unique pick
  14. Charles Ng Unique pick
  15. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  16. Gary Ridgway Unique pick
  17. Yolanda Saldivar Unique pick
  18. O. J. Simpson
  19. Sirhan Sirhan
  20. Donald Trump


(THEME) MST3K Massacre
First year in DDP.
Made a respectable Top 30 finish in their rookie year
  1. Ray Anthony
  2. Ricou Browning
  3. Phyllis Coates
  4. Mara Corday Unique pick
  5. Audrey Dalton
  6. Joe Don Baker Joker!
  7. Vikki Dougan Unique pick
  8. James Earl Jones
  9. Clint Eastwood
  10. Lee Grant
  11. Gene Hackman
  12. Jerry Hardin
  13. Jonathan Haze Unique pick
  14. george maharis Unique pick
  15. Alan Oppenheimer Unique pick
  16. Mamie Van Doren
  17. M. Emmet Walsh
  18. Peggy Webber Unique pick
  19. Jimmy Weldon Unique pick
  20. H.M. Wynant


(THEME) Musical chairs
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 402th
(THEME) A return of this music based team
  1. (rapper) 6ix9ine
  2. Kenny Burrell
  3. George Clinton Unique pick
  4. Julian Cope Unique pick
  5. Keith Jarrett
  6. Quincy Jones
  7. Shane MacGowan Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  8. John McVie
  9. Arvo Pärt
  10. Ernest Ranglin Unique pick
  11. Steve Reich Unique pick
  12. Terry Riley Unique pick
  13. Sonny Rollins
  14. Ryuichi Sakamoto Drop Forty bonus
  15. Lalo Schifrin Unique pick
  16. Wayne Shorter
  17. Sly Stone
  18. Damo Suzuki Unique pick
  19. David Thomas
  20. Bill Ward Unique pick


(THEME) Nearly Dead Kennedys
First year in DDP.
  1. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus
  2. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  3. Mel Brooks Drop Forty bonus
  4. Grace Bumbry
  5. Carol Burnett
  6. James Earl Jones
  7. Clint Eastwood
  8. Philip Glass Unique pick
  9. Berry Gordy
  10. Buddy Guy
  11. Quincy Jones
  12. Carmen de Lavallade
  13. Norman Lear
  14. Rita Moreno
  15. Willie Nelson Drop Forty bonus
  16. Sonny Rollins
  17. Wayne Shorter
  18. Tina Turner
  19. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  20. John Williams


(THEME) Nice!
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Cool cats playing jazz, nice!
  1. George Benson Unique pick
  2. Carla Bley Unique pick
  3. Kenny Burrell
  4. Ron Carter Unique pick
  5. Billy Cobham Unique pick
  6. Richard Davis Unique pick
  7. Jack DeJohnette Unique pick
  8. Lou Donaldson Unique pick
  9. Benny Golson
  10. Herbie Hancock
  11. Roy Haynes Unique pick
  12. Dave Holland Unique pick
  13. Keith Jarrett
  14. Charles Lloyd Unique pick
  15. John McLaughlin
  16. Sonny Rollins Joker!
  17. Archie Shepp Unique pick
  18. Wayne Shorter
  19. James Spaulding Unique pick
  20. Reggie Workman Unique pick


(THEME) No More Expenses
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 146th
(THEME) Those hard-working, underpaid elected representatives of UK democracy…
  1. John Morris of Aberavon
  2. Winnie Ewing
  3. Frank Field Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  4. Norman Fowler Unique pick
  5. Trixie Gardner
  6. Harry Greenway
  7. Roy Hattersley
  8. Terence Higgins Unique pick
  9. Doug Hoyle
  10. Douglas Hurd
  11. Tom King Unique pick
  12. Glenys Kinnock Unique pick
  13. Nigel Lawson
  14. Robert Alexander Lindsay Unique pick
  15. John Nott Unique pick
  16. Eileen Paisley Unique pick
  17. Bill Rodgers Unique pick
  18. Dennis Skinner
  19. Norman Tebbit
  20. Tony Worthington Unique pick


(THEME) No Mr Bond Villain, I Expect You To Die!!!
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 333th
(THEME) A team of Bond villains. Shocking, shimply shocking…
  1. Woody Allen Joker!
  2. Sean Bean Unique pick
  3. Kabir Bedi Unique pick
  4. Steven Berkoff Unique pick
  5. Klaus Maria Brandauer Unique pick
  6. Robert Carlyle Unique pick
  7. Robert Davi Unique pick
  8. Benicio del Toro Unique pick
  9. Joe Don Baker
  10. Bruce Glover
  11. Julian Glover
  12. Jeroen Krabbe Unique pick
  13. Rami Malek Unique pick
  14. Sophie Marceau Unique pick
  15. Wayne Newton
  16. Jonathan Pryce Unique pick
  17. Putter Smith Unique pick
  18. Don Stroud Unique pick
  19. Christopher Walken
  20. Christoph Waltz Unique pick


(THEME) Nobel Notables
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 379th
(THEME) Nobel Prize winners with QO potential
  1. Martti Ahtisaari
  2. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  3. J.M. Coetzee
  4. Máiread Corrigan-Maguire Unique pick
  5. Bob Dylan
  6. Mohamed ElBaradei Unique pick
  7. John B. Goodenough
  8. Tenzin Gyatso
  9. Peter Higgs
  10. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  11. Aung San Suu Kyi
  12. Alice Munro
  13. Roger Penrose
  14. Adolfo PEREZ ESQUIVEL Unique pick
  15. Maria Ressa Unique pick
  16. Robert Solow
  17. Wole Soyinka
  18. Lech Walesa
  19. Dr James Watson
  20. Tu Youyou


(THEME) Norman Lear and All His Friends
First year in DDP.
(THEME) One degree of separation from Norman Lear, in one case, even zero
  1. John Amos Unique pick
  2. Adrienne Barbeau Unique pick
  3. James Cromwell Unique pick
  4. William Daniels
  5. Marla Gibbs
  6. Lee Grant
  7. Geri Jewell Unique pick
  8. Norman Lear Joker!
  9. Rita Moreno
  10. Martin Mull Unique pick
  11. Greg Mullavey Unique pick
  12. Mackenzie Phillips Unique pick
  13. rob reiner Unique pick
  14. Ron Rifkin Unique pick
  15. Sally Struthers Unique pick
  16. Holland Taylor Unique pick
  17. Stephen Tobolowsky Unique pick
  18. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  19. Jimmie Walker
  20. Demond Wilson


(THEME) Not Going in a Black Cab
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 164th
(THEME) Eastenders
  1. Brian Croucher Unique pick
  2. Peter Dean Unique pick
  3. Sheila Hancock
  4. Joan Hooley Unique pick
  5. Elizabeth Kelly
  6. Elaine Lordan Unique pick
  7. Derek Martin
  8. Ann Mitchell Unique pick
  9. Polly Perkins
  10. Peter Purves
  11. Gavin Richards Unique pick
  12. Leslie Schofield Unique pick
  13. Corinne Skinner-Carter Unique pick
  14. Pam St. Clement Unique pick
  15. Sylvia Syms
  16. Rudolph Walker
  17. Daniella Westbrook Joker!
  18. Timothy West
  19. Kate Williams
  20. Arnold Yarrow


(THEME) Not Gone Yet, But Still Forgotten
Years in DDP: 15
Best position: 92th
(THEME) Team made up of people who you wouldn't recognise if you tried...
  1. Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq Unique pick
  2. Maria Branyas Morera Unique pick
  3. Jean-Jacques Buggia Unique pick
  4. Mort Drescher Unique pick
  5. Sylvia Drescher Unique pick
  6. Gaston Flosse Unique pick
  7. Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidalla Unique pick
  8. Julia Bolton Holloway Unique pick
  9. Georg Malin Unique pick
  10. David Musuguri Unique pick
  11. Del S. Pangelinan Unique pick
  12. Tomasi Puapua Unique pick
  13. Jorma Saahko Unique pick
  14. (yoga) Sivananda Unique pick
  15. Friedmunt Sonnemann Unique pick
  16. Mele Ture Unique pick
  17. Wizzardo Sayadaw U.Kowida Unique pick
  18. Tep Vong Unique pick
  19. Princess Yolande of Austria Unique pick Joker!
  20. Mohamed Benomar Ziani Unique pick


First year in DDP.
(THEME) Old American Politicians
  1. Joe Biden
  2. Nicholas F. Brady
  3. James L. Buckley
  4. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  5. Rosalynn Carter
  6. Dick Cheney
  7. Susan Collins Unique pick
  8. Sandra Day O'Connor
  9. Elizabeth Dole
  10. Dianne Feinstein
  11. Paul Gosar Unique pick
  12. Jim Inhofe Unique pick
  13. Eddie Bernice Johnson
  14. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  15. Amy Klobuchar Unique pick
  16. Pat Leahy
  17. Edwin Meese
  18. Nancy Pelosi
  19. Richard Shelby Unique pick
  20. Donald Trump


(THEME) Oh Ronnie, Where Art Thou...
Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 210th
(THEME) The late US President is the subject of this team. Who wants to meet the Gipper again?
  1. Kenneth Adelman Unique pick
  2. Richard V. Allen Unique pick
  3. James Baker
  4. William Bennett Unique pick
  5. John R. Block Unique pick
  6. Nicholas F. Brady
  7. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  8. Sandra Day O'Connor
  9. Thomas Delahanty Unique pick
  10. Elizabeth Dole
  11. John Hinckley, Jr.
  12. Donald Hodel Unique pick
  13. Anthony Kennedy Unique pick
  14. Tim McCarthy Unique pick
  15. Edwin Meese
  16. Oliver North Unique pick
  17. James G. Watt Unique pick
  18. William Webster Unique pick


(THEME) Old As Dirt
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 41th
(THEME) Those who have passed the 100 mark. Potential for lots of hits but few points...
  1. Iris Apfel
  2. Diana Armfield
  3. Anne Baker Joker!
  4. John Cruickshank
  5. Al Jaffee
  6. Elizabeth Kirkby Unique pick
  7. Henry Kissinger Drop Forty bonus
  8. Norman Lear
  9. June Lockhart
  10. Caren Marsh Doll
  11. Kenneth McAlpine
  12. Brenda Milner Unique pick
  13. Walter Mirisch
  14. Tony Murray
  15. Joyce Randolph
  16. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  17. Fauja Singh
  18. June Spencer
  19. Eric Tweedale Unique pick
  20. Arnold Yarrow


(THEME) On yer bike!
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Grand Tour Winning Cyclicsts
  1. Lucien Aimar Unique pick
  2. federico bahamontes Joker!
  3. Franco Balmamion Unique pick
  4. Giovanni Battaglin Unique pick
  5. Fausto Bertoglio Unique pick
  6. Ferdinand Bracke Unique pick
  7. Johan De Muynck Unique pick
  8. Bernard Hinault Unique pick
  9. Jan Janssen Unique pick
  10. Eddy Merckx
  11. Gianni Motta Unique pick
  12. Gösta Pettersson Unique pick
  13. Michel Pollentier Unique pick
  14. Bernardo Ruiz Unique pick
  15. Giuseppe Saronni Unique pick
  16. Angelino Soler Unique pick
  17. Bernard Thevenet Unique pick
  18. Lucien Van Impe Unique pick
  19. Rolf Wolfshohl Unique pick
  20. Joop Zoetemelk Unique pick


(THEME) Once Shaggable, Now Baggable
First year in DDP.
  1. Ursula Andress
  2. Barbara Bach Unique pick
  3. Brigitte Bardot
  4. Elsa Cardenas
  5. Claudia Cardinale
  6. Sally Carr Unique pick
  7. Marianne Faithfull
  8. Jane Fonda
  9. Sally Geeson Unique pick
  10. Susan Hampshire Unique pick
  11. Glynis Johns Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  12. Gina Lollobrigida
  13. Sophia Loren
  14. Vera Miles
  15. Ann-Margret Olsson Unique pick
  16. Francoise Pascal Unique pick
  17. Fiona Richmond Unique pick
  18. Clodagh Rodgers
  19. Nancy Sinatra
  20. Raquel Welch Unique pick


(THEME) One Century Is Enough, Madam!
Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 227th
(THEME) A team of old, old women…
  1. Thelma Davidson Adair Unique pick
  2. Soeur Andre Joker!
  3. Qapik Attagutsiak Unique pick
  4. Anne Baker
  5. Ella Blumenthal Unique pick
  6. Genevieve Callerot
  7. Inah Canabarro Lucas Unique pick
  8. Isabella Dryden Unique pick
  9. Viola Fletcher Unique pick
  10. Ese Gebelek Unique pick
  11. Gerd Goran Unique pick
  12. Maj-Britt Hakansson Unique pick
  13. Ingrid Hansson Unique pick
  14. Sister Jean
  15. Lis Lundkvist-Husberg Unique pick
  16. Kathe Menzel-Jordan Unique pick
  17. Marita del Carmen Camacho Quiros
  18. Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
  19. Rosa Tarlovsky de Roisinblit Unique pick
  20. Lise Thiry Unique pick


(THEME) One More Knight
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Knighted people from all over the world
  1. John Morris of Aberavon Joker!
  2. Emperor Akihito of Japan
  3. Princess Alexandra
  4. Princess Beatrix Unique pick
  5. David William Brewer Unique pick
  6. Robin Butler Unique pick
  7. King Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus Unique pick
  8. Thomas Dunne Unique pick
  9. Mary Fagan Unique pick
  10. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil Unique pick
  11. James Hamilton Unique pick
  12. King Harald V of Norway
  13. King Juan Carlos Of Spain
  14. Duke of Kent (Prince Edward)
  15. Richard Luce Unique pick
  16. John Major Unique pick
  17. Queen Margrethe II Unique pick
  18. Mary Peters Unique pick
  19. Nick Phillips Unique pick
  20. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester Unique pick


(THEME) Oscar Strikeouts
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 223th
(THEME) Oscar nominees without competitive Oscars
  1. Anouk Aimee
  2. Alan Alda
  3. Carroll Baker
  4. Barbara Barrie Unique pick
  5. Ann Blyth
  6. Leslie Caron
  7. Bruce Dern
  8. Frederic Forrest
  9. Teri Garr Joker!
  10. Rosemary Ann Harris
  11. Glynis Johns Drop Forty bonus
  12. Diane Ladd Unique pick
  13. Frank Langella
  14. Piper Laurie
  15. Terry Moore
  16. Joan Plowright
  17. Talia Shire
  18. Terence Stamp
  19. Russ Tamblyn
  20. Liv Ullmann


(THEME) Oui Oui Baguette
First year in DDP.
(THEME) A new french theme team
  1. Paul Barril Unique pick
  2. Bernadette Chirac
  3. Maryse Conde Unique pick
  4. Roland Dumas
  5. Brigitte Fontaine
  6. Marie-France Garaud Unique pick
  7. Sebastien Haller Unique pick
  8. Francoise Hardy
  9. Catherine Laborde Unique pick
  10. Jean Lassalle Unique pick
  11. Herbert Leonard Unique pick
  12. Gabriel Matzneff Unique pick
  13. Pierre Menes Unique pick
  14. Edgar Morin Unique pick
  15. (singer) Pone Unique pick Joker!
  16. Adrien Quatennens Unique pick
  17. (singer) Renaud Unique pick
  18. Liliane Rovere Unique pick
  19. Claude Sarraute Unique pick
  20. Tristan Waleckx Unique pick


(THEME) Passing of the Passed
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 342th
(THEME) One of the more esoteric theme teams: celebrities this girl has passed in the street.
  1. Mohammed Al-Fayed Joker!
  2. Alex Brooker Unique pick
  3. Dominic Brunt Unique pick
  4. Chris Chittell Unique pick
  5. Jane Cox Unique pick
  6. Sara Cox Unique pick
  7. Chris Evans Unique pick
  8. Stephen Fry
  9. Bob Geldof
  10. Ruud Gullit Unique pick
  11. Steve Halliwell Unique pick
  12. Lauren Harries
  13. Melvyn Hayes
  14. Jeff Hordley Unique pick
  15. Robert Lindsay Unique pick
  16. Victor McGuire Unique pick
  17. Lucy Pargeter Unique pick
  18. Wayne Sleep Unique pick
  19. Peter Tatchell Unique pick
  20. John Douglas Thompson Unique pick


(THEME) Pazuzu 5 Points
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 115th
(THEME) Nonagenarians. Formerly PazuzuXP
  1. Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al-Sabah Unique pick
  2. Shimon Baadani
  3. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  4. Violeta Chamorro
  5. Noam Chomsky
  6. Sandra Day O'Connor
  7. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  8. Milan Kundera
  9. Jean-Marie Le Pen
  10. Gina Lollobrigida
  11. Jayanta Mahapatra Unique pick Joker!
  12. Archbishop Theodore McCarrick
  13. Malachy McCourt
  14. Raoni Metuktire
  15. Mahathir Mohamad
  16. Giorgio Napolitano
  17. Tin Oo Unique pick
  18. Peter Procter
  19. Siiri Rantanen Unique pick
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Pazuzu Bad Boys
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 169th
(THEME) Criminals, Murderers and Politicians
  1. (rapper) 6ix9ine
  2. John Keith Calvin Unique pick
  3. John Cannan
  4. Sidney Cooke
  5. Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo Unique pick
  6. Joseph Fritzl
  7. Alberto Fujimori
  8. Luis Garavito
  9. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  10. Ted Kaczynski Drop Forty bonus
  11. Jean-Marie Le Pen
  12. Paulo Maluf
  13. Archbishop Theodore McCarrick
  14. Ratko Mladic
  15. Pervez Musharraf
  16. Victor Orena Unique pick
  17. Gerald Pizzuto Jr. Unique pick
  18. Louis Ricco Unique pick
  19. Mutulu Shakur Joker!
  20. Francis Clifford Smith Unique pick


(THEME) Peace, Drugs, and Death
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 305th
(THEME) 1960s counter-culture figures, before they all became property tycoons and art lecturers.
  1. Joan Baez
  2. Stewart Brand Unique pick
  3. Tommy Chong
  4. Peter Coyote Unique pick
  5. David Crosby Joker!
  6. Robert Crumb Unique pick
  7. Bob Dylan
  8. Daniel Ellsberg
  9. Jane Fonda
  10. Wavy Gravy Unique pick
  11. Ralph Nader
  12. Graham Nash Unique pick
  13. Jack Nicholson
  14. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  15. Ed Sanders Unique pick
  16. John Searle Unique pick
  17. Dick Smothers Unique pick
  18. Tom Smothers
  19. Gary Snyder
  20. Gloria Steinem


(THEME) Perfect 10
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 228th
(THEME) The stars who have ten letters in their name. Hobbled by the death of Heinz Wolff in the pre-match warm-up, can they still do us proud?
  1. Percy Adlon Unique pick
  2. Anouk Aimee
  3. Felipe Alou Unique pick
  4. Asha Bhosle Unique pick
  5. Erika Blanc Unique pick
  6. Tinto Brass Unique pick
  7. Anne Briggs Unique pick
  8. Wendy Craig
  9. Jenny Craig Unique pick
  10. Alain Delon Joker!
  11. Roy Emerson Unique pick
  12. Susan Engel Unique pick
  13. Pat Heywood
  14. Chasey Lain Unique pick
  15. Peggy Miley Unique pick
  16. Sandra Milo Unique pick
  17. Jost Vacano Unique pick
  18. Anne Vernon Unique pick
  19. Jack Warner Unique pick
  20. Claude Zidi Unique pick


(THEME) Political Correctness Gone Mad
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 317th
(THEME) It’s all about politics and it’s all correct. And if that’s not politically correct, I don’t know what is.
  1. Taro Aso Unique pick
  2. Yasuo Fukuda Unique pick
  3. park geun-hye Unique pick
  4. Lee Hoi-chang Unique pick
  5. Lee Hong-koo Unique pick
  6. Morihiro Hosokawa Unique pick
  7. Jae-In Moon Unique pick
  8. Hu Jintao
  9. Naoto Kan Unique pick
  10. Junichiro Koizumi Unique pick
  11. Goh Kun Unique pick
  12. Yoshiro Mori Unique pick
  13. Tomiichi Murayama Joker!
  14. Han Myeong-sook Unique pick
  15. Lee Myung-Bak Unique pick
  16. Chen Shui-Bian Unique pick
  17. Lee Soo-sung Unique pick
  18. Yoshihide Suga Unique pick
  19. Kim Suk-soo Unique pick
  20. Yoon Suk-yeol Unique pick


(THEME) Poor Little Ghoul
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 385th
(THEME) Soul and blues musicians about to turn blue and soulless
  1. Archie Bell Unique pick
  2. Gary U.S. Bonds Unique pick
  3. Lou Christie Unique pick
  4. Dave Baby Cortez Unique pick
  5. Abdul "Duke" Fakir
  6. Johnny Farina Unique pick
  7. Santo Farina Unique pick
  8. Ruby Nash Garnett
  9. Mark Lindsay Unique pick
  10. Barry McGuire Joker!
  11. Shirley Owens Unique pick
  12. Vito Picone Unique pick
  13. Johnny Rivers Unique pick
  14. Tommy Roe Unique pick
  15. Jay Siegel Unique pick
  16. April Stevens
  17. Nino Tempo
  18. Dean Torrence
  19. Gary Troxel Unique pick
  20. Maurice Williams Unique pick


(THEME) Pop goes the Wurzels
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 189th
(THEME) Pop pop, pop music.
  1. Tommy Banner Unique pick
  2. Joe Brown Unique pick
  3. Pete Budd Unique pick
  4. Clarence Carter
  5. Clem Cattini Unique pick
  6. Dion DiMucci
  7. Connie Francis
  8. Gary Glitter
  9. Berry Gordy
  10. Athol Guy Unique pick
  11. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  12. Jackie Lee
  13. John Leyton
  14. jane morgan
  15. Pete Murray
  16. Freda Payne
  17. Martha Reeves
  18. Smokey Robinson
  19. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  20. Marty Wilde


(THEME) Pulling up the Daisies
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Creators of literature
  1. Robert Caro Unique pick
  2. Donald L. Coburn Unique pick
  3. Robert Coles Unique pick
  4. Michael Cristofer Unique pick
  5. Carl Dennis Unique pick
  6. Jules Feiffer Joker!
  7. Saul Friedlander Unique pick
  8. Sheldon Harnick Unique pick
  9. Henry Kamm Unique pick
  10. William KENNEDY Unique pick
  11. Richard Kruger Unique pick
  12. Joseph Lelyveld Unique pick
  13. Cormac McCarthy Unique pick
  14. Steven Millhauser Unique pick
  15. N. Scott Momaday Unique pick
  16. Thomas Powers Unique pick
  17. Richard Lee Rhodes Unique pick
  18. Gary Snyder
  19. Richard Wermick Unique pick
  20. Garry Wills Unique pick


(THEME) Punk is Dead
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 285th
(THEME) Punk musicians
  1. Viv Albertine Unique pick
  2. Wattie Buchan Joker!
  3. Rick Buckler Unique pick
  4. Jake Burns Unique pick
  5. Steve Diggle Unique pick
  6. Vic Godard Unique pick
  7. Charlie Harper Unique pick
  8. Topper Headon Unique pick
  9. Brian James Unique pick
  10. David Johansen
  11. Steve Jones Unique pick
  12. (singer) Knox Unique pick
  13. Pablo Labritain Unique pick
  14. Peter Perrett Unique pick
  15. Jimmy Pursey Unique pick
  16. Marky Ramone
  17. Penny Rimbaud Unique pick
  18. Max Splodge Unique pick
  19. Dan Treacy Unique pick
  20. Ed Tudor-Pole Unique pick


(THEME) Rappers Delight
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Rappers living the dangerous life
  1. (rapper) 22Gz Unique pick
  2. (rapper) 24kGoldn Unique pick
  3. 50 Cent
  4. (rapper) 6ix9ine Joker!
  5. Lil Baby Unique pick
  6. Kodak Black
  7. Chris Brown
  8. Snoop Dogg
  9. Dr Dre Unique pick
  10. Grandmaster Flash Unique pick
  11. Fivio Foreign Unique pick
  12. Sheff G Unique pick
  13. Sleepy Hallow Unique pick
  14. Baby Keem Unique pick
  15. Lil Nas X Unique pick
  16. Pooh Shiesty Unique pick
  17. (rapper) Slowthai Unique pick
  18. Kid Trunks Unique pick
  19. Fetty Wap
  20. (rapper) Wiley Unique pick


(THEME) Rockers who Rolled to the graveyard
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 222th
(THEME) Another team hoping to benefit from the Grim Reaper's recent preference for musicians...
  1. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  2. Clarence Carter
  3. David Crosby
  4. Dion DiMucci
  5. Bob Dylan
  6. Art Garfunkel
  7. Gary Glitter
  8. Buddy Guy
  9. Nana Mouskouri
  10. Willie Nelson Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  11. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  12. Ozzy Osbourne
  13. Keith Richards
  14. Smokey Robinson
  15. Ringo Starr
  16. Johnny Thunder Unique pick
  17. Steven Tyler
  18. Frankie Valli
  19. Dionne Warwick
  20. Brian Wilson


(THEME) Rolls Off The Tongue
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 223th
(THEME)People with interesting sounding names
  1. Maude Apatow Unique pick
  2. John Wayne Bobbitt Unique pick
  3. Young Boozer Unique pick
  4. Dick Butkus Unique pick
  5. Bambos Charalambous Unique pick
  6. Hopewell Chin'ono Unique pick
  7. Marlin Fitzwater Unique pick
  8. Norm Hitzges Unique pick
  9. Jerry Kill Unique pick
  10. Pops Mensah-Bonsu Unique pick
  11. Fatos Nano Unique pick
  12. Mumilaaq Qaqqaq Unique pick
  13. Socrates Rizzo Unique pick
  14. Ludwig Scotty Unique pick
  15. Otis Sistrunk Unique pick
  16. Anna Smashnova Unique pick
  17. Mighty Sparrow
  18. Bill Tush Unique pick
  19. Esteban Volkov Unique pick Joker!
  20. Reality Winner Unique pick


(THEME) Ruling The Afterlife
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 181th
(THEME) World leaders
  1. Salman bin Abdul Aziz
  2. Emperor Akihito of Japan
  3. Paul Biya
  4. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  5. Rosalynn Carter
  6. Raúl Castro
  7. (monarch) Constantine II of Greece
  8. Jacques Delors
  9. Alberto Fujimori
  10. King Harald V of Norway
  11. Ion Iliescu
  12. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  13. Imelda Marcos
  14. Mahathir Mohamad
  15. Giorgio Napolitano
  16. Sam Nujoma
  17. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus
  18. Shridath Ramphal Unique pick
  19. Queen Sirikit
  20. Khaleda Zia


(THEME) Rushing to Tim Horton's for Maple Donuts
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 203th
(THEME) Get out the maple syrup, it's the Canadians!
  1. Denys Arcand Unique pick
  2. Randy Bachman Unique pick
  3. J. J. Barrie
  4. scotty bowman Unique pick
  5. Genevieve Bujold Unique pick
  6. Don Cherry Unique pick
  7. Bonnie Dobson Unique pick
  8. Sidney j. Furie
  9. James K. Irving Unique pick
  10. Sue Johanson Unique pick
  11. Martha Johnson Unique pick
  12. Ruta Lee Unique pick
  13. Gordon Lightfoot
  14. Antonine Maillet Unique pick
  15. Alice Munro
  16. Gordon Pinsent Unique pick Joker!
  17. Buffy Saint-Marie Unique pick
  18. Floyd Sneed Unique pick
  19. David Suzuki
  20. Lyman Ward


(THEME) Sad Last Days
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 233th
(THEME) Dedicated to those National Enquirer headline grabbers. It's all true I tell yuz…
  1. Alan Alda
  2. Ursula Andress
  3. Chevy Chase
  4. (singer/actress) Cher
  5. Bill Clinton
  6. Bill Cosby
  7. Macaulay Culkin Joker!
  8. Michael Douglas
  9. Katherine Jackson
  10. Angelina Jolie Unique pick
  11. Val Kilmer
  12. Sophia Loren
  13. Jack Nicholson
  14. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  15. Valerie Perrine
  16. Priscilla Presley Unique pick
  17. Robert Redford
  18. Linda Ronstadt
  19. Bruce Willis
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel
Years in DDP: 12
Best position: 221th
(THEME) The Caped Crusader is the theme here. BIFF! BAM! POW!
  1. John Astin
  2. Michael Caine
  3. Jim Carrey Unique pick
  4. George Clooney Unique pick
  5. Joan Collins
  6. Danny DeVito
  7. Jeremy Irons Unique pick
  8. Glynis Johns Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  9. Michael Keaton Unique pick
  10. Val Kilmer
  11. Tommy Lee Jones Unique pick
  12. Lee Meriwether
  13. Julie Newmar
  14. Jack Nicholson
  15. Chris O'Donnell Unique pick
  16. Barbara Rush
  17. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  18. Jill St. John
  19. Christopher Walken
  20. Burt Ward


(THEME) Saturday Night Dead
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 431th
(THEME) Saturday Night Live hosts and cast members
  1. Ellen Burstyn
  2. Dick Cavett
  3. Chevy Chase
  4. Dabney Coleman
  5. Francis Ford Coppola
  6. Tim Curry
  7. Angie Dickinson
  8. Shannen Doherty Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  9. Shelley Duvall
  10. Eric Idle
  11. Victoria Jackson Unique pick
  12. Quincy Jones
  13. Robert Klein
  14. Kris Kristofferson
  15. Louise Lasser Unique pick
  16. Garrett Morris
  17. Ralph Nader
  18. Paula Prentiss Unique pick
  19. Tom Smothers
  20. Bob Uecker


(THEME) Scrubber Out
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 432th
(THEME) With the stars of adult entertainment enjoying a life expectancy similar to that of pro-wrestlers these days, this team could stand a great shot
  1. Nicole Aniston Unique pick
  2. Jasmine Black Unique pick
  3. tori black Unique pick Joker!
  4. Rachael Cavalli Unique pick
  5. Adriana Chechik Unique pick
  6. Sophie Dee Unique pick
  7. Liza Del Sierra Unique pick
  8. Nina Hartley Unique pick
  9. Madison Ivy Unique pick
  10. Anissa Kate Unique pick
  11. Valentina Nappi Unique pick
  12. Natasha Nice Unique pick
  13. Alanah Rae Unique pick
  14. Tasha Reign Unique pick
  15. Diana Rius Unique pick
  16. Richelle Ryan Unique pick
  17. Georgina Spelvin Unique pick
  18. India Summer Unique pick
  19. Dayna Vendetta Unique pick
  20. Angela White Unique pick


(THEME) Shake, Rattle, Roll Over and Play Dead
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 215th
(THEME) Rock and pop stars is the theme…
  1. Gene Chandler Joker!
  2. Chubby Checker
  3. Sonny Curtis Unique pick
  4. Dion DiMucci
  5. Duane Eddy Unique pick
  6. Fabian Forte Unique pick
  7. Berry Gordy
  8. Brenda Lee
  9. Darlene Love
  10. Mike Love Unique pick
  11. Martha Reeves
  12. Cliff Richard
  13. Keith Richards
  14. Grace Slick
  15. Ringo Starr
  16. Mike Stoller Unique pick
  17. Sly Stone
  18. Tina Turner
  19. Frankie Valli
  20. Brian Wilson


(THEME) She’s a Dead Skate, Charlie Brown
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Skating the ice
  1. Tenley Albright Unique pick
  2. Brian Boitano Unique pick
  3. Dick Button
  4. Madison Chock Unique pick
  5. Dianne de Leeuw Unique pick
  6. Jacqueline du Bief Unique pick
  7. Christine Haigler Unique pick
  8. Dorothy Hamill Unique pick
  9. Scott HAMILTON Unique pick
  10. Carol Heiss Unique pick Joker!
  11. David Jenkins Unique pick
  12. Hayes Alan Jenkins
  13. Evgenia Medvedeva Unique pick
  14. John Nicks Unique pick
  15. Oleg Protopopov Unique pick
  16. Irina Rodnina Unique pick
  17. Maia Shibutani Unique pick
  18. JoJo Starbuck Unique pick
  19. Tatiana Tarasova Unique pick
  20. Eteri Tutberidze Unique pick


(THEME) sid and marty coffin
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 238th
(THEME) The Canadian children's puppeteers who sued McDonald's for pinching their act (and won!) is the theme…
  1. Rick Astley
  2. Ruth Buzzi Joker!
  3. Tim Curry
  4. Rick Dees Unique pick
  5. Wesley Eure Unique pick
  6. Will Ferrell Unique pick
  7. Deidre Hall Unique pick
  8. Bill Hudson Unique pick
  9. Al Kooper Unique pick
  10. Marty Krofft
  11. Sid Krofft
  12. John McIndoe Unique pick
  13. Ted Nichols Unique pick
  14. Marie Osmond Unique pick
  15. Butch Patrick Unique pick
  16. Paul Simon
  17. Mike Tyson
  18. Jimmie Walker
  19. Johnny Whitaker Unique pick
  20. Paul Williams


(THEME) Slippery Soap
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 159th
(THEME) Veteran soap actors…
  1. Thelma Barlow
  2. Judy Bennett Unique pick
  3. Kenneth Cope
  4. Eileen Derbyshire
  5. Shannen Doherty Drop Forty bonus
  6. Helen Fraser
  7. Janey Godley Drop Forty bonus
  8. Julie Goodyear
  9. Patricia Greene
  10. Malcolm Hebden
  11. Meg Johnson Unique pick
  12. Bruce Jones Unique pick
  13. Kate Keltie Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  14. Joel Mcllroy Unique pick
  15. Tom Oliver
  16. Jane Rossington Unique pick
  17. Johnny Ruffo Drop Forty bonus
  18. Prunella Scales Drop Forty bonus
  19. Bill Steel
  20. Daniella Westbrook


(THEME) snooker loopy c*NTS are we
First year in DDP.
(THEME) People from the world of snooker
  1. Maureen baynton Unique pick
  2. Allister Carter Unique pick
  3. Tony drago Unique pick
  4. Ray Edmonds Unique pick
  5. Clive Everton
  6. Geoff Foulds Unique pick
  7. Silvino Francisco Unique pick
  8. Terry Griffiths Unique pick
  9. Adrian Gunnell Unique pick
  10. Quentin hann Unique pick
  11. Steve James Unique pick
  12. Stephen Lee Unique pick
  13. Perrie Mans Unique pick
  14. Ray Reardon Joker!
  15. leo scullion Unique pick
  16. Wael Talaat Unique pick
  17. David Taylor Unique pick
  18. John Virgo Unique pick
  19. Jimmy White Unique pick
  20. Rex Williams Unique pick


(THEME) Softly Softly Catchee Monkey(pox)
First year in DDP.
(THEME) The cast of Softly, Softly
  1. Alun Armstrong Unique pick
  2. Christopher Benjamin
  3. Norman Bowler
  4. Ray Brooks Unique pick
  5. Tony Caunter
  6. Kenneth Cranham Unique pick
  7. Thomas Ellice Unique pick
  8. Alan Ford Unique pick Joker!
  9. Gay Hamilton Unique pick
  10. Dave Hill Unique pick
  11. Nigel Humphreys Unique pick
  12. Susan Jameson Unique pick
  13. Grahame Mallard Unique pick
  14. Billy Murray Unique pick
  15. Jonathan Newth Unique pick
  16. Edward Petherbridge Unique pick
  17. Malcolm Rennie Unique pick
  18. John Salthouse Unique pick
  19. Oliver Smith Unique pick
  20. Donald Sumpter Unique pick


(THEME) Space Wasters
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 431th
(THEME) Crooks, murderers and perverts
  1. Joe Arpaio Unique pick
  2. Jim Bakker Unique pick
  3. Bill Cosby
  4. Joseph James Deangelo
  5. Carolyn Bryant Donham
  6. Irmgard Furchner Unique pick
  7. Stuart Hall
  8. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  9. dennis hastert Unique pick
  10. Ted Kaczynski Drop Forty bonus
  11. Edmund Kemper Unique pick
  12. Bob Packwood Unique pick
  13. Roman Polanski
  14. Charlie Rose
  15. Jerry Sandusky
  16. Charles Sobhraj
  17. Rev. Jimmy Swaggart
  18. Charles "Tex" Watson Unique pick
  19. Harvey Weinstein
  20. Rose West


(THEME) Special:RandomInCategory/Living_people
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 296th
(THEME) 4000 random Wikipedia articles opened in the category 'Living people', and pick the 20 who I believe are most likely to be hits this year.
  1. Ghairat Baheer Unique pick
  2. Micheline Bernardini Unique pick
  3. Benjamin Blech Unique pick
  4. (rapper) Blueface Unique pick
  5. Frank Bruno
  6. Karl Bushby Unique pick Joker!
  7. Sonja de Lennart Unique pick
  8. Arthur Fry Unique pick
  9. Sidney j. Furie
  10. Jesse Horn Unique pick
  11. Muthoni Likimani Unique pick
  12. Ron Medich Unique pick
  13. Mike Nussbaum
  14. Bill Rasmussen Unique pick
  15. Johnny Rodz Unique pick
  16. Joe Scarborough Unique pick
  17. Melker Schorling Unique pick
  18. Valentine Strasser Unique pick
  19. Simon Townsend Unique pick
  20. Stephen Trombley Unique pick


(THEME) Sportspeople I Think Might Die in 2023 United
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 105th
(THEME) A team of athletes.
  1. Ann-Katrin Berger Unique pick
  2. Stan Bowles
  3. Rob Burrow Drop Forty bonus
  4. Tommy Cassidy Unique pick
  5. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  6. Stephen Darby
  7. Bill Gates (football) Unique pick
  8. Joe Kinnear
  9. Allan Lamb Unique pick
  10. Denis Law
  11. Terry McDermott Unique pick
  12. George Reilly Unique pick
  13. Dick Savitt Unique pick
  14. Frank Sedgman
  15. Vic Seixas
  16. Fauja Singh
  17. John Tudor Unique pick
  18. Juan Carlos Unzue
  19. Gianluca Vialli Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  20. Dave Watson (defender)


(THEME) St. Peter’s Warblers
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 402th
(THEME) A theme of musicians, clearly
  1. Burt Bacharach
  2. Harry Belafonte Drop Forty bonus
  3. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  4. Cindy Birdsong Unique pick
  5. Pat Boone
  6. Chubby Checker
  7. Petula Clark
  8. Dion DiMucci
  9. Connie Francis
  10. Berry Gordy
  11. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  12. Quincy Jones
  13. Cleo Laine
  14. Johnny Mathis
  15. jane morgan
  16. Smokey Robinson
  17. Tommy Steele
  18. Tina Turner
  19. Caterina Valente
  20. Bobby Vinton


(THEME) Sudden Death
Years in DDP: 10
Best position: 68th
(THEME) Football, fussball, voetbal etc...
  1. Tommy Banks Unique pick
  2. Ron Baynham
  4. Stan Bowles
  5. Antonio Carbajal
  6. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  7. Stephen Darby
  8. Bryan Douglas
  9. George Eastham
  10. Paul Gascoigne
  11. Alan Hudson Unique pick
  12. Colin McDonald Unique pick
  13. Frank McGarvey Drop Forty bonus
  14. Gordon McQueen
  15. Marc Overmars Unique pick
  16. Terry Paine Unique pick
  17. Tony Parkes
  18. Gary Parkinson Unique pick
  19. Gianluca Vialli Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  20. Ron Yeats


(THEME) Syndication Zombies
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 150th
(THEME) Actors that you could randomly choose a channel they'll be there!
  1. John Astin
  2. Bob Barker Drop Forty bonus
  3. Phyllis Coates
  4. Bill Cosby
  5. Angie Dickinson
  6. Shannen Doherty Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  7. Teri Garr
  8. Luke Halpin
  9. Hal Linden
  10. June Lockhart
  11. Peter Marshall
  12. Jaye P. Morgan Unique pick
  13. Bob Newhart
  14. Estelle Parsons
  15. Pat Priest
  16. Joyce Randolph
  17. Marion Ross
  18. Eva Marie Saint Drop Forty bonus
  19. Ronnie Schell Unique pick
  20. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Thanks for being a Sport
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 184th
(THEME) Sports Men and Women
  1. Sam Allardyce Unique pick
  2. Dennis Amiss
  3. Dickie Bird
  4. Henry Blofeld
  5. Geoff Boycott
  6. Mike Brearley
  7. Willie Carson
  8. Bob Champion Unique pick
  9. Mick CHANNON Unique pick
  10. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  11. Larisa Latynina Unique pick
  12. Rod Laver
  13. Angela Mortimer
  14. Rosa Mota Unique pick
  15. Bobby Orr
  16. Kathrine Switzer Unique pick
  17. Lee Trevino Joker!
  18. Christine Truman Unique pick
  19. Lasse Viren Unique pick
  20. Alex Zanardi Unique pick


(THEME) Thats 70's Mixtape
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Prominent musicians of the 70s
  1. Shirley Bassey
  2. Jorge Ben Unique pick
  3. Adriano Celentano
  4. Phil Collins
  5. Eumir Deodato Unique pick
  6. Howard Devoto Unique pick
  7. Roberta Flack Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  8. Astrud Gilberto Unique pick
  9. Fuzzy Haskins Unique pick
  10. Bill Legend Unique pick
  11. Linda Lewis Unique pick
  12. John Lydon
  13. Joni Mitchell
  14. Giorgio Moroder Unique pick
  15. Freda Payne
  16. Clodagh Rodgers
  17. Sixto Rodriguez Unique pick
  18. labi siffre Unique pick
  19. Candi Staton Unique pick
  20. (singer) Neil Young


(THEME) The 27 Club
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Fans of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain
  1. (rapper) 6ix9ine Joker!
  2. Hailey Bieber Unique pick
  3. Dove Cameron Unique pick
  4. Playboi Carti Unique pick
  5. Doja Cat Unique pick
  6. Madison Cawthorn Unique pick
  7. keith cozart Unique pick
  8. Kendall Jenner Unique pick
  9. Dua Lipa Unique pick
  10. Post Malone Unique pick
  11. Lil Man Unique pick
  12. Melanie Martinez Unique pick
  13. Logan Paul Unique pick
  14. Alexis Ren Unique pick
  15. Adelina Sotnikova Unique pick
  16. Hailee Steinfeld Unique pick
  17. Claudia Sulewski Unique pick
  18. Megan Thee Stallion Unique pick
  19. Lil Uzi Vert Unique pick
  20. (actress) Zendaya Unique pick


(THEME) The Dead Kennedys
First year in DDP.
  1. Tony Bennett Drop Forty bonus
  2. Grace Bumbry
  3. James Earl Jones
  4. Clint Eastwood
  5. Buddy Guy
  6. Herbie Hancock
  7. Quincy Jones
  8. John Kander
  9. Joni Mitchell
  10. Lloyd Morrisett Unique pick
  11. Seiji Ozawa
  12. Chita Rivera
  13. Smokey Robinson
  14. Sonny Rollins
  15. Linda Ronstadt
  16. Carlos Santana
  17. Wayne Shorter
  18. Michael Tilson Thomas Joker!
  19. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) The Dead Parrots Society
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Comedians
  1. Alan Alda
  2. Woody Allen
  3. Roy Clarke
  4. John Cleese Unique pick Joker!
  5. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  6. Bill Cosby
  7. Graeme Garden
  8. Terry Gilliam
  9. Mike Harding
  10. Paul Hogan
  11. Barry Humphries
  12. Eric Idle
  13. David Jason
  14. Penelope Keith
  15. Mick Miller Unique pick
  16. Brian Murphy
  17. Bill Oddie
  18. Michael Palin Unique pick
  19. Ricky Tomlinson
  20. Richard Wilson


(THEME) The DOA Tour
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 118th
(THEME) Welcome return of the Golf theme team
  1. Tommy Aaron
  2. Frank Beard
  3. Michael Bonallack
  4. Jack Burke Jr.
  5. JoAnne Carner
  6. Neil Coles
  7. Al Geiberger
  8. Brian Huggett
  9. Tony Jacklin
  10. Don January
  11. David Joy Unique pick
  12. Verne Lundquist Unique pick
  13. Bobby Nichols
  14. Jack Nicklaus
  15. Peter Oosterhuis Joker!
  16. Gary Player
  17. Betsy Rawls
  18. Ivor Robson Unique pick
  19. Chi-Chi Rodriguez
  20. Tiger Woods


(THEME) The Elders of Reality TV
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 239th
(THEME) People of the Reality TV sphere who have seen the Earth revolving around the sun a couple of times
  1. Mary Berry
  2. Jake Billingsley Unique pick
  3. Rodger Bingham Unique pick
  4. Sonja Christopher
  5. Mary Jean St. Claire Unique pick
  6. Paschal English Unique pick
  7. Jan Gentry Unique pick
  8. Len Goodman
  9. Dave Groark Unique pick
  10. Maralyn Hershey Unique pick
  11. (1956) Randy JACKSON Drop Forty bonus
  12. Bruce Kanegai Unique pick
  13. Scout Cloud Lee Unique pick
  14. Jim Lynch Unique pick
  15. Jerry MacDonald Unique pick Joker!
  16. William J. McDaniel Unique pick
  17. Jack Owens Jr. Unique pick
  18. Lee Rosbach Unique pick
  19. George H. Ross Unique pick
  20. Willard Smith Unique pick


(THEME) The Fat Lady's singing...
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 385th
(THEME) Opera
  1. Janet Baker
  2. Josephine Barstow Unique pick
  3. Jane Berbie Unique pick
  4. Richard Bonynge Unique pick
  5. Grace Bumbry
  6. Jose Carreras Unique pick
  7. Fiorenza Cossotto Unique pick
  8. Ileana Cotrubas Unique pick
  9. Jose van Dam Unique pick
  10. Plácido Domingo
  11. Marilyn Horne
  12. Gillian Knight Unique pick
  13. Benjamin Luxon Unique pick
  14. Valerie Masterson Unique pick
  15. Sherrill Milnes Unique pick Joker!
  16. Leontyne Price
  17. Ruggero Raimondi Unique pick
  18. Samuel Ramey Unique pick
  19. Renata Scotto Unique pick
  20. Christoph von Dohnanyi Unique pick


Years in DDP: 15
Best position: 154th
(THEME) 20 names from the world of sport.
  1. John Barrett Unique pick
  2. Dickie Bird
  3. Rob Burrow Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  4. Irene Camber Unique pick
  5. Willie Carson
  6. Bobby Charlton Drop Forty bonus
  7. Terry Dyson Unique pick
  8. Chris Evert Unique pick
  9. Lauren Holiday Unique pick
  10. Charlie Hurley Unique pick
  11. Cliff Jones
  12. Jim Kelly Unique pick
  13. Sheila Lerwill
  14. Richard McTaggart Unique pick
  15. Angela Mortimer
  16. Tom Pendry Unique pick
  17. Kirill Putyrsky Unique pick
  18. John Sainty Unique pick
  19. Cliff Thorburn
  20. Don Dyke Wells Unique pick


(THEME) The Gallifrey Regeneration Game
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 401th
(THEME) Oldest living Dr Who actors. Steven Moffat will contrive a way for them to survive come what may…
  1. Christopher Benjamin
  2. June Bland Unique pick Joker!
  3. Barbara Clegg
  4. Donald Douglas Unique pick
  5. Roy Evans Unique pick
  6. David Garfield Unique pick
  7. John Gorrie Unique pick
  8. Gawn Grainger
  9. Terrence Hardiman
  10. Janet Henfrey Unique pick
  11. Ian Hogg Unique pick
  12. Waris Hussein Unique pick
  13. Milton Johns Unique pick
  14. Michael Kilgarriff Unique pick
  15. Mary Peach Unique pick
  16. Sheila REID Unique pick
  17. Edward de Souza Unique pick
  18. Cy Town Unique pick
  19. Tristan de Vere Cole Unique pick
  20. Gabriel Woolf Unique pick


(THEME) The Gang joins the DDP
First year in DDP.
(THEME) It's always sunny in Philadelphia, is it deadly, too?
  1. David Adkins
  2. Anne Archer Unique pick
  3. Jack Axelrod Unique pick
  4. Martin Beck Unique pick
  5. Wade Boggs Unique pick
  6. Tom Bower Unique pick
  7. Stephen Collins Unique pick
  8. Shelly Desai Unique pick Joker!
  9. Danny DeVito
  10. Takayo Fischer Unique pick
  11. Patrick Gorman Unique pick
  12. Christopher Lloyd
  13. Dolph Lundgren Unique pick
  14. Sandy Martin Unique pick
  15. Brian Doyle Murray Unique pick
  16. Robert Pine Unique pick
  17. Donovan Scott Unique pick
  18. Lynne Marie Stewart Unique pick
  19. Robert Towers Unique pick
  20. Lee Weaver Unique pick


(THEME) The Masked Dier
First year in DDP.
  1. Paul Anka
  2. Terry Bradshaw
  3. Duane "Dog" Chapman
  4. Tommy Chong
  5. David Foster Unique pick
  6. gloria gaynor Unique pick
  7. Eric Idle
  8. Caitlyn Jenner Unique pick Joker!
  9. Chaka Khan Unique pick
  10. Gladys Knight
  11. Patti Labelle Unique pick
  12. Ruth POINTER Unique pick
  13. Mickey Rourke Unique pick
  14. Paul Shaffer Unique pick
  15. William Shatner
  16. Jerry Springer
  17. Raymond Teller
  18. Danny Trejo Unique pick
  19. Dionne Warwick
  20. Wendy Williams


(THEME) The Politicorpses
Years in DDP: 15
Best position: 210th
(THEME) A welcome return for the politics-based team… but now featuring architects
  1. David Childs Unique pick
  2. Peter Cook Unique pick
  3. Terry Farrell Unique pick
  4. Yvonne Farrell Unique pick
  5. Norman Foster Unique pick
  6. Frank Gehry Joker!
  7. Michael Hopkins Unique pick
  8. Eva Jiricna Unique pick
  9. Amanda Levete Unique pick
  10. Daniel Libeskind Unique pick
  11. Richard Meier Unique pick
  12. Rafael Moneo Unique pick
  13. William Pedersen Unique pick
  14. Renzo Piano Unique pick
  15. Sheila Sri Prakash Unique pick
  16. Denise Scott Brown Unique pick
  17. Adrian Smith Unique pick
  18. Robert A. M. Stern Unique pick
  19. Rafael Vinoly Unique pick


(THEME) The Retched pong of Brit sit-com
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 222th
(THEME) Brit sitcom actors
  1. Sally Bazely Unique pick
  2. James Bolam Joker!
  3. Peter Cellier
  4. Roy Clarke
  5. John Clegg Unique pick
  6. Kenneth Cope
  7. Annette Crosbie
  8. Ram John Holder
  9. Elsie Kelly Unique pick
  10. Mike Kinsey Unique pick
  11. Michael Knowles Unique pick
  12. Carmen Munroe Unique pick
  13. Brian Murphy
  14. John Nettleton Unique pick
  15. Richard O'Sullivan
  16. Patricia Routledge
  17. John Savident
  18. Johnny Shannon Unique pick
  19. Gudrun Ure
  20. Richard Wilson


(THEME) The Right to Die
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 364th
(THEME) The American right wing had an interesting 2022. Will these last 2023?
  1. Steve BANNON Unique pick
  2. Tucker Carlson
  3. Tom Cotton Unique pick
  4. Ted Cruz Unique pick
  5. Ron DeSantis Unique pick
  6. Lindsey Graham Unique pick
  7. Marjorie Taylor Greene Unique pick
  8. Sean Hannity Unique pick
  9. Josh Hawley Unique pick
  10. Alex Jones
  11. Mike Lindell Unique pick
  12. Kevin McCarthy (politician) Unique pick
  13. Mitch McConnell
  14. Rupert Murdoch
  15. Elon Musk
  16. Ben Shapiro Unique pick
  17. Clarence Thomas Unique pick
  18. Donald Trump Jr. Unique pick
  19. Eric Trump Unique pick
  20. Donald Trump Joker!


(THEME) The Sick-Bed of Cuchulainn
Years in DDP: 5
Best position: 81th
(THEME) The Emerald Isle.
  1. Jacquie Beltrao
  2. Charlie Bird
  3. Eilean Ni Chuilleanain Unique pick
  4. Audrey Dalton
  5. RON DELANY Unique pick
  6. Chuck Feeney Unique pick
  7. Alfie Hale Unique pick
  8. Johanna Harwood
  9. Jennifer Johnston Unique pick
  10. Henry Kelly
  11. Shane MacGowan Drop Forty bonus
  12. Malachy McCourt
  13. Syd Millar
  14. GEORGE MORISSON Unique pick
  15. Henry Mountcharles Unique pick
  16. Anne Nolan
  17. Linda Nolan Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  18. TONY O'REILLY Unique pick
  19. MICHAEL SMURFIT Unique pick
  20. IMOGEN STUART Unique pick


(THEME) The Survivors
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 317th
(THEME) Some more survivors but for how long?
  1. Peter Asher Unique pick
  2. Max Baer, Jr.
  3. (singer/actress) Cher
  4. Micky Dolenz
  5. Henry Fambrough
  6. Benjamin B. Ferencz Joker!
  7. Barry Gibb
  8. Merald "Bubba" Knight
  9. Tina Louise
  10. Jerry Mathers Unique pick
  11. Bill Medley
  12. Sam Moore
  13. Carl Palmer Unique pick
  14. Michelle Phillips
  15. Diana Ross
  16. Andy Scott
  17. Charlie Thomas Unique pick
  18. Tina Turner
  19. Otis Williams
  20. Brian Wilson


(THEME) The Talking Dead
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 249th
(THEME) The Talking Dead
  1. George Alagiah Drop Forty bonus
  2. David Attenborough Drop Forty bonus
  3. Bob Brinker Unique pick
  4. Dick Cavett
  5. Adam Hills Unique pick
  6. Alex Jones
  7. Greg Kinnear Unique pick
  8. David Letterman
  9. Tim Lovejoy
  10. Dennis Miller Unique pick
  11. Piers Morgan
  12. Sharon Osbourne
  13. Geraldo Rivera Unique pick
  14. Orion Samuelson Unique pick
  15. Judy Sheindlin
  16. Frank Skinner Unique pick
  17. Jerry Springer
  18. James Whale Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  19. Wendy Williams
  20. Matthew Wright Unique pick


(THEME) The Ukrainian Actuary
First year in DDP.
(THEME) People in the crosshairs of Ukraine's army
  1. Sergey Abisov Unique pick
  2. Larisa Airapetyan Unique pick
  3. Oleg Akimov Unique pick
  4. Sergey Aksyonov
  5. Igor Antipov Unique pick
  6. Alexander Borodai Unique pick
  7. Alexander Bortnikov
  8. Dmitry Bulgakov Unique pick
  9. Aleksandr Dvornikov Unique pick
  10. Aleksandr Galkin Unique pick
  11. Ruslan Ilkaev Unique pick
  12. Ramzan Kadyrov
  13. Vladimir Kononov Unique pick
  14. Sergey Kozlov Unique pick
  15. Aleksander Lukashenko
  16. Yevgeny Murov Unique pick
  17. Aleksey Naumets Unique pick
  18. Vasily Nikitin Unique pick
  19. Vladimir Putin Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  20. Alexander Zaldostanov Unique pick


(THEME) The Writing's On The Wall
Years in DDP: 2
Best position: 457th
(THEME) Bond movie theme song singers - I expect you to die
  1. (singer) Adele Unique pick
  2. Shirley Bassey Joker!
  3. Rita Coolidge Unique pick
  4. Sheryl Crow Unique pick
  5. Sheena Easton Unique pick
  6. Billie Eilish
  7. Lani Hall Unique pick
  8. Morten Harket Unique pick
  9. Tom Jones
  10. Alicia Keys Unique pick
  11. Gladys Knight
  12. Simon Le Bon
  13. (singer) Lulu
  14. Shirley Manson Unique pick
  15. Paul McCartney
  16. Carly Simon
  17. Nancy Sinatra
  18. Sam Smith Unique pick
  19. Tina Turner
  20. Jack White Unique pick


(THEME) There is nothing like a dame
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 141th
(THEME) Now with one more dame and one fewer Queen
  1. Julie Andrews
  2. Eileen Atkins
  3. Janet Baker
  4. Shirley Bassey
  5. Elizabeth Butler-Sloss Unique pick
  6. A. S. Byatt
  7. Joan Collins
  8. Judi Dench
  9. Jane Goodall
  10. Sheila Hancock
  11. Cleo Laine
  12. Virginia McKenna
  13. Siân Phillips
  14. Joan Plowright
  15. Shirley Porter Unique pick
  16. Mary Quant
  17. Vanessa Redgrave Joker!
  18. Patricia Routledge
  19. Steve SHIRLEY Unique pick
  20. Maggie Smith


(THEME) They think it's all over
First year in DDP.
  1. Willie Bell Unique pick
  2. Alan Brazil
  3. Eddie Colquhoun Unique pick
  4. George Connelly Unique pick
  5. Jim Forrest Unique pick
  6. George Herd
  7. Jim Herriot Unique pick
  8. Drew Jarvie Unique pick
  9. Bobby Kennedy Unique pick
  10. Denis Law
  11. Frank McGarvey Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  12. Frank McLintock
  13. Gordon McQueen
  14. Bobby Moncur Unique pick
  15. Jackie Plenderleith Unique pick
  16. John Robertson Unique pick
  17. Bobby Seith Unique pick
  18. Colin Stein Unique pick
  19. Ian Ure Unique pick
  20. Ron Yeats


(THEME) Tik Tok… It’s Time
First year in DDP.
(THEME) People like you and me, except they want to be watched all the time
  1. Joshua Bassett Unique pick
  2. Jair Bolsonaro Unique pick
  3. Kate Bush Unique pick
  4. Mariah Carey Unique pick
  5. Eugenia Cooney
  6. Charli D'Amelio Unique pick
  7. Joe Exotic
  8. Randy Gonzalez
  9. Ariana Grande Unique pick
  10. Anthony Hopkins
  11. Sanna Marin Unique pick
  12. Shawn MENDES
  13. Stevie Nicks Joker!
  14. Jenna Ortega Unique pick
  15. Jake Paul Unique pick
  16. Addison Rae Unique pick
  17. Annie Segarra Unique pick
  18. Andrew Tate
  19. Donald Trump
  20. Dionne Warwick


(THEME) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, DIE
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 359th
(THEME) John le Carre's 1974 masterpiece and those who've appeared in the various adaptations of it.
  1. Mario Adorf Unique pick
  2. Eileen Atkins
  3. Simon Russell Beale Unique pick
  4. Kathy Burke Unique pick
  5. Michael Byrne Unique pick
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch Unique pick
  7. Lucy Fleming Unique pick
  8. Peter Guinness Unique pick
  9. Michael Jayston Joker!
  10. Alex Jennings Unique pick
  11. Maureen Lipman Unique pick
  12. Linda Marlowe Unique pick
  13. Gary Oldman
  14. Bill Paterson Unique pick
  15. Siân Phillips
  16. Alec Sabin Unique pick
  17. Mike Sarne
  18. John Standing Unique pick
  19. Patrick Stewart
  20. Norma West Unique pick


(THEME) Trans Girls Hit squad's hit list
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 438th
(THEME) A list of TERFs and people dedicated to giving trans people even more shit than they already get
  1. Drake Bell Unique pick
  2. Julie Bindel Unique pick
  3. Dave Chappelle Unique pick
  4. Snoop Dogg
  5. Ricky Gervais Unique pick
  6. Macy Gray Unique pick
  7. Germaine Greer
  8. katie hopkins Unique pick
  9. Derrick Jensen Unique pick
  10. Graham Linehan Unique pick
  11. Gabby Logan Unique pick
  12. Bette Midler Unique pick
  13. Piers Morgan
  14. Jenni Murray Unique pick
  15. Posie Parker Unique pick Joker!
  16. Eddie Redmayne Unique pick
  17. J. K. Rowling
  18. Donald Trump
  19. Liz Truss
  20. Letitia Wright Unique pick


(THEME) Turn Off That Telly and Go to Bed!
Years in DDP: 11
Best position: 127th
(THEME) US TV is the theme here. It'll make your eyes square y'know…
  1. John Astin
  2. Max Baer, Jr.
  3. Barbara Bain
  4. Carol Burnett
  5. Dick Cavett
  6. Barbara Eden
  7. Marla Gibbs
  8. Shirley Jones
  9. Bernie Kopell Unique pick
  10. Hal Linden
  11. June Lockhart
  12. Tina Louise
  13. Peter Marshall
  14. Bob Newhart
  15. Pat Priest
  16. Joyce Randolph Joker!
  17. Marion Ross
  18. Carl Hilding "Doc" Severinsen Unique pick
  19. William Shatner
  20. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus


(THEME) Unpersons
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 257th
(THEME) Competitors in the reality show Big Brother. Grim is in the diary room…
  1. Farrah Abraham Unique pick
  2. Big Ron Atkinson
  3. Amanda Barrie
  4. Stephen Bear Unique pick
  5. Dirk Benedict
  6. Angie Bowie
  7. Gary Busey
  8. Paddy Doherty Unique pick
  9. Chris Ellison Unique pick
  10. Julie Goodyear
  11. Germaine Greer
  12. Lauren Harries
  13. Jenna Jameson Unique pick
  14. Michael Madsen Unique pick
  15. Linda Nolan Drop Forty bonus
  16. Andrew Tate
  17. Daniella Westbrook
  18. James Whale Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  19. Marco Pierre White Jr. Unique pick
  20. Kim Woodburn Unique pick


(THEME) Vive la France... et la mort
Years in DDP: 7
Best position: 187th
(THEME) 20 famous french folk, which is 20 more than Luxembourg
  1. Anouk Aimee
  2. Leslie Caron
  3. Bernadette Chirac
  4. Marthe Cohn Unique pick
  5. Gerard Collomb Unique pick
  6. Alain Delon
  7. Jacques Delors
  8. Roland Dumas
  9. Just Fontaine
  10. Francoise Gilot
  11. Francoise Hardy
  12. Milan Kundera Joker!
  13. Helene Langevin-Joliot Unique pick
  14. Jean-Marie Le Pen
  15. Alix Princess Napoleon
  16. Roman Polanski
  17. Micheline Presle
  18. Nadine De Rothschild Unique pick
  19. Caterina Valente
  20. Marcel Zanini Unique pick


(THEME) Waiting for Ugo
Years in DDP: 6
Best position: 333th
(THEME) Those who've plied their footballing trade in the Midlands.
  1. Charlie Aitken Unique pick
  2. Willie Anderson Unique pick
  3. Big Ron Atkinson
  4. Harry Burrows Unique pick
  5. Frank Carrodus Unique pick
  6. Alex Cropley Unique pick
  7. Jim Cumbes Unique pick
  8. Ian 'Chico' Hamilton Unique pick
  9. Keith Leonard Unique pick
  10. Johnny MacLeod Unique pick
  11. Ken McNaught Unique pick Joker!
  12. Peter McParland Unique pick
  13. Chris Nicholl Unique pick
  14. Brendan Ormsby Unique pick
  15. Leighton Phillips Unique pick
  16. Dave Pountney Unique pick
  17. Chris Price Unique pick
  18. Jimmy Rimmer Unique pick
  19. Bobby Thomson Unique pick
  20. Geoff Vowden Unique pick


(THEME) Weird with a Beard
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 317th
(THEME) Obvious really, they all have facial hair – never trust a man with a beard
  1. Brian Blessed Joker!
  2. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  3. Francis Ford Coppola
  4. Bill Cosby
  5. Harrison Ford
  6. Morgan Freeman
  7. Barry Gibb
  8. Mark Hamill Unique pick
  9. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  10. George Lucas Unique pick
  11. Ian McKellen
  12. John McVie
  13. John Mellencamp
  14. Willie Nelson Drop Forty bonus
  15. Nick Nolte
  16. Chuck Norris
  17. Frank Oz Unique pick
  18. Ringo Starr
  19. Ricky Tomlinson
  20. Terry Waite


(THEME) Well Done If You Got These at Home
Years in DDP: 4
Best position: 317th
(THEME) Those who've appeared on the celebrity version of better-than-The-Chase gameshow Pointless.
  1. Amanda Barrie
  2. Jean Boht
  3. Tommy Cannon
  4. Paul Chuckle Unique pick
  5. John Craven
  6. Michael Fish
  7. Brigit Forsyth Unique pick
  8. Russell Grant Joker!
  9. Simon Groom Unique pick
  10. Terrence Hardiman
  11. David Jensen Unique pick
  12. Henry Kelly
  13. Syd Little
  14. Derek Martin
  15. Linda Nolan Drop Forty bonus
  16. Duncan Norvelle Unique pick
  17. Zandra Rhodes
  18. Dean Sullivan Unique pick
  19. Sally Thomsett Unique pick
  20. Roy Wood


(THEME) Well, Somebody Ate All The Pies
First year in DDP.
(THEME) People on the larger side of life
  1. Jayde Adams Unique pick
  2. James Corden Unique pick
  3. Lavell Crawford Unique pick Joker!
  4. Beth Ditto Unique pick
  5. Russell Grant
  6. Anne Hegerty Unique pick
  7. John Henderson Unique pick
  8. Ruth Jones Unique pick
  9. Val Kilmer
  10. (singer) Lizzo Unique pick
  11. Larry Lloyd Unique pick
  12. Ewen MacIntosh Unique pick
  13. Michelle McManus Unique pick
  14. Eric Pickles Unique pick
  15. neil razor ruddock Unique pick
  16. Gabourey SIDIBE Unique pick
  17. Neville Southall Unique pick
  18. George Wendt
  19. Anne Widdecombe Unique pick
  20. Rebel Wilson Unique pick


(THEME) Where are all the Garys and Simons?
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Garys and Simons
  1. Gary Barlow Unique pick
  2. Gary Busey
  3. simon callow
  4. Simon Cowell
  5. Simon Fuller Unique pick
  6. Gary Glitter Joker!
  7. Simon Hart Unique pick
  8. Simon Le Bon
  9. Gary Lineker
  10. Gary Mabbutt Unique pick
  11. Simon Mignolet Unique pick
  12. Gary Neville Unique pick
  13. Gary Numan Unique pick
  14. Gary Oldman
  15. Simon Pegg Unique pick
  16. Gary Player
  17. Simon Rattle Unique pick
  18. Gary Sinise Unique pick
  19. Simon West Unique pick
  20. Simon Winchester Unique pick


(THEME) Who Goes Before the 5-0 Arrives?
Years in DDP: 14
Best position: 253th
(THEME) Team of those under 50 who need to watch their step… only some of the people on this team are now much older - we are confused
  1. Travis Barker Unique pick
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Russell Brand Unique pick
  4. Amanda Bynes Unique pick
  5. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  6. Miley Cyrus
  7. Rhod Gilbert Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  8. Seth Green Unique pick
  9. Amber Heard Unique pick
  10. Kim Jong-Un
  11. (singer) Ke$ha
  12. Kate Keltie Drop Forty bonus
  13. Ashton Kutcher Unique pick
  14. Shia Labeouf Unique pick
  15. Lindsay Lohan Unique pick
  16. Bill Nighy
  17. Ozzy Osbourne
  18. Austin "Chumlee" Russell Unique pick
  19. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  20. Kiri Te Kanawa Unique pick


(THEME) Who's laughing now?
First year in DDP.
(THEME) Some more comedians - you want to see them dead, they just want to make us laugh
  1. Russ Abbot
  2. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus
  3. James Bolam
  4. Max Boyce
  5. Roy "Chubby" Brown
  6. Jasper Carrott
  7. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  8. Mike Harding
  9. Dr Evadne Hinge Unique pick Joker!
  10. David Jason
  11. Jimmy Jones Unique pick
  12. Syd Little
  13. Norman Lovett Unique pick
  14. Millicent Martin
  15. Bill Oddie
  16. Patricia Routledge
  17. Jimmy Tarbuck
  18. Ricky Tomlinson
  19. Roy Walker
  20. Mike Yarwood


(THEME) Willie Spence Memorial Deathsquad
First year in DDP.
  1. (rapper) 2 CHAINZ Unique pick
  2. Kim Basinger Unique pick
  3. Jimmy Carter Drop Forty bonus
  4. Rosalynn Carter
  5. Carter Cruise Unique pick
  6. Paula DEEN Unique pick
  7. Sandra Dorsey Unique pick
  8. Hulk Hogan
  9. Larry Holmes
  10. Brian Kemp Unique pick
  11. Gladys Knight
  12. Sunny Lane Unique pick
  13. Brenda Lee
  14. Judson Mitcham Unique pick
  15. Bill Pannell Unique pick
  16. Phillip Phillips Unique pick
  17. Sonny SHROYER Unique pick
  18. Ray Stevens
  19. Demond Wilson
  20. Joanne Woodward Drop Forty bonus Joker!


(THEME) Wishing (I Had an Obituary of You)
Years in DDP: 3
Best position: 457th
(THEME) Various 8s Musos
  1. Martin Atkins Unique pick
  2. Billy Currie Unique pick Joker!
  3. Kim Deal Unique pick
  4. Marian Gold Unique pick
  5. Steve Goulding Unique pick
  6. Malcolm Holmes Unique pick
  7. Kenny Hyslop Unique pick
  8. Joe Keithley Unique pick
  9. Ken Lockie Unique pick
  10. Zeke Manyika Unique pick
  11. Michael J. Mullins Unique pick
  12. Peter Murphy Unique pick
  13. Sin Quirin Unique pick
  14. Andy Qunta Unique pick
  15. Mike Score Unique pick
  16. Peter Solowka Unique pick
  17. Gary Tibbs Unique pick
  18. Luc van Acker Unique pick
  19. Rey Washam Unique pick
  20. Rob Wright Unique pick


First year in DDP.
(THEME) Comedians of stage, TV and the big screen
  1. Max Baer, Jr.
  2. Amanda Barrie
  3. Stanley Baxter Drop Forty bonus
  4. Mel Brooks Drop Forty bonus
  5. Billy Connolly Drop Forty bonus
  6. Kenneth Cope
  7. Bill Cosby
  8. Annette Crosbie
  9. Judi Dench
  10. Rhod Gilbert Drop Forty bonus
  11. Janey Godley Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  12. David Griffin Unique pick
  13. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  14. Malcolm Hebden
  15. Madge Hindle
  16. Brian Murphy
  17. Richard O'Sullivan
  18. Brian Peck Unique pick
  19. Patricia Routledge
  20. Dick Van Dyke Drop Forty bonus


12 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies Dying
Years in DDP: 8
Best position: 58th
One of the more esoteric teams of recent teams
  1. Laurence Broderick
  2. Rob Burrow Drop Forty bonus
  3. Shannen Doherty Drop Forty bonus
  4. Marianne Faithfull
  5. Frank Field Drop Forty bonus
  6. Roberta Flack Drop Forty bonus
  7. Rolf Harris Drop Forty bonus
  8. Jonnie Irwin Drop Forty bonus Joker!
  9. (1956) Randy JACKSON Drop Forty bonus
  10. Kate Keltie Drop Forty bonus
  11. Gordon McQueen
  12. Liza Minnelli
  13. Nana Mouskouri
  14. Linda Nolan Drop Forty bonus
  15. Yoko Ono Drop Forty bonus
  16. Ryuichi Sakamoto Drop Forty bonus
  17. Adrian Sutton
  18. Andy Taylor Drop Forty bonus
  19. Norman Tebbit
  20. James Whale Drop Forty bonus


20 Random Guys Part 1
First year in DDP.
  1. Andras Arato Unique pick
  2. Princess Bajrakitiyabha Joker!