Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2015: U


Uderzo, Albert
Born 25 April 1927  (Fismes, Marne, France)
Comic book artist & scriptwriter, best known for his work on the Asterix books.
[Picture of Albert Uderzo]


Ullmann, Liv
Born 16 December 1938  (Tokyo, Japan)
Norwegian actress, one of Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman's many muses.
[Picture of Liv Ullmann]


Ullsten, Ola
Born 23 June 1931  (Teg, Sweden)
Swedish Prime Minister from 1978-79.
[Picture of Ola Ullsten]


Ulrich, Torben
Born 4 October 1928  (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
Retired professional tennis player and father of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.
[Picture of Torben Ulrich]


Urban, Keith
Born 26 October 1967  (Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand)
Country singer. Married to Nicole Kidman since 2006.
[Picture of Keith Urban]


Ure, Gudrun
Born 12 March 1926  (Campsie, Strathclyde, Scotland)
The 'Supergran' of the 1980s TV show of the same name.
[Picture of Gudrun Ure]


Urie, Tom
Born in Paisley, Scotland  (exact date unknown)
Hefty Scottish actor (you don't get many of them around!) from the BBC Scotland soap 'River City'.
[Picture of Tom Urie]


Urquhart, Alistair
Born 8 September 1919  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Former Japanese prisoner of war in WWII, who wrote about his experiences in the book 'The Forgotten Highlander'.
[Picture of Alistair Urquhart]


Uzzaman, Assad Assad Uzzaman is no longer with us
Date and place of birth unknown

Died 25 July 2015  (Kobane, Syria)

Age at death: 25  (read death notice)
British-born jihadist now in Syria fighting whatever it is they are griping about down there. Born c.1989.
[Picture of Assad Uzzaman]

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