Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2010: Q


Quantick, David
Born 14 May 1961  (Wortley, South Yorks, England)
Music journalist, comedy writer and broadcaster. Caused a fuss in August 2010 when he requested the removal of his friend and fellow NME scribe Steven Wells from the 2009 listings, before whinging about it on Twitter to his media cronies and assorted hangers on...
[Picture of David Quantick]


Quarrington, Paul Paul Quarrington is no longer with us
Born 22 July 1953  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Died 21 January 2010  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Age at death: 56  (read death notice)
Canadian novelist, playwright and filmmaker.
[Picture of Paul Quarrington]


Qureshi, Fazl Haq
Date and place of birth unknown
Separatist Hurriyat leader of the Peoples Political Front on Kashmir. Born 1944.
[Picture of Fazl Haq Qureshi]

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