Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2004: K


Kaoni, Stanley
Date and place of birth unknown
Striking-looking albino and former leader of the Central Neutral Force militia, one of several such armed factions which are fighting outside attempts to bring peace to the Solomon Islands. Charmingly nicknamed 'Satan', he is thought to be in his mid-30s. He was captured in October 2003, and currently awaits trial on various charges.
[Picture of Stanley Kaoni]


Keel, Howard Howard Keel is no longer with us
Born 13 April 1919  (Gillespie, Illinois, USA)

Died 7 November 2004  (Palm Desert, California, USA)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Singer and actor who worked with Rodgers & Hammerstein and starred in various MGM musicals before landing the part of Clayton Farrow in 'Dallas'.
[Picture of Howard Keel]


Keenan, Brian (Died in 2008)
Date and place of birth unknown
Alleged senior member of the IRA's Army Council, not to be confused with the former Beirut hostage of the same name.
[Picture of Brian Keenan]


Kennedy, Ludovic (Died in 2009)
Born 3 November 1919  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Writer and broadcaster - former presenter of Independent Television News and regular contributor to Newsweek magazine.
[Picture of Ludovic Kennedy]


Kerr, Deborah (Died in 2007)
Born 30 September 1921  (Helensburgh, Scotland)
Stage and screen actress who went from playing prim-and-proper British ladies to an adultress in 'From Here To Eternity'. Another notable role was that of Mrs Anna in 'The King And I'. Quit movies in 1968, apparently appalled at the explicit sex and violence of the day.
[Picture of Deborah Kerr]


Kessel, Barney Barney Kessel is no longer with us
Born 17 October 1923  (Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA)

Died 6 May 2004  (San Diego, California, USA)

Age at death: 80  (read death notice)
Influential jazz guitarist who worked with most of the greats during his 50-year career. Was incapacitated by a severe stroke in 1992.
[Picture of Barney Kessel]


Kiel, Richard
Born 13 September 1939  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Absurdly tall (7'2") actor who played steel-toothed baddie Jaws in the James Bond films 'The Spy Who Loved Me' and 'Moonraker'.
[Picture of Richard Kiel]


Kissinger, Henry
Born 23 May 1923  (Fürth, Germany)
Secretary of State in the US government under Presidents Nixon and Ford. Shared the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for helping to broker a ceasefire in Vietnam - ironic, given that he'd been part of the government that started the war in the first place.
[Picture of Henry Kissinger]


Klugman, Jack (Died in 2012)
Born 27 April 1922  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
TV actor, best known as Oscar Madison in 'The Odd Couple' and the eponymous Dr Quincy in 'Quincy'. Had part of his larynx removed in the mid-1990s as a result of throat cancer.
[Picture of Jack Klugman]


Knievel, Evel (Died in 2007)
Born 17 October 1938  (Butte, Montana, USA)
Motorbike stuntman, born Robert Craig Knievel, who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having broken the most number of bones in his body. Wisely retired and took up painting after an attempted jump over a tank full of sharks went badly wrong in 1976.
[Picture of Evel Knievel]


Knotts, Don (Died in 2006)
Born 21 July 1924  (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA)
Comic actor who has played sidekicks and bit-part roles in numerous American TV shows and films, none of which have brought him any fame in the UK. Consequently a risky DDP pick.
[Picture of Don Knotts]


Kumaratunga, Chandrika
Born 29 June 1945  (Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka))
Sri Lankan President, and avowed target of Tamil Tiger suicide squads. Lost an eye in an assassination attempt in 1999, and has spent most of her time since then holed up in her fortified house.
[Picture of Chandrika Kumaratunga]

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