Robin McNamara

ONE HIT DDP WONDER American musician Robin McNamara has died aged 74. As a songwriter, he worked with Jim Cretecos to write Lay a Little Lovin on Me, which charted internationally in 1970. He was a unique pick for Dead and Dusted 2. Robin McNamara5 May 1947 – 21 October 2021unique

Colin Powell

POWELLS DEATH DOCTRINE Former US military leader and politician Colin Powell has died aged 84, after a battle with blood cancer was complicated by covid. Powell, who was refused service under segregation in Georgia while an active soldier, rose from cadet level to the rank of four-star General, and saw action in Vietnam. It was […]

Denise Bryer

TERRAHAWCKED Actress Denise Bryer has died aged 93. Bryer appeared in shows such as Maigret and was the voice of The Junk Lady in Bowie fantasy fest Labyrinth. She had a long connection with Gerry Anderson and kids TV, being one of the voice actors for Four Feather Falls, one of the Anderson puppet shows […]

Maire Mhac an tSaio

The Irish poet and scholar has died aged 99. She studied in Paris before becoming an Irish diplomat in Spain during Franco’s reign. Then she turned to poetry, releasing a number of collections such as Colagh an Ghaiscigh, and An Cion go dti Seo. Mhac an tSaio won the O’Shaugnessy Award in 1988. She wrote […]

Betty Lynn

Actress Betty Lynn has died aged 95. Lynn was a regular on US TV, from The Andy Griffith Show to Little House on the Prairie. She was a unique hit for Turn Off That Telly and Go to Bed. Betty Lynn29 August 1926 – 16 October 2021unique

Geoffrey Chater

FALLEN EAGLE Actor Geoffrey Chater has died aged 100. Cbater was a familiar face on TV, film and stage for the better part of 70 years.  On TV, he was the go to pick for playing lords, knights of the realm and head teachers. He played judges and magistrates in Lucky Jim, Brideshead Revisited and […]

Val Bisoglio

VALL OVER FOLKS New York actor Val Bisoglio has died aged 95. Bisoglio appeared in films such as Serpico and The Frisco Kid, but became better known for his appearances as Danny Tovo in Quincy. He also appeared in The Sopranos as Murf, the elderly gangster who has started to suffer from dementia. He was […]

Ally McLaws

DDP NOW MCLAWLESS Journalist Ally McLaws has died after a long battle with cancer. He had gained a wider audience in the last year for his regular series with The Herald about living with terminal lung cancer, a fight shortened in the end by contracting Covid. McLaws made his name in the 1990s, as chief […]

Johnny Gold

TRAMPING OUT Nightclub owner Johnny Gold has died aged 89. He founded the nightclub Tramp, which became very popular with actors, in 1969. He named the club after the Charlie Chaplin character. Gold was friends with Jackie Collins, Dodi Al-Fayed and Michael Caine, which seems like an ominous list for everyones favourite Cockney actor. He […]

Eddie Robinson

LUCKY HIM Baseball player Eddie Robinson has died aged 100. Robinson played for a variety of teams including the Senators, the White Sox and the Yankees, but he was best known for his tenure with the Cleveland Indians where he won the 1948 World Series. His two terms with Cleveland were interrupted by World War […]