Dean Stockwell

THAT’S AL, FOLKS An actor with a career stretching 70 years, the internationally respected Dean Stockwell has died aged 85. Stockwell’s career had been ended by a serious stroke in 2015, but he had recovered enough to take to art, showcasing his paintings in Los Angeles until the pandemic. Dean Stockwelll was already appearing in […]

Clifford Rose

WARRIORS LATE Much loved British character actor Clifford Rose has died after a long illness aged 92. Rose was popularly known for his role as Nazi Kessler in 70s resistance smash hit Secret Army, which is currently being replayed on Talking Pictures. Indeed, Talking Pictures put up a visual tribute to the actor while we […]

Lionel Blair

TAPPED OUT Entertainer Lionel Blair has died aged 92. Blair was an ever-present on UK TV, as actor, presenter, tap dancer and celebrity. He was a team captain on Give Us A Clue, and made his stage debut in 1947 in Who Killed Agatha Christie, which was some thirty years before the great author actually […]

Steve Smith

Former American footballer Stevie Smith has died after a nineteen year battle with ALS. Smith played for the LA Raiders and Seattle Seahawks, and won the first ever Madden Bowl. He was diagnosed with ALS In 2002, and went onto survive considerably longer than most athletes afflicted with that ailment. He was a unique pick […]

Wilbur Smith

THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT Author Wilbur Smith has died aged 88. Smith was best known for his book When The Lion Feeds, and sold over 140 million books in his career. He published 49 books, mostly with Pan Macmillan or Harper Collins.  He was picked by two teams, Dead and Dusted, and Passing of the […]

FW de Klerk

FW DE MORTE I was hoping he’d last till next year so DI would have to deal with this obit! Former South African leader FW de Klerk has died aged 85 after a battle with mesothelioma. De Klerk was a minister and leader in the apartheid government who went onto win the Nobel Peace Prize, […]

Ron Flowers

FLOWERS IN THE GRAVEEnglish footballer Ron Flowers has died aged 87. He played for 15 years and 500 games for Wolves in the 1950s and 1960s, and also played a decade in the midfield for England alongside Bobby Charlton. Flowers didn’t play during the 1966 World Cup, despite being in the team, as Alf Ramsey […]

Emi Wada

RAN Costume designer Emi Wada has died aged 84. She won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design in 1985 for her work on Ran alongside the Japanese directorial great Akira Kurosawa. She was a unique hit for Easy Peasy Japaneasy. Emi Wada18 March 1937 – 13 November 2021unique

Etel Adnan

Etel Adnan Lebanese poet Etel Adnan has died aged 96. She won several awards for her poetry, including the Lambda Literary Award, and was also an acclaimed oil painting artist. She was a unique pick for Alternative Observations 2021, presumably as she was among the most acclaimed writers in the Arabic world. Etel Adnan24 February […]

Clarissa Eden

EAST FOR EDEN Former spouse of the Prime Minister, Clarissa Eden, has died aged 101 to give The Crowdsourced Deathlist another success. The niece of Winston Churchill (dunno if you’ve heard of him), Clarissa spent her teenage years in Paris and London society, surrounded by the likes of Josephine Baker and future spies Burgess and […]