Robert Fyfe

HOWARDS END Comedy actor Robert Fyfe has died aged 90, one of the last of the regulars from 20th Century Last of the Summer Wine. In Summer Wine, Fyfe played Howard, an aging husband, constantly henpecked by his wife, and with his eye on his overly glamorous girlfriend Marina. Brought on as guests in the […]

Jimmy Greaves

SAINT AND GRIEVES Jimmy Greaves, the highly popular former English international footballer and broadcaster, has died aged 81 after years of poor health. A teenage sensation, Greaves debuted for Chelsea aged 17 and had scored 124 league goals by the time he was 20! One of the few players to have played for both Chelsea […]

Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Abdelaziz Bouteflika Here’s one I’ve been fearing. Not because of any love for the former Algerian President, though, it’s another in a long line of difficult to spell DDP hits. Mr Bouteflika became Algerian President in 1999 in a landslide victory, although most of the other parties pulled out of the election believing the army […]

Sir Clive Sinclair

S.I.D. : SPECTRUM IS DEAD Eccentric inventor and genius Clive Sinclair has sadly died aged 81. Sinclair founded Sinclair Radionics (he had wanted to call the company Electronics but someone else had got there first) in 1958 while still at school, and produced transistors. He experimented with tiny radios (the Micro), before promoting pocket calculators […]

Jane Powell

ONE BRIDE, ONE WAKE Hollywood Golden Age actress Jane Powell has died aged 92. Signing with MGM in her early teens, she appeared in Song of the Open Road as Jane Powell, a name she then took on as her professional name. A soprano singer, she sang for Harry S Truman at his inauguration ball […]

Antony Hewish

NO PULSE, ARR Astronomer Antony Hewish has died aged 97. He had been in the RAF during World War Two, before moving into radar and meeting Martin Ryle, with whom he was to have a lifelong friendship and scientific partnership. Hewish won the Nobel Prize for Physics (alongside Martin Ryle) for his discover of pulsars, […]

Suzy Friton

UFC make up artist Suzy Friton has died after a long battle with Stage IV cancer, which she had been trying to treat with alternative medicines. During a 15 year run with the UFC, she worked with hundreds of MMA fighters as a wardrobe and hair stylist. I had no idea until now that MMA […]

Donald Zec

NO MORE ZECONDS FOR DONALD Former journalist and biographer Donald Zec had died at the age of 102. For forty years from 1938 on, he worked for the Daily Mirror, originally as the crime reporter and then later on as a film correspondent. In these roles he interviewed serial killers and John Lennon, with no […]

Nino Castelnuovo

FUNERALS OF CHERBOURG Italian actor Nino Castelnuovo has died aged 84. He appeared in several films such as The Five Man Army and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and was D’Agostino in the interminably long 1996 hit The English Patient. He worked with 2020 DDP hit Ennio Morricone, as well as future DDP alumni Dario Argento, […]

Jean-Paul Belmondo

THE HUNTER GOT HIM French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo has died aged 88, two decades after suffering a life changing stroke. Belmondo was also the envy of many across the world with his 7 year relationship with Bond Girl Ursula Andress. Considered the French Brando, he had a fondness for women and for playing police officers. […]