Ned Beatty

NED MEETS HIS DELIVERANCE Actor Ned Beatty has died aged 83. Beatty was an imposing actor, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Network. He was on screen for all of 5 minutes, but his spellbinding monologue about the power of corporations earned that, and remains timely even today. He was also […]

Dingko Singh

KO Boxer Dingko Singh has died of cancer aged 42. He had also been suffering from covid in recent times. Singh won the gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games. He also represented India in boxing at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He was a unique pick for Leftovers. Dingko Singh1 January 1979 – 10 […]

Gottfried Bohm

DEAD ARCHITECTS SOCIETY German architect Gottfried Bohm has died aged 101. He built the Central Mosque in Koln, and was known for his use of steel and glass. He also the first German to win the Pritzer Prize. He was picked by two teams, Alternative Observations 2021, and Deutschland verabschiedet sich!  Gottfried Bohm23 January 1920 […]

Yoo Sang-Chul

GIANT KILLER SLAIN Footballer Yoo Sang-Chul has died aged 49 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was part of the South Korean side that shocked the world by getting to the 2002 World Cup semifinals, defeating heavy favourites Portugal, Italy and Spain along the way. Sang-Chul scored in their 2-0 win over Poland […]

Douglas S Cramer

FUNERAL FOR AN ART LOVER TV producer Douglas S Cramer has died aged 89. The Paramount power player produced TV shows such as Dynasty and Mission Impossible. He was also a major art collector, and his buys were often shown in museums.  He was a unique pick for Gooseberry Crumble. Anyone else on the DDP […]

F Lee Bailey

NO RETRAIL FOR BAILEY F Lee Bailey was an American lawyer best known for being part of the Dream defence team which got OJ Simpson off a murder charge. He made his name in the 1960s as the lawyer who got Sam Shephard a retrial over the murder of his wife. Shephard, who was innocent, […]

Anerood Jugnauth

UNIVERSAL DEATH RATE  Anerood Jugnauth has died aged 91. The politician was both President and thrice Prime Minister of his native Mauritius, his longest run being 1982-1995. He won five general elections in a row and was nicknamed Rambo. Jugnauth was part of the discussions in 1965 which led to Mauritius gaining independence from Britain, […]

Gavin MacLeod

LOVE BOAT (NOT THE LOVE BOAT) Actor Gavin MacLeod, who appeared on The Love Boat (TV series), but not on The Love Boat (DDP team) has died aged 90. MacLeod, who divorced his wife Patty in 1982, only to remarry her in 1985, had been in the US Air Force during the 1950s. He also […]

Anna Halprin

THE ONE RULE YOU CAN’T BREAK American dancer Anna Halprin has died aged 100. Halprin popularised postmodern dance, and was a key figure in postwar dance in the USA. She suffered from colon cancer in her 50s but recovered and decided to promote dance as a rehab. Her career lasted 92 years, and one of […]

Poul Schluter

SCHLUTER DOING “REASONABLY WELL” Former Danish Prime Minister Poul Schluter has died aged 92. He was Danish leader for 9 years between 1983 and 1992, having been the first right winger to lead Denmark in 80 years! He was forced to resign after having been found to have misled the Danish parliament over the reunification […]