Shirley Williams

GANG OF FOUR DYING IN THE WRONG ORDER? Shirley Williams, one of the most influential female Labour politicians of the 20th Century, has died aged 90. The daughter of Vera Brittain, Williams was a journalist and actress when she turned to politics. She stood stood three times before winning the seat of Hitchin in the […]

Nikki Grahame

BIG BROTHERS LITTLE FUNERAL Former reality TV star Nikki Grahame has died after a battle with anorexia. Grahame came to fame on Big Brother in 2006, and proved so popular she wound up returning to the show after her eviction, eventually ending in 5th place. (The phone line vote to keep Grahame rose £250k for […]

Ramsey Clark

THE BOSTON ONEEDIT: ACTUALLY, IT’S THE BOSTON NONE NOW Former US attorney general Ramsey Clark has died aged 93. A key man in the Kenendy and Johnson administrations, Clark was known for his ardent support of civil rights, and for his opposition to the death penalty. However, his tenure also involved the prosecution of draft […]

Prince Philip

DEATH? HANG AROUND THIS SITE, NO WONDER Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has died after a long period of failing health. You might have heard of him. Philip was born in 1921 as part of the Greek royal family, in a period so stable his grandfather had just been assassinated and his family were […]

Bernie Madoff

BERNIE PONZIS OFF Fraudster Bernie Madoff has died aged 82. As the head of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, he defrauded thousands out of billions of dollars. He was sentenced to 500 years in prison, but has failed to make even the 5% point of that. Most of the money is still […]

Felix Silla

ESLEEPS Actor Felix Silla has died aged 84. He was an ewok in Return of the Jedi, and played children in The Towering Inferno, but was best known for his role as Cousin Itt on the Addams Family. He was a unique pick for From Here to Eternity. Felix Silla11 January 1937 – 16 April […]

Sunday Burquest

Sunday Burquest Former US reality TV star Sunday Burquest has died of cancer. She came to fame on the hit show Survivor, as part of the Millennials vs Gen X series.  In 2020 she had a run on another reality show, Sequester, before being diagnosed with cancer. She was picked by three teams: Banana, Day […]