Barbara Windsor

GET OUTTA MY LIFE! The words “National Treasure” are overused to the point of meaninglessness these days – see any news report on the Nolan Sisters – but there can be no doubt from the breadth, depth and genuine sadness in the vast tributes how fond the British public were of Dame Barbara Windsor. Having […]

Chuck Yeager

CHUCK YEAGER’S GHOST TOLD THIS PUN TO FUCK OFF   American legend Chuck Yeager has died slightly surprisingly 2 and a bit years before his century. Yeager was a WW2 air force pilot who was shot down in 1944 over France, but was allowed to return to active service after out arguing future President General […]

Charley Pride

PRIDE AFTER FALL Singer Charley Pride has died aged 86. He had several US country number ones, including best seller Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’. He also won 4 Grammy awards in his career, the final a Lifetime Achievement award in 2017. He was a unique pick for theme team 20 Crooners Croaking. Charley Pride18 […]

Peter Alliss

RADIO SILENCE Peter Alliss was certainly not a cricket commentator, of that we can all be assured. I’d like to thank those who pointed out that error in earlier drafts. Sports commentator Peter Alliss is out for 89 89 under par at the last bunker. A former golfer who won three British PGA Championships, Alliss […]

Pat Patterson

REAPER GOES BANANA Regardless of your opinions of the man himself, there was no denying that Pat Patterson, who has died aged 79, was one of the most influential figures in pro-wrestling history. As the right hand man to Vince McMahon for thirty years, he helped shape the entire landscape of wrestling, and as inventor […]

Tabare Vasquez

URA(DEAD)GUAY Two time Uruguayan President Tabare Vasquez was a crucial part of the left wing Broad Front coalition that governed Uruguay from 2005 to 2010. A medical doctor originally, Vasquez would have been able to track the course of his final illnesses even better than the best DDP player. Before he got into politics, Tabare […]

Kenneth Alwyn

CODA British composer Kenneth Alwyn has died aged 95. He worked with the BBC orchestra for over 30 years, and worked with them on documentaries on Tchiakovsky.. He was a key figure in the reappraisal of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. He was an unique pick for theme team Stiff Upper Lip. Kenneth Alwyn28 July 1925 – 10 […]

Ged Stokes

GEDDING CLOSE TO THE RECORD New Zealand rugby league player Ged Stokes has died of brain cancer aged 65. Stokes played for Workington, Canterbury and the New Zealand international team, before becoming a manager, both at home and in England for Workington and Whitehaven. In 2013 he moved back to New Zealand to aide in […]

Cliff Green

FINAL PICNIC Screenwriter Cliff Green has died a few days before his 86th birthday. He was best known for adapting the 1967 novel Picnic at Hanging Rock into a screenplay,, which was directed by Peter Weir. He won the AWGIE award, and wrote the first Australian drama nominated for an Emmy. He also wrote episodes […]

David L Lander

Titan R.I.P. Actor David Lander has died aged 73 after a long battle with MS. Lander was best known for his role as Squiggy in Laverne and Shirley. He also had roles in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Scary Movie and the Spielberg flop 1941. He also played Tim in Twin Peaks. He was diagnosed with […]