Announcement of Rule Changes for 2021 DDP

There will be two immediate changes to the 2021 Derby Dead Pool.   The first is that picks deemed to be Famous For Being Ill Only WILL BE BANNED as of 1st January 2021. There have been far too many morally dubious picks in recent years, even by deadpooling standards, and we note the increasing […]

Olivia de Havilland

OLIVIA’S GONE WITH THE WIND   Olivia de Havilland, the last surviving A lister from the pre-WW2 period, has taken her final curtain at the venerable age of 104. De Havilland, who had been notoriously healthy for her advanced age, to the point of newspapers regularly falling for a 15 year old photo of the […]

Sydney Lotterby

EVER DECREASING SYDNEY British TV legend Sydney Lotterby has died aged 93. Lotterby, who was nominated for 15 (FIFTEEN!) BAFTAS and won 4 of them, was producer and director behind some of the greatest BBC sitcoms of the last half century. He worked on The Liver Birds, Going Straight, Ever Decreasing Circles, Open All Hours, […]

Lee Teng-Hui

  LEE TENG-DOOMED Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui has died after a long period of ill health. He came to fame in the 1970s as Mayor of Tapei when he dealt with water collection problems. He became President of Taiwan in 1988 (the first President born in Taiwan) and immediately began to move the country […]

Bent Fabric

Danish pianist Bent Fabric, who had a good name, has died aged 95. The musician won a Grammy in the early 1960s for Alley Cat, a hit across the world that sold over a million copies. He also composed the scores for many films in his homeland of Denmark. He was a unique hit for […]

Gisele Halimi

LA CAUSE DES MORT French feminist lawyer Gisele Halimi has died aged 93. She was known for defending womens rights and human rights alike in the court room, and co-wrote a book with Simone de Beauvoir. In the 1980s she was a socialist French MP for Istres, and campaigned for abortion and contraception rights in […]

Peter Green

OH WELL Shall I tell you about his life, they say he’s a man of the world. Peter Green, to my mind one of the finest guitar players of the 20th Century, has died aged 73. Green was a standout figure on the British blues circuit before creating the band Fleetwood Mac in 1967 with […]

David Hagen

GOT TO FALKIRK Footballer David Hagen has become the latest victim of ALS. Hagen played briefly early on for Rangers, before an even brief stay at Hearts. However, it was Falkirk he became best know for, with a six season and 139 league game stay which led to silverware with Hagen scoring the only goal […]

Regis Philbin

REGIS MEETS FINAL UNDERTAKER   US TV icon Regis Philbin has died aged 88. Former Tonight Show aide turned frequent guest Regis was instantly known to American viewers for multiple shows: Regis and Kathy Lee (the US version of This Morning with Philip Scofield), as well as hosting America’s Got Talent (the US version of […]

Tim Smith

CARDIACS ARREST Tim Smith, the front man of cult rock band The Cardiacs, has died from a heart attack. Sometimes these things just write themselves. See also Brian Pillman dying from an overdose of pills, and Dick Trickle’s death from… no, wait, he shot himself. Anyhow, they had one top 100 hit in the UK […]