Chris Doleman

CHRIS IN A HOLE, MAN NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman has died aged 58 after a long battle with the dreaded glioblastoma. He lasted 24 months with the condition, a rarity.  Doleman spent the vast majority of his career with the Minnesota Vikings, before stints at the 49ers and the Falcons during the mid-90s.  […]

Paul Farnes

A FEW LESS GOOD MEN Battle of Britain pilot Paul Farnes has died aged 101. One of The Few (now the considerably endangered) as they were named after Churchill’s famous speech, Farnes shot down 5 enemy planes during the battle. He also served during the Battle of France, and during the North African campaign during […]

Bob Shane

COMEBACK SHANE Folk musician and singer Bob Shane has died aged 85.  The last surviving member of The Kingston Trio, Shane was credited with popularising folk music in the United States through the 1950s. The band had 5 number one albums on the Billboard charts, and nineteen albums in all that made the list itself.  […]

Nicholas “Bloody” Parsons

TAKE OUT NICHOLAS BLOODY PARSONS   With apologies to I’m Sorry For Your Trouble, Nicholas Parsons has SADLY died aged 96. The esteemed comedian hosted Just a Minute from 1967 until its most recent broadcasted episodes in 1969. Fans of Parsons popular show enjoyed his repartee with many guests, including Kenneth Williams, Paul Merton and […]

Jay Allen

DEAD IN DETROIT Jay Allen was the announcer for the Detroit Tigers. Apparently. He only became their PA announcer in 2019, but held it as a lifetime position. He was a unique hit for Sir Creep’s Made in Detroit theme team, with a positive result soon after Jack Van Impe’s complete lack of any obituary […]

Robbie Rensenbrink

ONZE D’MORT Robbie Rensenbrink was one of the finest footballers of his generation, a freescoring assist creating link between the midfield and front pair 40 years before Jurgen Klopp invented the role. A vital cog in the Dutch team that thrilled fans on the way to 2 World Cup finals (1974 and 1978), Rensenbrink is […]

Jim Lehrer

PBS DEADLINE NEWS Journalist Jim Lehrer has died aged 85. Lehrer started off as reporter for the Dallas newspapers, and luckily for him a news story broke in 1963 in Dallas. Nah, can’t think what it was either, something about a rich guy getting shot. JR? Anyhow, in 1972, Lehrer moved to PBS TV broadcasting, […]

Terry Jones

HE’S NOT THE GRIM REAPER HE’S A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!   The wonderful Terry Jones has sadly died, aged 77, after a long and publicised battle with a particularly nasty form of dementia. Terry Jones was recognisable instantly, possibly worldwide, as one of the six members of the Monty Python comedy team. Performer and writer […]

Shin Kyuk-ho

WHOLE LOTTE DEATH Shin Kyuk-ho, founder of Lotte Corporation, has died aged 98. He founded Lotte in 1948 as a chewing gum manufacturer, but it had grown into becoming one of the worlds largest multinationals. He was 136th on the Forbes rich list at one point, but given a suspended jail sentence in later life […]

Robert Maclennan

SOCIAL DEATHOCRATIC PARTY Former leader of the SDP, Robert Maclennan, has died aged 83. Formed in 1981, the Social Democratic Party aimed to break the mold of British politics, but by 1988 the two party mold had broken the SDP instead, so they looked to a unification with the Liberals. Dr David Owen, leader of […]