Mary Stopes-Roe

Mary Stopes-Roe was the last surviving child of Barnes Wallis, the legendary World War II engineer whose “bouncing bombs” brought Germany’s war machine to a grounding halt in 1943. Wallis used his children to help develop the munition, asking them to play with marbles and see how high they could “bounce” after being fired with […]

Prem Tinsulanonda

Prem Tinsulanonda was Thailand’s prime minister from 1980 through to 1988. His time as leader saw rapid economic expansion, Thailand asserting its heft on the international scale, and numerous attempts on his life from various generals. He personally dealt with China to encourage them to stop funding Communist insurgents in the country, and offered amnesty […]

Irene Sutcliffe

Irene Sutcliffe had a 60-year career on our TV screens, from a Sunday Night Theatre appearance in 1953 through to character roles as an old biddie well into the mid-2010s. She was also a regular on stage, even making her West End debut opposite Katherine Hepburn in GB Shaw’s The Millionairess. However, it’s as the downtrodden cornershop […]