Tom O’Connor


English comic Tom O’Connor has died aged 81. The stand up comedian was a regular on TV after winning Opportunity Knocks, and became a game show host with Name That Tune and CrossWits. One of his favourite characters was terrible entertainer Happy Harry Wainwright Jr and he was oft compared to Bob Newhart. He was not, as I had assumed, the brother of Des O’Connor. This curtails most of the material I had in my head, to be honest. One of our regulars team hosts auditioned for CrossWits but got to meet Jeremy Beadle instead. He’d been framed, you could say…

He was picked by seven teams, including The Anfield Iron, Don’t Eat the Figs and Hydrangea. 

Tom O’Connor
31 October 1939 – 18 July 2021
7 teams