Tom Long



When Tom Long announced that his cancer was under control and he was making a miraculous recovery, he disappeared from the shortlists of pretty much every DDP regular.


Well done, all of us.

Not much of a thanks for that vote of confidence. Many regulars will be kicking themselves now. Although, to be fair, not as badly as Tom Long might be.

SeaChange never really made an impression in Scotland, but in Australia it got an arsonist at a bush fire level reaction in the late 90s. It’s second series was the most watched show of the year, with an average viewership of 16.3 million people. Tom had the Will They Wont They romance with Wentworth’s Kate Atkinson for three Long series. Spoiler – they got married in the final episode. There was recurring talk of bringing back the show in Australia, which Long has probably rather spoiled by dying of terminal cancer at the age of only 51. 

He was also one of the leads in The Dish, a pretty good NASA based film which did make it to deepest, darkest Glasgow. Best joke in that one is so funny they nabbed it off Father Ted. Anyhow, 5 teams kept the faith with their statology, including Amanita Virosa and Jackie Treehorn.


Tom Long
3rd August 1968 – 4th January 2020
5 teams