Theme Team League

In addition to the main league table, the Derby Dead Pool also runs a theme team league as well. This is the current top 10 (last updated October 18).

Team nameThemeHitsPoints
1. Heef’s Politics XXPoliticos763
2.House Of Soon To Be With The LordPolitical types550
3= P@F #metoo The fairer sex548
3=Whatever’s Written on your Death (That’s All That Matters) Fascinating obits 548
5. Syndication Zombies US TV stars 546
6.Sportspeople I Think Might Die in 2019 UnitedThe sports world444
7. The South Shall Rise Again The southern hemisphere 441
8. Kicking Buckets Instead of BallsThe beautiful game337
9.Coda Musicians 636
10. Heads of Fate
World leaders436