Stirling Moss


1961’s Sports Personality of the Year, Stirling Moss, has died aged 90 after a long illness. Moss was universally regarded as the greatest Formula One driver never to win the World Championship, and a pioneer racing driver who pathed the way for the multi-millionaires of today. He lost out on the 1958 F1 title after sportingly speaking out against the disqualification of his nearest rival. He survived a serious crash in 1962, and went from being paralysed to recovering to racing in historic cars right up to his octogenarian years. In 2010, he fell down a lift shaft, breaking several bones, but recovered once more. A serious infection on a holiday cruise led to a period of ill health and he was heavily tipped for the DDP by former winner Octopus of Odstock. Further proof you can take his tips to the bank. A Drop 40 pick, he was on 44 DDP teams in 2020, including: The old lady, Only Fools and Corpses, and Crypt O’Crayolas yet again.

The pun is based on Supercop, a routine by Rikki Fulton, of which only Willz of 12 lords/8 ladies side fame will get, and he doesn’t even like Fulton. The DDP always has its finger on the pulse of popular references, you know.


Stirling Moss
17 September 1929 – 12 April 2020
44 teams