Renee Simonot


French actress Renee Simonot has died aged 109. The mother of Catherine and Francoise Deneuve, Simonot was a stage actress whose debut took place in 1918 during World War One! She found a niche dubbing into French in the 1930s and was the French voice of Olivia de Havilland. Her acclaimed role was as Cosette on the Paris stage in an adaptation of Les Miserables in 1921. Yes, a hundred years ago. Flipping insane. She retired from acting to raise her kids, but wound up surviving youngest daughter Francoise, who like her mum and sister became an actress, but died in a car crash aged only 25. 

Simonot was picked by 7 teams including Gray Panthers and some French theme teams. 

Renee Simonot
10 September 1911 – 11 July 2021
7 teams