Pearl Carr


Pearl Carr has died aged 98. As one half of 1950s music duo Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson (her real life husband of 70+ years), she was part of the first British Eurovision Song Contest act to do reasonably well, finishing second in 1959. No, really, we used to win the bloody thing and everything. Sing Little Birdie reached number 12 in the UK charts, a follow up called How Wonderful to Know didn’t make the top 20. She appeared in the West End in Follies, and had lived for several years in Brinsworth House.

As a cult pick in recent times, Carr’s death was nabbed by 5 players. This includes the theme team Popped Their Clogs, the interestingly named Moribold Krakato’a Playhour who have a decade of showings now, and the Derby Dead Pool living legend Drunkasaskunk. The two time DDP winner and booze loving Glaswegian is now on 4 hits in 2020, and has a strong team on paper. David Gulpilil will surely provide joker points in 2020, and if the likes of Sally Sheridan and Fi Munro breathe their last, another tilt at the title isn’t off the cards yet…

Pearl Carr
2 November 1921 – 16 February 2020
5 teams