The online competition to guess which famous people won't make it to the end of the current year. If they're elderly, ill, or just live a high-risk lifestyle, stick 'em in your team, and for each one whose death you correctly predict, you'll score points. DDP was dreamt up in Derby, England (hence the name...) by Big Iain back in 1996, then was run from 2003 to 2007 by Siegfried Baboon and Rude Kid From 2008 to 2009, it was run by Octopus of Odstock , and from 2010 to 2017 by The Man In Black. From 2018 to 2019, Spade Cooley was host. Now in 2020, it's the turn of trio msc, Grim and Reptile to oversee the biggest deadpool going...

Vincent Lambert

Dunno what the deal is with the French and comas. The current longest-comatose person, and the most comatose man in history, is a Frenchman: former France international footballer Jean Pierre Adams, who fell into a coma back in 1982. Anyway, Vincent Lambert didn’t get the chance to break that record, lasting only 11 years in […]

Valentina Cortese

Less than a month after her old mucker Franco Zeffirelli passed on, Valentina Cortese has swapped day for night. Cortese had a varied career, and was perhaps the only actress who was both a former contract system player (she signed with 20th Century Fox in 1948), and a favourite of the European arthouse directors of […]

Denise Nickerson

Denise Nickerson made her TV debut at the age of 2, appearing in a commercial for a local heating firm. She didn’t stop acting for the next 20 years, becoming a go-to child actor for daytime TV soaps and appearing on The Phil Silvers Show (as Bill Bixby’s daughter, for some reason). In 1971 she was […]

Rip Torn

God knows how, but Rip Torn somehow made it to the age of 88. They say he could have been the next Marlon Brando or James Dean, had he not had a very slight falling out with Dennis Hopper on the set of Easy Rider. Torn was kicked off the movie (replaced by Jack Nicholson) and […]

H. Ross Perot

Ross Perot’s run at the US presidency in 1992 was the most successful ever by an independent candidate, and the third most successful by a third-party candidate in history. In an attempt to realign American politics, he then set up the Reform Party, which took 8.4% of the vote at the 1996 election. However, its […]

Freddie Jones

Although he may have been best known to the rank-and-file public as Sandy Thomas in Emmerdale, the newspapers did Freddie Jones a bit of a disservice by just referring to him as a soap star on his death. An am-dram performer until his 30s, he went on to be a respected Shakespearean actor on stage (his […]

Artur Brauner

Born in Lodz, Poland, Artur Brauner was a student at a local polytechnic when Germany invaded in 1939. He and his family fled together to the Soviet Union, but while they chose to move to Israel in 1946, he opted to make Berlin his new home. There he set up Central Cinema Company, one of […]

Joe Kadenge

Joe Kadenge was one of the first regional superstars of African football, and he was as much a symbol of the New Kenya of the 1960s as President Jomo Kenyatta. Kadenge captained both his national team and club side of AFC Leopards, and went on to manage his country in the early 2000s. In poor […]

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho spent most of his life warning people about impending deaths, so it was only fitting that he flagged up his own for the benefit of the Derby Dead Pool faithful. Sutopo was a civil servant who was named head of PR at the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management in 2010. He […]

Joao Gilberto

Joao Gilberto’s music crystalized the optimism that typified Brazil at the start of the 1960s. Taking inspiration from American soft jazz, artists like Gilberto and Antônio Carlos Jobim gave birth to the genre of “bossa nova” – new beat. With crooner-esque vocals, finger-picked guitars and jazzy harmonies, it was the perfect music for a Brazil […]