Dick Dale

Dick Dale told interviewers he wanted to “die onstage with an explosion of body parts.” He didn’t manage that, instead dying at his home from heart failure. But as the undisputed king of surf guitar, he’d done enough entertaining on stages to satisfy all punters – such was his propensity for loudness that Fender had […]

Harry Howell

With the Grim Reaper seemingly giving up celebrities for Lent, the early 2019 deluge of deceased has slowed down somewhat in mid-March. Still, there’s still a few names around who’ve earned their spots in the DDP alumni list. Like Harry Howell, a Hall of Fame ice hockey star. Unfortunate to play at the same time […]

Jack Lyon

And with that, there are no more survivors of the 1944 Stalag Luft III breakout bid – more commonly known as “The Great Escape”. Although Dick Churchill was the last survivor of those who actually escaped, Jack Lyon was the final figure involved in the planning and execution. Unfortunately Gerry got wind of the plan […]

Angus Sinclair

While the teenagers of this fair land fall under the thrall of US serial killers thanks to Netflix, it’s important we don’t neglect the good ol’ psychopathic murderers from Blighty. Take Angus Sinclair, widely believed to be Scotland’s most prolific serial killer. Nicknamed the “World’s End Killer” after the pub in Edinburgh he tracked two […]

John Habgood

The former Archbishop of York John Habgood was a man whose career can be defined by two feuds. The first was with Margaret Thatcher, who viewed him as far too liberal to ever get the top gig in the Church of England (Archbishop of Canterbury) and made sure he never got down the A1. Habgood […]

Bernice McCabe

It’s been a bit of a wait, but finally the DDP gets some head. Bernice McCabe, one of Britain’s best-regarded headteachers, to be precise. Our Bernie died in mid-February, but only now have the Times seen fit to bless her with a full-scale obituary. And she was certainly worthy of one: a lengthy career in […]

Jan-Michael Vincent

It’s a sign of how far he’d fell in his career that Jan-Michael Vincent’s death went unnoticed by the wider world for nearly a month. He was at one point considered the heir apparent to James Dean, and was indeed discovered by the same agent as the Giant star. If he’d died in the 1970s, […]

Doug Sandom

The Pete Best of mod rock… Doug Sandom was a bricklayer by trade, but had a sideline playing drums for a variety of London-area bands at the turn of the 60s – most notably a bunch of upstarts called The Detours. However, he was already in his mid-30s by the time The Detours got close […]

Eric Caldow

A cornerstone of the Glasgow Rangers side of the late 1950s and early 60s, Eric Caldow played 265 games for the Bluenoses, eventually becoming the club’s captain. He wore the armband as they competed in the first Cup Winners Cup final (losing 4-1 to Fiorentina) and won a total of five league titles at Ibrox. […]

Ted Lindsay

As a player, “Terrible” Ted Lindsay was a never-say-die pitbull of a hockey star, who made up for his diminutive stature (he was just 5’8) with a rough-house rink-style and a penchant for elbowing his way through games. He formed part of the Detroit Red Wings’ “Production Line”, alongside fellow future hall-of-famers Sid Abel and […]