Orson Bean


Yes, how many obscure chart acts can we reference? Perennial film and TV actor Orson Bean made it to 91 years, but sadly his bright idea of crossing a road without looking has left one theme team looking at the unnatural death bonus. Just goes to show you, all that exercise is a killer. He was probably the one actor to appear in both the original Twilight Zone (as Mr Bevis) and How I Met Your Mother (as the image of how Ted sees one of Robin’s boyfriends). Other TV roles included The Love Boat (isn’t that name familiar?), 2 appearances on Murder She Wrote and as Bilbo Baggins himself in the 1970s animated Lord of the Rings films. He had roles in the acclaimed Anatomy of a Murder and Being John Malkovich, but also Soccer Dog: European Cup. Sums up the career of a character actor, that does.

Blacklisted during the McCarthy era for shagging a Communist (“she was cute” was his reasonable defence), Orson was a Tonight Show regular, a Tony Award nominated stage actor, a panel show regular, and had been accused of stand up comedy. 

He was picked by one team, Syndication Zombies, and lives up to their name. Despite being in his 90s, a double dose of bonus points gives a pretty penny to their cause. I guess jaywalking ain’t no party, and now its down to the culture vultures…

Orson Bean
22 July 1928 – 7 February 2020
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