Milos Jakes



Milos Jakes, a name most of you thought died 20 years ago, has died. Jakes was the last Communist leader of Czechoslovakia from 1987 until he was deposed in the 1989 Velvet Revolution. His rise up the Communist party was aided by his hearty support of enemy purges, especially after the Prague Spring was crushed in 1968. He remained unprepared for Perestroika and when Gorbachev said the only difference between the Prague Spring and Perestroika was a difference of two decades, the writing was on the wall. Jakes went on to try and warn everyone of the dangers of Vaclav Havel (“a danger to the country”) and his fate was to live into old age to see Havel become Czech leader, and a national hero mourned by millions. Whereas Milos Jakes, who fought to preserve a dying form of government, was an old man who rode on trams.

Milos was picked by 3 teams including regular theme teams Complications from a Fall and Hell to the Chief. This might make Ion Illiescu the most famous politician from this period of the fall of the USSR left, and he’s not in great health nowadays.

In other news, Hutton Gibson died in May, and was a unique for Gray Panthers. The obit came rather late to DDP HQ, so we give the writer who taught Mel Gibson all he knew about antisemitism all the respect deserved.

Milos Jakes
12 August 1922 – 10 July 2020
3 teams