Michael Medwin


Actor Michael Medwin has died aged 96. A regular on stage, TV and film, he played Fred in Scrooge, What the Butler Saw in the West End, and a long running role in The Army Game. He was Trevor Eve’s boss, Don Satchley, in Shoestring, the popular TV detective show which preceded Bergerac. He also helped produce several of Lindsay Andersons works including O Lucky Man!, Britannia Hospital, and the superlative If…

A dependable star of the small screen, his death was announced shortly after I watched the first episode of Shoestring (also starring DDP pick William Russell) on YouTube. Ever feel you’ve cursed someone?

Medwin was picked by two teams, Moribold Krakatoa’s Playhour an TOETAG4U.

Michael Medwin
18 July 1923 – 26 February 2020
2 teams