Maggie Fitzgibbon

Actress and singer Maggie Fitzgibbon died in June to provide another DDP success. On British TV, she starred in early BBC soap The Newcomers, as well as World War Two drama Manhunt (in which you can see future Fenric bad guy Alfred Lynch do a remarkable impression of future Doctor Who Matt Smith). The Newcomers was named Mary Whitehouse’s favourite TV programme, at which point the BBC killed off the lead,planned to remarry the lead female and Fitzgibbon quit, before the show got axed soon after. The seal of approval from that woman was a bigger kiss of death than an Aaron Ramsey goal.

But it was the West End Stage for which she became best known, with roles in plays from Follies to Noel Coward’s Sail Away. She set up a boys refuge in her homeland.

She was a unique pick for Time’s Up Team, who will hopefully accept this apology for a delayed obit. Sometimes in the covid universe, old celebs obits fall down the back of a sofa. This means both of their teams have scored uniques in 2020.


Maggie Fitzgibbon
30 January 1929 – 8 June 2020