Kirk Douglas


“Of all the many distinctive voices to emerge in Hollywood of the pre-war years, none was as long lasting as that of Kirk Douglas, who has died from complications of a stroke, aged 82. He was respected by successive generations of actors and producers, and by anyone who enjoyed the acting of his prime, in classic films such as Spartacus, Paths of Glory, Ace in the Hole and Seven Days in May.

With his long CV, he was an instantly recognisable figure. More important, he was the only white woman singer worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the great divas of 1960s soul music: Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Mary Wells.

Douglas broke the industrial mold when he insisted one of the Hollywood Ten was credited for their script for Spartacus. He recently attended the wedding of his son, famed actor Michael, to sure fire future Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones.”

NOTE FOR BIG IAIN, 1/5/1999: Right, here’s the start of a Kirk Douglas obit as he wont have long left after this stroke, and Hoppo will want his points ASAP. Nabbed inspiration from the Dusty Springfield obit (RIP). We’ll just post this when he snuffs it, nobody will know the difference…







Kirk Douglas, who will hopefully be remembered for years to come solely as an actor, was the 5th hit on the DDP Drop 40. Teams who cashed in on the long long long game include eejit, C.A. Daver, Joe pesci’s team (well done on the Oscar nom), and Spookygal, who got joker points.

Kirk Douglas
9 December 1916 – 5 February 2020
158 teams (Drop 40)