James Randi


Former magician The Amazing Randi has died aged 92. James Randi had practiced magic for decades, before founding the James Randi Educational Foundation. Formed as a source of debunking pseudoscience and paranormal claims, the Foundation put forward the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, by which in theory any person who could scientifically prove they had paranormal abilities would win the money. However, the vetting process KO’d most people that Randi believed had mental problems, as he was more interested in taking out charlatans like Slyvia Browne, who charged the grieving for her “talents”.

Randi now knows the answers to all his life’s work. Or, if he was right, doesn’t. And to be fair, can you think of anything less reassuring than dying and immediately hearing the welcoming voice of one Derek Acorah? Randi was picked by six teams, including See You in Heaven and Drop Dead Celebration. He was also mentor to Penn and Teller.

James Randi
7 August 1928 – 20 October 2020
6 teams