Elizabeth Wurtzel


“Sylvia Plath with the ego of Madonna” as The New York Times once called her, Elizabeth Wurtzel was an infuriatingly egotistical writer, the sort she had to be to write a memoir in her 20s.

She also, to be fair, revolutionised the entire concept of mental health writing, and if The Woman Don’t Give a Fuck persona grated with the people who didn’t enjoy her writing, it opened doors in the media and public spaces hitherto closed to young women.

Prozac Nation came out in 1994, and split critics with its tales of depression in modern America. It was somehow turned into a film with Christina Ricci in 2001, which flopped badly.

Despite her well recorded battle with Stage IV cancer, she was a unique hit for You Might be a King or a little Street Sweeper, who took the lead at the top of the DDP for a few days.

Elizabeth Wurtzel
31 July 1967 – 7 January 2020
Unique hit