Donald Zec


Former journalist and biographer Donald Zec had died at the age of 102. For forty years from 1938 on, he worked for the Daily Mirror, originally as the crime reporter and then later on as a film correspondent. In these roles he interviewed serial killers and John Lennon, with no word who was easier to talk to. (Actually he got on amiably with both, with Zec’s trick to success being to win over people with charm and wit – the Beatles all adored him, and Acid Bath killer Haigh nearly confessed in his presence!) He was awarded the OBE in 1970, shortly after he had predicted Ronald Reagan might one day become US President. He wrote biographies of the Queen Mother and Lee Marvin, those well known sparring partners. He was married to his childhood sweetheart for 66 years, and was so frail by his centenary, The Guardian noted that he promised he wouldn’t make a speech. He made two instead.

He was a unique pick for Old as Dirt.

Donald Zec
12 March 1919 – 6 September 2021