Dilip Kumar


Bollywood legend and icon Dilip Kumar had died aged 98. The most successful actor in Bollywood history, he was a proponent of method acting and won 8 awards. His roles went from romance to comedy to serious crime drama. He had a seven year relationship with his co-star Madhubala, until he was forced to testify against her father in the Naya Daur court case. Kumar had been in poor health for years, suffering from cancer and many other ailments, and was a frequent visitor to the ICU in recent times.

He was picked by eleven teams, including Dead by Dawn, Predictor’s Predictions (one of the more underrated sides in the competition), the old lady and the House of Extravaganza.  But not Drollercoaster, who were a doubting Thomas. 

Dilip Kumar
11 December 1922 – 7 July 2021
11 teams