Diana Serra Cary


Diana Serra Cary has died aged 101 years old. Better known as Baby Peggy, Cary was a ridiculously popular child actress in the silent movie industry, with a contract worth $1.5 million dollars by the time she was five. None of this money wound up with her, so in her 20s she began work as a bookstore manager and switchboard operator. She changed her name from Peggy to Diana, converted to Catholicism and ran away from home. As you do. Disliking her childhood fame for decades, she eventually decided to own it and became an authority on early Hollywood. With her death dies a lot of living history.

Four teams went for Baby Peggy, including Gray Panthers (who got a quick fire two hits in two days) and long running team NoSoup4U. Well, certainly no soup for Diana anymore.

This has been a bad year for centenarians so far. Perhaps someone needs to give Vera, Olivia and Beverly a check up.

Diana Serra Cary
26 October 1918 – 24 February 2020
4 teams