Derby Dead Pool 2019: List of the Missed

The following ‘celebrities’ have died this year, but weren’t picked by any team this year. However, they have all been chosen by teams in previous years. Hopefully by listing them here, it will alert players to non-eligible picks & to give those who are now gone their brief moment of fame on this site. The other reason for listing them here is that the teams who chose them can rue their bad luck or decisions!!

Name (click for biography)
Date of death
Name (click for biography)

Date of death
Dragoslav Šekularac5th JanuaryBochijn Baast16th January
Maxine Brown21st JanuaryJonas Mekas23rd January
Florence Knoll25th JanuaryDusan Makavejev25th January
Ndaye Mulamba26th JanuaryMatti Nykanen4th February
Baroness Falkender6th FebruaryEric Harrison 13th February
Lee Radziwill 15th FebruaryMarella Agnelli 23rd February
Antoine Gizenga 24th FebruaryJanet Asimov25th February
King Kong Bundy4th MarchMesrob II Mutafyan of Constantinople 8th March
Wally Yamaguchi9th MarchHal Blaine 11th March
Richard Erdman16th MarchBaroness Warnock 20th March
Ted Burgin26th MarchSydney Brenner5th April
John Quarmby5th AprilFritz Hollings 6th April
Charles Van Doren9th AprilForrest Gregg12th April
Neus Catala13th AprilPaul Greengard13th April
Verena Wagner-Lafferentz
19th AprilTerry Rawlings 23rd April
Stevie Chalmers 29th AprilBetty Lockwood 29th April
Red Kelly2nd MayMicky Steele-Bodger 9th May
Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir 12th MayDavid Cervinski 16th May