Derby Dead Pool 2021 scoreboard

Key to scoring system and symbols

Age at death  Score  Bonus symbol  Meaning and score 
18-29  12 pts  unique pick (+4 points) 
30-49  10 pts  drop 40 pick (+3 points) 
50-59  9 pts  unnatural causes (+3 points) 
60-69  8 pts  party pooper (+5 points) 
70-79  7 pts  joker (double total points) 
80-89  6 pts 
90-99  5 pts 
100-109  4 pts 
110+  3 pts 

For full details, see the rules and scoring page.

Position Team Hits Score
1Prophet's ProphecyFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus Joker!, Paul Westphal27
2Shovelful of DirtTommy Lasorda, Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus Joker!25
3David Quantick's Showbiz PalsZoe Davison Unique pick, Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus22
4The Living EndFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi Unique pick20
=5Jackie TreehornFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Julie Strain19
=5Salmon MousseFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Julie Strain19
=7(THEME) GUN Cold in HereSergi Mingote Unique pick Unnatural causes bonus17
=7And Now His Watch Is EndedFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Banana's Peel SlippersFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Bleaching the Bottom of the BarrelFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7DDP TofoaFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Deceased HoseFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Droller CoasterFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7eejitFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Fade to BlackFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Haben die SpatenFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Heading NowhereFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7I Will Not Die, it's the World that Will End!Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Pan BreedFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Poochie Died On The Way Back To His Home PlanetFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Smart BetaFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Southerners StiffsFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7The MisersFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7The Sound of the UndergroundFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Tom's Chainsaw MassacreFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=7Worm FarmerFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus, Paul Westphal17
=27(THEME) Gone SoloSiegfried Fischbacher Unique pick, Albert Roux16
=27(THEME) Gris GrisSylvain Sylvain Joker!16
=27The Whipping PostsSylvain Sylvain Joker!16
=30Cancel My AppointmentsTommy Lasorda, Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus15
=30Pazuzu UnitedTommy Lasorda, Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus15
=30Perhaps' Pointless PuntsSheldon Adelson, Julie Strain15
=30TentoesupTommy Lasorda, Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus15
=34(THEME) Decomposing BlubberTommy Lasorda, Albert Roux11
=34Blueberry CrumbleMarion Ramsey Unique pick11
=36(THEME) Alternative in Death - The Right Deadlihood AwardCarrie Dann Unique pick10
=36(THEME) Lt. Colonel Kilgore's Ultimate Surf PartyNeil Sheehan Unique pick10
=362022? – no thank you! I’ll leave beforeFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Bennington & Speight's Aerial Silk WorkshopFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Bucket Of BloodFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36ButtsoupFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Cancerous HatredFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Day in the DeathFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Expiry Date 2021Floyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36JoeRamTommy Lasorda Joker!10
=36Once You Go BlackFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Pazuzu JunioresFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36The Beatles Are Dying In The Wrong OrderFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36The Love BoatFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36The Worm Your HonourTommy Lasorda Joker!10
=36This Mortal CoilFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36Thomas Jefferson SurvivesFloyd Little Drop Forty bonus10
=36YOUREOUTTommy Lasorda Joker!10
=54Die Now....Die Now....Show Us You've PeggedJulie Strain9
=54P@F #metooJulie Strain9
=54People I Think Might Die In 2021 UnitedKatharine Whitehorn Unique pick9
=54The Conqueror WormTommy Lasorda, Brian URQUHART9
=54You Might Be A King or a Little Street SweeperJulie Strain9
=59(THEME) The Year the Music DiedSylvain Sylvain8
=59Grave DangerSylvain Sylvain8
=59Quite Unwell Illustrious MortalsSylvain Sylvain8
=59There is no spoonSylvain Sylvain8
=63(THEME) Dey Do Die Don't Dey DohGerry Marsden7
=63(THEME) Hits Of 36 Years Ago And Hits TodayGerry Marsden7
=63(THEME) The Sick-Bed of Cuchulainnmichael mckevitt7
=63A Pelican In The Wildernessmichael mckevitt7
=63Banana's Bruisesmichael mckevitt7
=63Captain Hemlock's TwentyPaul Westphal7
=63Carkers Convention 2021michael mckevitt7
=63Fucked n' DumpedGerry Marsden7
=63GUN FishingPaul Westphal7
=63HydrangeaGerry Marsden7
=63I Like to Cease Beside the SeasidePaul Westphal7
=63Neither There Nor Thereaboutsmichael mckevitt7
=63Statik ChargePaul Westphal7
=63The End of the World As We Know ItPaul Westphal7
=63The House of Extravaganzamichael mckevitt7
=63the old ladymichael mckevitt7
=63Very Ill Turned Very DeadPaul Westphal7
=63Wormer, he's a dead man! niedermier dead! marmalard dead!Paul Westphal7
=81(THEME) CLOG POPPERSPhil Spector6
=81(THEME) Last ChristmasPhil Spector6
=81(THEME) Sad Last DaysPhil Spector6
=81(THEME) Snort the AshesPhil Spector6
=81Deadies 8Phil Spector6
=81For whom the bell tollsPhil Spector6
=81From Here to EternityPhil Spector6
=81Huddled MassesSheldon Adelson6
=89(THEME) Apollogies For Still LivingWilliam E. Thornton5
=89(THEME) Decaying Orbit-uariesWilliam E. Thornton5
=89(THEME) End of the BallgameDon Smith5
=89(THEME) OLD PEOPLE PARTY OF 20Tommy Lasorda5
=89(THEME) Pazuzu XPTommy Lasorda5
=89(THEME) Thanks for being a SportTommy Lasorda5
=89(THEME) The Cobbles to A CoffinMark Eden5
=89Dead RingersTommy Lasorda5
=89Deadpool SurpriseTommy Lasorda5
=89Faster Than A Dead HorseTommy Lasorda5
=89Grobler's Stiff OnesMark Eden5
=89Poppin’ ClogsTommy Lasorda5
=89Puzlman's Passing PicksDon Smith5
=89The Master of UnlockingTommy Lasorda5
=89Time's-up TeamDon Smith5
=104(THEME) House Of Soon To Be With The LordBrian URQUHART4
=104(THEME) Old As DirtBrian URQUHART4
=104Lard BazaarBrian URQUHART4
=107(THEME) #1 Hits0
=107(THEME) ...and its goodnight from him0
=107(THEME) 20 Crooners Croakin'0
=107(THEME) All Death Is Consolation0
=107(THEME) All these moments will be lost0
=107(THEME) American As Apple Pie0
=107(THEME) Awarded Oscarites0
=107(THEME) batstarlord of the whotreklock0
=107(THEME) Bibliogryphon's Bookworm Food0
=107(THEME) Body with No Arms No Legs Floating in Ocean0
=107(THEME) Boom, Boom, Out go the lights0
=107(THEME) Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Them0
=107(THEME) Cashier Number 91 please!0
=107(THEME) Chokeslam from Hell…To Hell0
=107(THEME) Coffin-Clerics 0
=107(THEME) Comedy Cremations0
=107(THEME) Complications from a fall0
=107(THEME) Curtain: Poirot’s Last Deadpool0
=107(THEME) DDP Tofoa Former Picks in the Elderly Nursing Home0
=107(THEME) Dead Continent0
=107(THEME) Dead Franchise0
=107(THEME) Death to all but metal and Dame Shirley Bassey0
=107(THEME) Deutschland verabschiedet sich!0
=107(THEME) Dial D for Deadpool0
=107(THEME) Dick Smith's OzEDeath List0
=107(THEME) Dr Who's Next0
=107(THEME) Dropping Aitches0
=107(THEME) Dying Donkeys0
=107(THEME) Easy Peasy Japanesey0
=107(THEME) Fireball's Play Your Cadavers Right0
=107(THEME) Francis of Arse-Wrestleeasy 2210
=107(THEME) Gay-Tes Of Heaven0
=107(THEME) God, you're annoying0
=107(THEME) God's Gonna Gettem0
=107(THEME) Grappling with Mortality0
=107(THEME) Gray Panthers0
=107(THEME) GUN Fight at the Not O.K. Corral0
=107(THEME) Hell to the Chief0
=107(THEME) I Hear Voices0
=107(THEME) If He's So Smart, How Come He's Dead?0
=107(THEME) Ikea Nokia Lego0
=107(THEME) in eternum+'s Wrinkly Dicks0
=107(THEME) In The Hole!0
=107(THEME) IT'S A COP-OUT 20210
=107(THEME) Jane's Antique Wrinklies0
=107(THEME) Kennedy Driving School0
=107(THEME) Last of The Summer Winos0
=107(THEME) Laughter Kills0
=107(THEME) Let there be Rot!0
=107(THEME) Lullabye-bye of Broadway0
=107(THEME) M6 Toll(ed)0
=107(THEME) Man-Erg0
=107(THEME) Ninety!0
=107(THEME) No More Expenses0
=107(THEME) No Mr Bond Villain, I Expect You To Die!!!0
=107(THEME) Nobel Loserettes0
=107(THEME) Nobel Notables0
=107(THEME) Not Going in a Black Cab0
=107(THEME) Not Gone Yet, But Still Forgotten0
=107(THEME) Oh Ronnie, Where Art Thou...0
=107(THEME) Old Lags and Old Slags0
=107(THEME) One Century Is Enough, Madam!0
=107(THEME) Oscar Strikeouts0
=107(THEME) Passing of the Passed0
=107(THEME) Pauls & Neils0
=107(THEME) Peace, Drugs, and Death0
=107(THEME) Perfect 100
=107(THEME) Political Correctness Gone Mad0
=107(THEME) Pop goes the Wurzels0
=107(THEME) Quasimodo Predicted All This0
=107(THEME) Rockers who Rolled to the graveyard0
=107(THEME) Rolls Off The Tongue0
=107(THEME) Ruling The Afterlife0
=107(THEME) Rushing to Tim Horton's for Maple Donuts0
=107(THEME) Russian Box Players0
=107(THEME) Saints Elsewhere0
=107(THEME) Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel0
=107(THEME) Saturday Night Dead0
=107(THEME) Scrubber Out0
=107(THEME) Shake, Rattle, Roll Over and Play Dead0
=107(THEME) She's a Goner0
=107(THEME) Si Team0
=107(THEME) sid and marty coffin0
=107(THEME) Sitcom to Heaven0
=107(THEME) Slippery Soap0
=107(THEME) Space Wasters0
=107(THEME) Special:RandomInCategory/Living_people0
=107(THEME) Stairway Tom Heaven0
=107(THEME) Sudden Death0
=107(THEME) Super Squirrels0
=107(THEME) Sweeney Todd Dying Squad0
=107(THEME) Syndication Zombies0
=107(THEME) That’s… Death!0
=107(THEME) Thats a Rap0
=107(THEME) The curse of late September0
=107(THEME) The Fat Lady's singing...0
=107(THEME) The Politicorpses0
=107(THEME) The Reality Is Death0
=107(THEME) The Retched pong of Brit sit-com0
=107(THEME) The Right to Die0
=107(THEME) The Survivors0
=107(THEME) The Talking Dead0
=107(THEME) The Unprofessionals0
=107(THEME) There is nothing like a dame (and the Women who gives them it)0
=107(THEME) This Knee Ain't What It Used To Be0
=107(THEME) Time Travellers, Astronauts and Spies0
=107(THEME) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, DIE0
=107(THEME) Trans Girls Hit squad's hit list0
=107(THEME) Trebek’s Final Jeopardy Season0
=107(THEME) Turn Off That Telly and Go to Bed!0
=107(THEME) Unpersons0
=107(THEME) Viva la Europe, la pandemie0
=107(THEME) Vive la France... et la mort0
=107(THEME) Waiting for Ugo0
=107(THEME) Weird with a Beard0
=107(THEME) Welcome To HeysHell0
=107(THEME) What A Voice on Her!0
=107(THEME) Who Goes Before the 5-0 Arrives?0
=107(THEME) Wishing (I Had an Obituary of You)0
=107(THEME) Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy0
=10712 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies Dying0
=1072021 Exit Draft0
=1075 Feet and 1 to Go0
=107A Bunch Of Punts0
=107A Good Day for Buying A Bucket0
=107A Trophy For Atrophy0
=107Aaaaah.... Pass the Mustard0
=107Ah, the ol’ team0
=107Alternative Observations 20210
=107Amanita virosa0
=107Amazonian Warrior0
=107And they all died0
=107Angela of Death0
=107Apricot Crumble0
=107Are You Still Dying, Darling?0
=107Aye, they're off the fags alright0
=107Bennie and the Deaths0
=107Better Off Dead0
=107Bevs Bucket Kickers0
=107Big Iain's Blumpkins0
=107Black Penguins of Doom0
=107Boo! I'm Dead0
=107Bourne to Die0
=107c. a. daver0
=107Champion Funeral Home0
=107Checking Out By Christmas0
=107Chelski Pensioners0
=107Circling the Drain0
=107Coffin Fit0
=107Crofty's Coffin Crew0
=107CRT to DOA0
=107Dai YaB'stards0
=107Darling Did You Forget to Take A Breath?0
=107Dave's Dead, Aye Dead Drunk0
=107Dead And Dusted0
=107Dead And Dusted 10
=107Dead And Dusted 20
=107Dead Beats0
=107Dead By Dawn0
=107Dead Cats Won't Play Fetch0
=107Dead Ends0
=107Dead Is Dead0
=107Dead Last? Dead Right!0
=107Dead Wait0
=107Deader than a Dead Thing0
=107Death Can Be Funny0
=107Death Is International0
=107Death Nebula 30000
=107Death Stinks0
=107Deathray's Kevorkian Clinic0
=107Dinner Reservation for 200
=107Dirt Nappers0
=107Dolly’s Deadbeats0
=107Don't Eat The Figs0
=107Down Under Death Merchants0
=107Down Under the Daisies0
=107Dr Shipman's waiting room0
=107Drop Dead Celebration0
=107Eddie's Parade of Darkness and Despair0
=107En Passant0
=107Error 404s0
=107Eternity Tours0
=107Ethnic Cleansing0
=107Evil Grimace0
=107Exu's Exiteers0
=107Falling Off The Perch0
=107Family Affair0
=107Fat Kids Always Win at Seesaw0
=107Feng Shui Pig0
=107Finbarr Returns from the Dead0
=107Find Me A Hole To Bury My Stiff0
=107Francis of Arse-Easy 20210
=107Funeral Furore0
=107Funeral Holmes0
=107Girlfriend in a coma0
=107Going Green0
=107Going Underground0
=107Going, going, gone!0
=107Gooseberry Crumble0
=107Gotham Knight0
=107Grief Encounter0
=107Grief Hijackers0
=107Grim McGraw0
=107Ground Floor of the Bungalow0
=107Guild of Master Reapers0
=107Hangman's XX0
=107Heads in a Bag0
=107Heaven Can't Wait0
=107Heaven or Hell?0
=107Here's Who You Could Have Won0
=107His and Hearse0
=107Hunting Halos0
=107I Cannot Believe They're Not Deader0
=107I Couldn't Eat Another Bite0
=107I Hope You Had The Time of Your Life0
=107I Told You I Was Ill0
=107I'll sleep when you're dead0
=107I'm Sorry For Your Trouble0
=107It Dies With You, I Hope0
=107Italian Grim reaper0
=107It's A Grim World After All0
=107It's Grim Up North0
=107Jill Dando's Cat0
=107Jimmy Savile's Paedo FunHouse and Grill0
=107John Key's List0
=107Jumptheshark V 12.0 (now living in Derby)0
=107Just fade away0
=107Kardashians Gone Wild0
=107Kenny's Entry0
=107Kicking down heavens door0
=107Last Gasp Saloon0
=107Let Us Embalm You0
=107LFN PLC0
=107Lidders Late Lamentables0
=107Life Flies By So Fast0
=107Life Is A Highway, And You Shall Crash0
=107Lived so let's die0
=107Living in a Box0
=107LL's Pool0
=107Lord Football's Usual List of Ill People0
=107Madonna's Hand Of Bod0
=107Manuel's Stiffs0
=107Mike Oxard's Showbiz 200
=107Moldy Oldies0
=107Moribold Krakatoa's Playhour0
=107Mortem Omnibus0
=107Most Unique Picks 20210
=107Mr & Mrs Drummerboy0
=107Mr C0
=107Mr. Whits Wonders0
=107Much Ado About Snuffing0
=107Naked Florida Gravediggers0
=107Next Year Greta0
=107No Weddings and Twenty Funerals0
=107Noah Reason and the Youth in Asia0
=107Not at All Well0
=107Now That's What I Call Emeli Sande's In Memoriam0
=107Old People Smell Of Piss0
=107Oliver's Army (of The Dead)0
=107Only Fools and Corpses0
=107Only the good die young0
=107Open the Pearly Gates0
=107Oscar The Beast0
=107owt to stop me coffin?0
=107P@F deathlist0
=107Partridge As Reaper0
=107Pearly Gates0
=107pedro's catacomb ensemble0
=107People Who Could Die 20210
=107Phantom's Pick 'n' Mix0
=107Plan B from Outer Space0
=107Pool Ghoul0
=107Powder Picks Em Off0
=107Predictor's Predictions0
=107Pretty Noose0
=107Pull my finger0
=107Pussy No More0
=107Quebec's Predictions0
=107Read 'em and Reap0
=107Roasting Bodies In Redcar0
=107Sad News FC0
=107Satan's Hootenanny0
=107Say Hi to Uncle George0
=107Shaun of the Dead 690
=107Shot in the Dark0
=107Simply Dead0
=107Skate Dumpers0
=107So Long Farewell0
=107Song to the Siren0
=107Sorry God, I Thought You Were Kenny Rogers0
=107Soylent Green Is You0
=107Spookygal 20
=107Squid's Stiffs0
=107STAB in the DARK0
=107Stairway To Heaven0
=107Stephen Hawking's Football Boots0
=107Stiffer Steaks0
=107Still Life0
=107Stone Dead Cert0
=107Stop The Steal0
=107Survived 22, ironically0
=107Sweeney Todd's Nutritional Information0
=107Swimming in the Death Pool0
=107Team Cat AIDS0
=107the 6 feet under club0
=107The Anfield Iron0
=107The Award for Best Original Decomposition goes to...0
=107The B-Team0
=107The Buckley Mystic0
=107The Caulkhead Coffin Kickers0
=107The Choir Invisibule0
=107The Colnbrook Coroner0
=107The corpse list0
=107The Crowdsourced Deathlist0
=107The Deadest Of The Dead0
=107The Douglas Bader Dance Troupe 20210
=107The Flying Comedy Government0
=107The Forest Lawn Jockeys0
=107The Good, The Bad and Cliff Richard0
=107The Grateful Dead0
=107The Hair Blair Bunch0
=107The Honey Trap0
=107The Keys of Marinus0
=107The Long Awaited Return Of The Blackpool Jury0
=107The Old Ones are the Pests0
=107The One's That Won't Go Away0
=107The Rotting Corpses of the Undead0
=107The Spanners0
=107The Team With No Name0
=107The Walking Dead0
=107There Goes Another One! :)0
=107There's A Shiva In The Park0
=107They're Loving Angels Instead0
=107Tick Tock Stopped Ticking0
=107Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Die0
=107Tiny and Ellie's Pick of the Drops0
=107Today's the day the maggots have their picnic0
=107Touch of Grey0
=107Trojan Hearse0
=107Trumps Disinfectant Chumps0
=107Twenty little roosters0
=107Two Coins & A Punt0
=107Unusual Suspects0
=107Waiting for the Hearse0
=107Wayne Manor0
=107Weakend at Bernies0
=107Wep 2.0 - World's Eternity Prophet Reloaded0
=107When your times up0
=107Where's My Damn List?0
=107Who Turned out the lights?0
=107William Hague's Special Friend0
=107Windsor the Troll0
=107Wisconsin Reaper Beater 1.00
=107Women's Deaths Matter Too0
=107Worm Fodder0
=107Wot The Deuce0
=107You Could Have Waited, I've Just Put The Kettle On!0
=107You Dirty Rotten Swine, You Deaded Them!0
=107Your Beating Hearts Shall Stop0
=107You're Dead Now, So Shut Up!0
=107Zombie Dance Party0
=107ZZ Topped: Heaven, Hell or Houston0



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