Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2020: Z


Zadora, Pia
Born 4 May 1954  (Hoboken, New Jersey, USA)
Child star actress, who later went into modelling and singing.
[Picture of Pia Zadora]


Zaha, Wilfrid
Born 10 November 1992  (Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire)
Footballer who plays for Crystal Palace.
[Picture of Wilfrid Zaha]


Zamotaylova, Tamara
Born 11 May 1939  (Voronezh, Russia)
Soviet gymnast who won Olympic gold in 1960 and 1964.
[Picture of Tamara Zamotaylova]


Zanini, Marcel
Born 9 September 1923  (Istanbul, Turkey)
French jazz musician.
[Picture of Marcel Zanini]


Zanussi, Krzysztof
Born 17 July 1939  (Warsaw, Poland)
Polish film auteur ("Life Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease", among other works).
[Picture of Krzysztof Zanussi]


Zavorotnyuk, Anastasia
Born 3 April 1971  (Astrakhan, Russia)
Russian soap actress.
[Picture of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk]


Zeani, Virginia
Born 21 October 1925  (Solovastru, Romania)
Opera singer and leading soprano.
[Picture of Virginia Zeani]


Zec, Donald
Born 12 March 1919  (London, England)
Respected and now very old journalist and biographer.
[Picture of Donald Zec]


Zemin, Jiang
Born 17 August 1926  (Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China)
Former Chinese President (1993-2003) & General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party
[Picture of Jiang Zemin]


Zidi, Claude
Born 25 July 1934  (Paris, France)
French film director, focusing mainly on broad, burlesque comedies.
[Picture of Claude Zidi]


Ziesmer, Jerry
Born 31 May 1939  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
American assistant film director on over 50 films but forever known for his acting role in 'Apocalypse Now', instructing Martin Sheen to "terminate... with extreme prejudice".
[Picture of Jerry Ziesmer]


Zisblatt, Irene
Born 28 December 1929  (Polena, Bulgaria)
Auschwitz survivor who wrote an autobiography, The Fifth Diamond, on her experiences.
[Picture of Irene Zisblatt]


Zizek, Slavoj
Born 21 March 1949  (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Uber-fashionable Slovenian Hegelian-Marxist philosopher and writer.
[Picture of Slavoj Zizek]


Zodiac, Zak
Born 29 May 1991  (Norwich, England, United Kingdom)
born Zak Bevis, English professional wrestler of the Knight wrestling family
[Picture of Zak Zodiac]


Zoll, Rachel
Born in Salem, Massachusetts, USA  (exact date unknown)
Associated Press religion correspondant since 2001.
[Picture of Rachel Zoll]

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