Derby Dead Pool 2019: Who's Dead So Far...

Body count this year to date: 17

Date of death Celebrity Selected by...
20 January 2019 Masazo Nonaka eejit
Gray Panthers
Lidders Late Lamentables
Madonna's Hand of Bod
Puzlman's Passing Picks
Who Turned Out The Lights?
You Must Be Croaking!
17 January 2019 Windsor Davies #1 Hits
Big-Iain's Team
Black Penguins of Doom
C. A. Daver
Comedy Cremations
Deader than a dead thing
Deathly Steeds
Down Under the Daisies
From Z-Cars to Dead Stars?
Mike Oxard's Showbiz 20
The Douglas Bader Dance Troupe 2019
16 January 2019 Kaylea Callacher Bennington & Speight's Aerial Silk Workshop
GUN Away
16 January 2019 Gerard Basset Bleaching the Bottom of the Barrel
B-Team B-Team Go,Go,Go
The Love Boat
Compost Corner
Day In The Death
Dead Ends
Droller Coaster
Ethnic Cleansing
Bucket of Blood
Going Underground
Pan Breed
Plan B from Outer Space
Roasting Bodies In Redcar
Heading Nowhere
Still Life
The Living End
The Skinny Kiltrunner
Thomas Jefferson Survives
To Kill A Gabor Sister
Very Ill Turned Very Dead
15 January 2019 Carol Channing 2020? - No Thank You! I'll Leave Before
A. Aaron Aardvark's Alliteration Association
All Part Of The Show... Right?
Are We Rolling?
Baldy Forever
Charon's Crew
Circling The Drain
Colin H Spannerman
Eternity Tours
Fuck 'Em All
Grim McGraw
How the heck are you still alive?!
I Cannot Believe They're Not Deader
Death Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
It was acceptable in the 20's
Jane's Antique Wrinklies
Jumptheshark v.10.0
Kentucky Fried Genocide
Larry King Dead, Only On CNN
Let Us Embalm You
Lullabye-bye of Broadway
Noah Reason and the Youth in Asia
Old People Party of 20
Pool Ghoul
Puzlman's Passing Picks
Soylent Dreams
Squid's Stiffs
The Old Ones Are The Pests
Wot The Deuce
13 January 2019 Mel Stottlemyre Sr Mr C
Wormer, He's A Dead Man! Niedermier Dead! Marmalard Dead!
11 January 2019 Michael Atiyah Whatever's Written on your Death (That's All That Matters)
11 January 2019 Shirley Boone Cancel My Appointments
GUN Away
The Living End
11 January 2019 Theo Adam Coda 2
11 January 2019 Steffan Lewis Amanita virosa
Are You Still Dying, Darling?
Banana's Peel Slippers
Poochie Died On The Way Back To His Home Planet
Dead Last? Dead Right!
Warning: Dying Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
Deceased Hose
Droller Coaster
Ethnic Cleansing
Going Underground
GUN Away
Heef's Politics XX
House Of Soon To Be With The Lord
And Now His Watch Is Ended
Life Flies By So Fast
Once You Go Black
Open The Pearly Gates
P@F Deathlist
People I Think Might Die In 2019 United
Plan B from Outer Space
Rhys' Rest in Peace's
Shaun of the Dead 69
Stone Dead Cert
The Beatles Are Dying In The Wrong Order
Still Life
The Good, The Bad and Cliff Richard
The Rotting Corpses of the Undead
The Team With No Name
Tomb It May Concern
9 January 2019 Jakiw Palij Shorter Of Breath, One Day Closer To Death
There's A Shiva In The Park
8 January 2019 Lessie Brown Roasting Bodies In Redcar
8 January 2019 Larry Langford Smart Beta List
The Whipping Posts
To Kill A Gabor Sister
2 January 2019 Daryl Dragon Worlds Worst Mixtape
2 January 2019 Kevin J. McIntyre Plan B from Outer Space
2 January 2019 Gene Okerlund Grappling with Mortality
1 January 2019 Tyler Trent GUN Away
Jackie Treehorn


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