Derby Dead Pool 2019 scoreboard

Key to scoring system and symbols

Age at death  Score  Bonus symbol  Meaning and score 
18-29  12 pts  unique pick (+3 points) 
30-49  10 pts  drop 40 pick (+3 points) 
50-59  9 pts  unnatural causes (+3 points) 
60-69  8 pts  party pooper (+5 points) 
70-79  7 pts  joker (double total points) 
80-89  6 pts 
90-99  5 pts 
100-109  4 pts 
110+  3 pts 

For full details, see the rules and scoring page.

Position Team Hits Score
1The Living EndFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Shirley Boone, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus Joker!, Bernice McCabe, Andrew McGahan, Peter Tork74
2Going UndergroundFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus Joker!, Steffan Lewis, Michael Murphy, Manohar Parrikar70
3Ethnic CleansingFatima Ali Joker!, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan63
=4Banana's Peel SlippersFatima Ali Joker!, Darren Easton Unique pick, Steffan Lewis, Manohar Parrikar57
=4GUN AwayShirley Boone, Kaylea Callacher, Steffan Lewis, Peter Tork, Tyler Trent Joker!57
=4Heading NowhereFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan Joker!, Mike Willesee57
=7Bucket of BloodFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan, Michael Murphy, Mike Willesee56
=7Day In The DeathFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Edmund Capon, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan, Michael Murphy56
9Pan BreedFatima Ali Joker!, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan53
10Once You Go BlackFatima Ali, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan, Michael Murphy51
11Droller CoasterGerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan Joker!48
12Fade To BlackFatima Ali Joker!, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan45
=13People I Think Might Die In 2019 UnitedAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus Joker!, Steffan Lewis, Bernice McCabe42
=13Plan B from Outer SpaceGerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis, Kevin J. McIntyre Unique pick42
=15Bleaching the Bottom of the BarrelFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan41
=15The Love BoatFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan41
=15Thomas Jefferson SurvivesFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan41
=18Cancel My AppointmentsFatima Ali, Shirley Boone, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan39
=18Still LifeGerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan39
=18To Kill A Gabor SisterFatima Ali, Gerard Basset, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Larry Langford39
21Deceased HoseAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan, Mike Willesee38
=2212 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies DyingFatima Ali, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus Joker!36
=22The Skinny KiltrunnerGerard Basset, Edmund Capon, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan36
=24Pity Da FoolzFatima Ali, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan33
=24The South Shall Rise AgainAndrew McGahan Joker!, Michael Murphy, Mike Willesee33
=26Finbarr Returns from the DeadFatima Ali, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Manohar Parrikar32
=26Shaun of the Dead 69Jordan Dawes, Steffan Lewis Joker!32
28And Now His Watch Is EndedFatima Ali, Steffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan31
=29Cancerous HatredAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan, Manohar Parrikar29
=29Charon's CrewFatima Ali Joker!, Carol Channing29
=29The Beatles Are Dying In The Wrong OrderEdmund Capon, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis29
32The MisersAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan, Peter Tork28
33You Must Be Croaking!Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus Joker!, Masazo Nonaka27
34Rushing to Tim Horton's for Maple DonutsRon Joyce Unique pick, Ted Lindsay Unique pick Joker!25
=35Captain Hemlock's TwentyFatima Ali Joker!24
=35Jackie TreehornTyler Trent Joker!24
=35Simon Weston's Personal Beauty Treatment CentreAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus Joker!24
=35Smart Beta ListLarry Langford, Andrew McGahan, Manohar Parrikar24
=39Feng Shui PigLeonard Casley Unique pick, John Habgood Unique pick, Peter Tork23
=39You'll Never Find Us in the Guardian Obits at PartiesEdmund Capon, Manohar Parrikar Joker!23
=41Amanita virosaAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Steffan Lewis22
=41Coda 2Theo Adam Unique pick, Michael Gielen Unique pick, Andre Previn22
=43GUN FishingAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Andrew McGahan21
=43Roasting Bodies In RedcarGerard Basset, Lessie Brown Unique pick, Hilde Zadek Unique pick21
=43Worm FarmerFatima Ali, Andrew McGahan21
=46Grappling with MortalityGene Okerlund Unique pick Joker!20
=46P@F DeathlistSteffan Lewis Joker!20
=46The Good, The Bad and Cliff RichardSteffan Lewis Joker!20
=49Poochie Died On The Way Back To His Home PlanetSteffan Lewis, Andrew McGahan19
=49The Deadest Of The DeadAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus, Bruno Ganz19
=51Big-Iain's TeamWindsor Davies, Andre Previn Joker!18
=51Black Penguins of DoomWindsor Davies, Albert Finney Joker!18
=51CodaKaye Ballard, Dick Dale, Peter Tork18
=51Heef's Politics XXSteffan Lewis, Manohar Parrikar18
=51We Are Not Jessica ChastainEric Caldow Unique pick, Katherine Helmond Unique pick18
=51Whatever's Written on your Death (That's All That Matters)Michael Atiyah Unique pick, Hugh McIlvanney Unique pick18
=572020? - No Thank You! I'll Leave BeforeCarol Channing, Andrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus17
=57Are You Still Dying, Darling?Steffan Lewis, Peter Tork17
=57The Team With No NameSteffan Lewis, Mike Willesee17
=60Shorter Of Breath, One Day Closer To DeathGordon Banks, Jakiw Palij Joker!16
=60The Whipping PostsLarry Langford, Doug Sandom Unique pick16
=60Time's-Up TeamDick Churchill Unique pick Joker!16
=63Compost CornerGerard Basset, Mike Willesee15
=63Dead EndsGerard Basset, Edmund Capon15
=63The Tour Never EndsDick Dale, Michel Legrand Unique pick15
=63Wormer, He's A Dead Man! Niedermier Dead! Marmalard Dead!Manohar Parrikar, Mel Stottlemyre Sr15
=67A Pelican in The WildernessEdmund Capon, Bruno Ganz14
=67Alternative ObservationsGordon Banks, Don Newcombe Unique pick14
=67Gray PanthersDiana Athill Joker!, Masazo Nonaka, Shivakumara Swamiji14
=67Mr CMel Stottlemyre Sr Joker!14
=67Rotting KanzlerinJulie Adams, Karl Lagerfeld Unique pick14
=67Spirited AwayMike Willesee Joker!14
=67Waiting for a Star to FallMike Willesee Joker!14
=74#1 HitsWindsor Davies, Peter Tork13
=74Bennington & Speight's Aerial Silk WorkshopKaylea Callacher, Shivakumara Swamiji13
=74C. A. DaverWindsor Davies, Peter Tork13
=74DrunkasaskunkSamantha McConnell Unique pick13
=74I Hope You Had The Time Of Your LifeGeorge Fernandes, Mike Willesee13
=74Jimmy Savile's Paedo FunHouse and GrillGordon Banks, Jan-Michael Vincent13
=74Team Cat AIDSGordon Banks, Jan-Michael Vincent13
=81BFS - ML & KHGordon Banks, George Fernandes12
=81Dave's Dead, Aye Dead DrunkAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus12
=81Deathray's Kevorkian ClinicGordon Banks, Albert Finney12
=81Funeral HolmesAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus12
=81Guild of Master ReapersAndrew Fairlie Drop Forty bonus12
=81Let Us Embalm YouCarol Channing, Jan-Michael Vincent12
=81P@F #metooJordan Dawes12
=81P@F end of the gameJordan Dawes12
=81Shovelful of DirtFatima Ali12
=81Sovereign-ReaperFatima Ali12
=81The A TeamPaul Flynn Joker!12
=81The Douglas Bader Dance Troupe 2019Windsor Davies, Albert Finney12
=93Fuck 'Em AllGordon Banks, Carol Channing11
=93Simply DeadAndrea Levy Unique pick11
=95A. Aaron Aardvark's Alliteration AssociationCarol Channing, Lyndon Larouche10
=95Are We Rolling?Carol Channing, Stanley Donen10
=95Dead Last? Dead Right!Steffan Lewis10
=95Deutschland Verabschiedet Sich!Rudi Assauer Unique pick10
=95House Of Soon To Be With The LordSteffan Lewis10
=95IT'S A COP-OUT 2019John Stalker Unique pick10
=95Life Flies By So FastSteffan Lewis10
=95Lullabye-bye of BroadwayCarol Channing Joker!10
=95Open The Pearly GatesSteffan Lewis10
=95Pool GhoulCarol Channing, Stanley Donen10
=95Rhys' Rest in Peace'sSteffan Lewis10
=95Stone Dead CertSteffan Lewis10
=95The Old LadyShivakumara Swamiji, Peter Tork10
=95The One's That Won't Go AwayPedro Morales Unique pick10
=95The Rotting Corpses of the UndeadSteffan Lewis10
=95Tomb It May ConcernSteffan Lewis10
=95Waiting for UgoIan Ross Unique pick10
=95Warning: Dying Can Be Hazardous To Your HealthSteffan Lewis10
=95Worlds Worst MixtapeDaryl Dragon Unique pick10
=114Cons & Ex-ConsJuan Corona Unique pick9
=114Get Busy DyinAndrew McGahan9
=114In The Hole!Gene Littler Unique pick9
=114John Key's ChoicesAndrew McGahan9
=114Researched to DeathBob Woodward Unique pick9
=114Sausage Party Of 20Andrew McGahan9
=114The Good, The Bad and Steve BuscemiHarry Howell Unique pick9
=114The Heeflich ManoeuverAndrew McGahan9
=114Veddy Ready for BeddyDiana Athill, Rosamunde Pilcher9
=114Waiting for the HearseAndrew McGahan9
=114Waiver Wire Rookie RoundupAndrew McGahan9
=125B-Team B-Team Go,Go,GoGerard Basset8
=125Death Is InternationalManfred Eigen Unique pick8
=125Pedro's Catacomb DwellersFred Sutherland Unique pick8
=125Puzlman's Passing PicksCarol Channing, Masazo Nonaka8
=125Terror of the VervoortsAnna Mae Blessing Unique pick8
=125The Sick-Bed of CuchulainnKevin Roche Unique pick8
=125Very Ill Turned Very DeadGerard Basset8
=132.....Norfolk & GoodMike Willesee7
=13220 to 1: Music for the soulPeter Tork7
=132Carkers Convention 2019Peter Tork7
=132Dead SpottersJan-Michael Vincent7
=132Grave DangerMike Willesee7
=132HippoposthumousJack Lyon Unique pick7
=132Just fade awayMike Willesee7
=132Lidders Late LamentablesFelicity Hill, Masazo Nonaka7
=132Manuel's StiffsPeter Tork7
=132MiscreantsAngus Sinclair7
=132Music Deaths 2019Peter Tork7
=132Nicked but not DeadMike Willesee7
=132Obscura CameraBruno Ganz7
=132Old As DirtFelicity Hill, Shivakumara Swamiji7
=132Old People Smell Of PissMike Willesee7
=132Pop go the WeaselsPeter Tork7
=132SeasideessexxileMike Willesee7
=132Stephen Hawking's Football BootsAngus Sinclair7
=132The B-TeamEdmund Capon7
=132The Grateful DeadMike Willesee7
=132You Dirty Rotten Swine, You Deaded Them!Peter Tork7
=153BladerunnerPaul Flynn6
=153Boddies... Manchester's FinestAlbert Finney6
=153Chelski PensionersGordon Banks6
=153Comedy CremationsWindsor Davies6
=153Dead And Dusted 2Andre Previn6
=153Dead Is DeadAlbert Finney6
=153Deader than a dead thingWindsor Davies6
=153Death Can Be FunnyGordon Banks6
=153Deathlist.netGordon Banks6
=153Deathly SteedsWindsor Davies6
=153Down Under the DaisiesWindsor Davies6
=153From Z-Cars to Dead Stars?Windsor Davies6
=153It's Grim Up NorthDick Dale6
=153Kicking Buckets Instead of BallsGordon Banks6
=153Mike Oxard's Showbiz 20Windsor Davies6
=153No more expensesPaul Flynn6
=153Partridge As ReaperGordon Banks6
=153Pickett's Popped Off PicksGordon Banks6
=153Robbie's RottingGordon Banks6
=153See Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!Gordon Banks6
=153Sitcom to HeavenClive Swift6
=153So long and thanks for all the FishAndre Previn6
=153Sportspeople I Think Might Die in 2019 UnitedGordon Banks6
=153Stiffer SteaksGordon Banks6
=153Sweeney Todd's Nutritional InformationGordon Banks6
=153The Award for Best Original Decomposition goes to...Gordon Banks6
=153The Final WhistleGordon Banks6
=153The Forest Lawn JockeysGordon Banks6
=153The Retchid Pong of Brit SitcomClive Swift6
=153Who Turned Out The Lights?Masazo Nonaka Joker!6
=153You Could Have Waited, I've Just Put The Kettle On!Gordon Banks6
=184All Part Of The Show... Right?Carol Channing5
=184All Quiet on the Westerns FrontJulie Adams5
=184Baldy ForeverCarol Channing5
=184Belmont-Cragin ReaperJohn Dingell5
=184Bibliogryphon's Bookworm FoodRosamunde Pilcher5
=184Blueberry CrumbleRosamunde Pilcher5
=184Circling The DrainCarol Channing5
=184Colin H SpannermanCarol Channing5
=184Death Means Never Having to Say You're SorryCarol Channing5
=184Don't Eat The FigsMuriel Pavlow5
=184Dr Shipman's Waiting RoomKaye Ballard5
=184Eternity ToursCarol Channing5
=184Grim McGrawCarol Channing5
=184How the heck are you still alive?!Carol Channing5
=184I Cannot Believe They're Not DeaderCarol Channing5
=184IMGONESOLONGLyndon Larouche5
=184Insert Name HereLyndon Larouche5
=184It was acceptable in the 20'sCarol Channing5
=184Jane's Antique WrinkliesCarol Channing5
=184Jumptheshark v.10.0Carol Channing5
=184Kentucky Fried GenocideCarol Channing5
=184Larry King Dead, Only On CNNCarol Channing5
=184Made In DetroitJohn Dingell5
=184Moribold Krakatoa's PlayhourMuriel Pavlow5
=184Noah Reason and the Youth in AsiaCarol Channing5
=184Old People Party of 20Carol Channing5
=184Soylent DreamsCarol Channing5
=184Squid's StiffsCarol Channing5
=184Szaboss!!Carol Channing5
=184The Old Ones Are The PestsCarol Channing5
=184There's A Shiva In The ParkJakiw Palij5
=184Wot The DeuceCarol Channing5
=184Zombie Dance PartyJulie Adams5
=217Blood of BloodDiana Athill4
=217Lard BazaarDiana Athill4
=217Women's Deaths Matter TooDiana Athill4
=220DDP TofoaShivakumara Swamiji3
=220eejitMasazo Nonaka3
=220Madonna's Hand of BodMasazo Nonaka3
=220The Retirement VillageShivakumara Swamiji3
=224...and Its Goodnight From Him0
=22419 Women and The Man0
=2241982 was the best year for pop0
=22420 Crooners Croakin'0
=2242019 Exit Draft0
=2245 Feet and 1 to Go0
=224A Trophy For Atrophy0
=224Aardvark Man0
=224Aardvark's Bupa Listing0
=224Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead0
=224All Death Is Consolation0
=224All these moments will be lost0
=224Alliteratively Alive No More0
=224ALS is BS0
=224Alternatively in the News0
=224American As Apple Pie0
=224And they all died0
=224Angela of Death0
=224Apricot Crumble0
=224Around the Square0
=224Arthur's Theme: Are They Not Dead Yet?0
=224Awarded Oscarites0
=224Aye, they're off the fags alright0
=224B List0
=224Banana's ALS Pals0
=224BatLord of the WhoTrekLock0
=224BBC Heaven0
=224Beyond a Little Peaky0
=224Blackity Black and I'm Black Yall0
=224Boo! I'm Dead0
=224Boom, Boom, Out go the lights0
=224Breathless In Seattle0
=224Brown Bananas0
=224Brownest Bread0
=224Bucket Of Warm Spit0
=224Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Them0
=224Cashier Number 89 Please!0
=224Cause I'm A Creep, I'm A Weirdo0
=224Chemo Sabee0
=224Clog Poppers0
=224Coffin Fit0
=224Coffinio De Lesbos0
=224Complications from a fall0
=224Corpse, Like The Marines, Except Spelt Differently0
=224Crofty's Coffin Crew0
=224Curse of Fame0
=224Dai Yab'stards0
=224Darling Did You Forget To Take A Breath?0
=224DDP Tofoa Former Picks in the Elderly Nursing Home0
=224Dead And Dusted0
=224Dead And Dusted 10
=224Dead Cats Won't Play Fetch0
=224Dead Continent0
=224Dead Loss0
=224Dead Wait0
=224Deadies 60
=224Death Nebula 30000
=224Death Runs in the Family0
=224Death Stinks0
=224Death To All But Metal And Dame Vera Lynn0
=224Decaying Orbit-uaries0
=224Decomposing Blubber0
=224Departures Board0
=224Dick Smith's OzEDeath List0
=224Die Now....Die Now....Show Us You've Pegged0
=224Ding Dong Bell, Celebs in a well0
=224Dinner Reservation for 200
=224Dr Who's Next0
=224Drop Dead Celebration0
=224Dying Is Hazardous to Your Health0
=224Eddie's Parade Of Darkness And Despair0
=224Falling Off The Perch0
=224Faster Than A Dead Horse0
=224Fat kids always win at seesaw0
=224Fatal Beauty0
=224Find Me A Hole To Bury My Stiff0
=224Francis of Arse-Easy 20190
=224From Here to Eternity0
=224Fucked n' Dumped0
=224Funeral Furore0
=224Garden of Eden0
=224Gay-Tes Of Heaven0
=224Generation Death0
=224Get a Clue0
=224Girlfriend in a Coma0
=224Go on Be a Sport - Die in 20190
=224Gobbing on Life0
=224Going Going Gone0
=224Going Green0
=224Golden Oldies!0
=224Gone Solo0
=224Gooseberry Crumble0
=224Great Gig in the Sky0
=224Grief encounter0
=224Grim Reaper, we're needed0
=224Gris Gris0
=224GUN Fight at the Not O.K. Corral0
=224Hangman's XX0
=224Heads in a Bag0
=224Heads of Fate0
=224Headstone Hunters0
=224Hear Theme Roar0
=224Heaven can't wait0
=224Heaven or Hell?0
=224Hell to the Chief0
=224His and Hearse0
=224Hits Of 36 Years Ago And Hits Today0
=224I Couldn't Eat Another Bite0
=224I Hear Voices0
=224I Told You I Was Ill0
=224Ikea Nokia Lego0
=224I'll sleep when you're dead0
=224Illinois Reaper Beater (Version 3.0)0
=224I'm Fed Up With This World0
=224I'm Sorry For Your Trouble0
=224in eternum+'s Wrinkly Dicks0
=224In the Game of Dead Pool I Win and They Die0
=224It's A Grim World (After All)0
=224Jack Ketch Is Not A Weatherman0
=224Joni Mitchell Dies0
=224Kardashians Gone Wild0
=224Kennedy Driving School0
=224Last of The Summer Winos0
=224Laughter Kills0
=224Lead, Follow and Die This Year0
=224Life's too short0
=224Little People0
=224Lived So Let's Die0
=224Lord Gravedigger0
=224Lt. Colonel Kilgore's Ultimate Surf Party0
=224M6 Toll(ed)0
=224Men with Beards0
=224Miscarriage of Popjustice0
=224Moldy Oldies0
=224Mortem Omnibus0
=224Most Unique Picks 20190
=224Mourning Glory0
=224Mr & Mrs Drummerboy0
=224Mr Whit's Wonders0
=224Naked Florida Gravediggers0
=224Natural Selection0
=224Neither There Nor Thereabouts0
=224N-n-n-n-nineteen was a bad day!0
=224No Mr Bond Villain, I Expect You To Die!!!0
=224No Weddings And Twenty Funerals0
=224Not At All Well0
=224Not Gone Yet, But Still Forgotten0
=224Not Of Rapist Ancestry0
=224Obituaries 'R' Us0
=224Oh My God They Killed Kenny0
=224Oh Ronnie, Where Art Thou…0
=224Old Lags and Old Slags0
=224Oliver's Army (of the Dead)0
=224Olivia and Company0
=224One Bar Gas Fire And A Tin Of Dog Food0
=224One Century Is Enough, Madam!0
=224One should keep their fingers crossed0
=224Only Fools and Corpses0
=224Oscar The Beast0
=224Owt To Stop Me Coffin?0
=224Passing of the passed0
=224Peace, Drugs, and Death0
=224Pearly Gates0
=224Perfect 100
=224Permanent Kip0
=224Phantom's Pick 'n' Mix0
=224Poisoned Pens0
=224Popped Their Clogs0
=224Poppin’ Clogs0
=224Potential Unnatural Deaths0
=224Powder picks em off0
=224Predictor's Predictions0
=224Pretty Noose0
=224Propheticum per prophetam0
=224Pull my finger0
=224Quebec's Predictions0
=224Riding The Jesus Train0
=224Rockers who Rolled to the Graveyard0
=224Ruling The Afterlife0
=224Sad Last Days0
=224Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel0
=224Satan's Hootenanny0
=224Say Hello To The Angels0
=224Say Hi To Uncle George0
=224Scrubber Out0
=224See You In Heaven0
=224See You In Hell0
=224Shake, Rattle, Roll Over and Play Dead0
=224Shame Thatcher Can't Die Twice0
=224She's a Goner0
=224Shot in the Dark0
=224Sicilian Actuaries Snorkeling0
=224Sid And Marty Coffin0
=224Sing Your Last Song For Me0
=224Slippery Soap0
=224Snort The Ashes0
=224Sorry God, I Thought You Were Kenny Rogers0
=224Southerners Stiffs0
=224Spectre of Death0
=224Stairway To Heaven0
=224Stairway Tom Heaven0
=224Stiff Upper Lip0
=224Sudden Death0
=224Super Squirrels0
=224Sussex Stiffs0
=224Syndication Zombies0
=224Taking Out The Trash in 20190
=224Taking the Michael0
=224Team 250
=224Team A0
=224Team Europe0
=224The Anfield Iron0
=224The Buckley Mystic0
=224The Caulkhead Coffin Kickers0
=224The Choir Invisibule0
=224The Cobbles To A Coffin0
=224The Cobbles Toll for Thee0
=224The Conqueror Worm0
=224The Crowdsourced Deathlist0
=224The Dead Certs0
=224The End of the World As We Know It0
=224The Family Tomb0
=224The Fat Lady's singing...0
=224The FEDs0
=224The Fifth Horseman0
=224The Honey Trap0
=224The Killage People0
=224The Long Awaited Return Of The Blackpool Jury0
=224The Policies Of Benjamin Netanyahu0
=224The Politicorpses0
=224The Right to Die0
=224The Show Can't Go On0
=224The Survivors0
=224The Walking Dead0
=224The Worst Acronym Team 0
=224There Goes Another One! :)0
=224They're Loving Angels Instead0
=224This Mortal Coil0
=224Time to Take Out the Trash0
=224Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, DIE0
=224Tiny and Ellie's Pick of the Drops0
=224Today's The Day The Maggots Have Their Picnic0
=224Traded to the Saints0
=224Train Wreck Central0
=224Trojan Hearse0
=224Turn Off That Telly and Go to Bed!0
=224Twenty Knights Dying To Claim Their Funeral Expenses Before They Die0
=224Twenty Little Roosters0
=224Unusual Suspects0
=224Valar Morghulis0
=224Vicky's Wish List0
=224Viva l'Italia, la morte0
=224Vive la France... et la mort0
=224Wayne Manor0
=224Weakend At Bernies0
=224Welcome to heysHELL0
=224Well Done If You Got These at Home0
=224Well, it was a decent innings…0
=224What Goes Before The 5-0 Arrives?0
=224Where's My Damn List?0
=224William Hague's Special Friend0
=224Windsor the Troll0
=224Worm Fodder0
=224Wretched Hive of scum and villainy0
=224YES, I got the Nobel – but there was no use to write anything0
=224You Ain't Seen Me, Right?0
=224You Might Be A King Or A Little Street Sweeper0
=224You're Dead Now, So Shut Up!0
=224Zodiac's Wishlist0
=224ZZ Topped: Heaven, Hell or Houston0



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