Derby Dead Pool 2019 scoreboard

Key to scoring system and symbols

Age at death  Score  Bonus symbol  Meaning and score 
18-29  12 pts  unique pick (+3 points) 
30-49  10 pts  drop 40 pick (+3 points) 
50-59  9 pts  unnatural causes (+3 points) 
60-69  8 pts  party pooper (+5 points) 
70-79  7 pts  joker (double total points) 
80-89  6 pts 
90-99  5 pts 
100-109  4 pts 
110+  3 pts 

For full details, see the rules and scoring page.

Position Team Hits Score
1GUN AwayShirley Boone, Kaylea Callacher, Steffan Lewis, Tyler Trent Joker!50
2Plan B from Outer SpaceGerard Basset, Steffan Lewis, Kevin J. McIntyre Unique pick30
3Jackie TreehornTyler Trent Joker!24
=4Grappling with MortalityGene Okerlund Unique pick Joker!20
=4P@F DeathlistSteffan Lewis Joker!20
=4Shaun of the Dead 69Steffan Lewis Joker!20
=4The Good, The Bad and Cliff RichardSteffan Lewis Joker!20
=8Droller CoasterGerard Basset, Steffan Lewis18
=8Ethnic CleansingGerard Basset, Steffan Lewis18
=8Going UndergroundGerard Basset, Steffan Lewis18
=8Still LifeGerard Basset, Steffan Lewis18
12To Kill A Gabor SisterGerard Basset, Larry Langford15
=13Mr CMel Stottlemyre Sr Joker!14
=13Roasting Bodies In RedcarGerard Basset, Lessie Brown Unique pick14
=13The Living EndGerard Basset, Shirley Boone14
=16Amanita virosaSteffan Lewis10
=16And Now His Watch Is EndedSteffan Lewis10
=16Are You Still Dying, Darling?Steffan Lewis10
=16Banana's Peel SlippersSteffan Lewis10
=16Bennington & Speight's Aerial Silk WorkshopKaylea Callacher10
=16Dead Last? Dead Right!Steffan Lewis10
=16Deceased HoseSteffan Lewis10
=16Heef's Politics XXSteffan Lewis10
=16House Of Soon To Be With The LordSteffan Lewis10
=16Life Flies By So FastSteffan Lewis10
=16Lullabye-bye of BroadwayCarol Channing Joker!10
=16Once You Go BlackSteffan Lewis10
=16Open The Pearly GatesSteffan Lewis10
=16People I Think Might Die In 2019 UnitedSteffan Lewis10
=16Poochie Died On The Way Back To His Home PlanetSteffan Lewis10
=16Rhys' Rest in Peace'sSteffan Lewis10
=16Shorter Of Breath, One Day Closer To DeathJakiw Palij Joker!10
=16Stone Dead CertSteffan Lewis10
=16The Beatles Are Dying In The Wrong OrderSteffan Lewis10
=16The Rotting Corpses of the UndeadSteffan Lewis10
=16The Team With No NameSteffan Lewis10
=16Tomb It May ConcernSteffan Lewis10
=16Warning: Dying Can Be Hazardous To Your HealthSteffan Lewis10
=16Worlds Worst MixtapeDaryl Dragon Unique pick10
40Whatever's Written on your Death (That's All That Matters)Michael Atiyah Unique pick9
=41Bleaching the Bottom of the BarrelGerard Basset8
=41B-Team B-Team Go,Go,GoGerard Basset8
=41Bucket of BloodGerard Basset8
=41Coda 2Theo Adam Unique pick8
=41Compost CornerGerard Basset8
=41Day In The DeathGerard Basset8
=41Dead EndsGerard Basset8
=41Heading NowhereGerard Basset8
=41Pan BreedGerard Basset8
=41Puzlman's Passing PicksCarol Channing, Masazo Nonaka8
=41The Love BoatGerard Basset8
=41The Skinny KiltrunnerGerard Basset8
=41Thomas Jefferson SurvivesGerard Basset8
=41Very Ill Turned Very DeadGerard Basset8
=55Smart Beta ListLarry Langford7
=55The Whipping PostsLarry Langford7
=55Wormer, He's A Dead Man! Niedermier Dead! Marmalard Dead!Mel Stottlemyre Sr7
=58#1 HitsWindsor Davies6
=58Big-Iain's TeamWindsor Davies6
=58Black Penguins of DoomWindsor Davies6
=58C. A. DaverWindsor Davies6
=58Cancel My AppointmentsShirley Boone6
=58Comedy CremationsWindsor Davies6
=58Deader than a dead thingWindsor Davies6
=58Deathly SteedsWindsor Davies6
=58Down Under the DaisiesWindsor Davies6
=58From Z-Cars to Dead Stars?Windsor Davies6
=58Mike Oxard's Showbiz 20Windsor Davies6
=58The Douglas Bader Dance Troupe 2019Windsor Davies6
=58Who Turned Out The Lights?Masazo Nonaka Joker!6
=712020? - No Thank You! I'll Leave BeforeCarol Channing5
=71A. Aaron Aardvark's Alliteration AssociationCarol Channing5
=71All Part Of The Show... Right?Carol Channing5
=71Are We Rolling?Carol Channing5
=71Baldy ForeverCarol Channing5
=71Charon's CrewCarol Channing5
=71Circling The DrainCarol Channing5
=71Colin H SpannermanCarol Channing5
=71Death Means Never Having to Say You're SorryCarol Channing5
=71Eternity ToursCarol Channing5
=71Fuck 'Em AllCarol Channing5
=71Grim McGrawCarol Channing5
=71How the heck are you still alive?!Carol Channing5
=71I Cannot Believe They're Not DeaderCarol Channing5
=71It was acceptable in the 20'sCarol Channing5
=71Jane's Antique WrinkliesCarol Channing5
=71Jumptheshark v.10.0Carol Channing5
=71Kentucky Fried GenocideCarol Channing5
=71Larry King Dead, Only On CNNCarol Channing5
=71Let Us Embalm YouCarol Channing5
=71Noah Reason and the Youth in AsiaCarol Channing5
=71Old People Party of 20Carol Channing5
=71Pool GhoulCarol Channing5
=71Soylent DreamsCarol Channing5
=71Squid's StiffsCarol Channing5
=71Szaboss!!Carol Channing5
=71The Old Ones Are The PestsCarol Channing5
=71There's A Shiva In The ParkJakiw Palij5
=71Wot The DeuceCarol Channing5
=100eejitMasazo Nonaka3
=100Gray PanthersMasazo Nonaka3
=100Lidders Late LamentablesMasazo Nonaka3
=100Madonna's Hand of BodMasazo Nonaka3
=100You Must Be Croaking!Masazo Nonaka3
=105.....Norfolk & Good0
=105...and Its Goodnight From Him0
=10512 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies Dying0
=10519 Women and The Man0
=1051982 was the best year for pop0
=10520 Crooners Croakin'0
=10520 to 1: Music for the soul0
=1052019 Exit Draft0
=1055 Feet and 1 to Go0
=105A Pelican in The Wilderness0
=105A Trophy For Atrophy0
=105Aardvark Man0
=105Aardvark's Bupa Listing0
=105Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead0
=105All Death Is Consolation0
=105All Quiet on the Westerns Front0
=105All these moments will be lost0
=105Alliteratively Alive No More0
=105ALS is BS0
=105Alternative Observations0
=105Alternatively in the News0
=105American As Apple Pie0
=105And they all died0
=105Angela of Death0
=105Apricot Crumble0
=105Around the Square0
=105Arthur's Theme: Are They Not Dead Yet?0
=105Awarded Oscarites0
=105Aye, they're off the fags alright0
=105B List0
=105Banana's ALS Pals0
=105BatLord of the WhoTrekLock0
=105BBC Heaven0
=105Belmont-Cragin Reaper0
=105Beyond a Little Peaky0
=105BFS - ML & KH0
=105Bibliogryphon's Bookworm Food0
=105Blackity Black and I'm Black Yall0
=105Blood of Blood0
=105Blueberry Crumble0
=105Boddies... Manchester's Finest0
=105Boo! I'm Dead0
=105Boom, Boom, Out go the lights0
=105Breathless In Seattle0
=105Brown Bananas0
=105Brownest Bread0
=105Bucket Of Warm Spit0
=105Cancerous Hatred0
=105Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Them0
=105Captain Hemlock's Twenty0
=105Carkers Convention 20190
=105Cashier Number 89 Please!0
=105Cause I'm A Creep, I'm A Weirdo0
=105Chelski Pensioners0
=105Chemo Sabee0
=105Clog Poppers0
=105Coffin Fit0
=105Coffinio De Lesbos0
=105Complications from a fall0
=105Cons & Ex-Cons0
=105Corpse, Like The Marines, Except Spelt Differently0
=105Crofty's Coffin Crew0
=105Curse of Fame0
=105Dai Yab'stards0
=105Darling Did You Forget To Take A Breath?0
=105Dave's Dead, Aye Dead Drunk0
=105DDP Tofoa0
=105DDP Tofoa Former Picks in the Elderly Nursing Home0
=105Dead And Dusted0
=105Dead And Dusted 10
=105Dead And Dusted 20
=105Dead Cats Won't Play Fetch0
=105Dead Continent0
=105Dead Is Dead0
=105Dead Loss0
=105Dead Spotters0
=105Dead Wait0
=105Deadies 60
=105Death Can Be Funny0
=105Death Is International0
=105Death Nebula 30000
=105Death Runs in the Family0
=105Death Stinks0
=105Death To All But Metal And Dame Vera Lynn0
=105Deathray's Kevorkian Clinic0
=105Decaying Orbit-uaries0
=105Decomposing Blubber0
=105Departures Board0
=105Deutschland Verabschiedet Sich!0
=105Dick Smith's OzEDeath List0
=105Die Now....Die Now....Show Us You've Pegged0
=105Ding Dong Bell, Celebs in a well0
=105Dinner Reservation for 200
=105Don't Eat The Figs0
=105Dr Shipman's Waiting Room0
=105Dr Who's Next0
=105Drop Dead Celebration0
=105Dying Is Hazardous to Your Health0
=105Eddie's Parade Of Darkness And Despair0
=105Fade To Black0
=105Falling Off The Perch0
=105Faster Than A Dead Horse0
=105Fat kids always win at seesaw0
=105Fatal Beauty0
=105Feng Shui Pig0
=105Finbarr Returns from the Dead0
=105Find Me A Hole To Bury My Stiff0
=105Francis of Arse-Easy 20190
=105From Here to Eternity0
=105Fucked n' Dumped0
=105Funeral Furore0
=105Funeral Holmes0
=105Garden of Eden0
=105Gay-Tes Of Heaven0
=105Generation Death0
=105Get a Clue0
=105Get Busy Dyin0
=105Girlfriend in a Coma0
=105Go on Be a Sport - Die in 20190
=105Gobbing on Life0
=105Going Going Gone0
=105Going Green0
=105Golden Oldies!0
=105Gone Solo0
=105Gooseberry Crumble0
=105Grave Danger0
=105Great Gig in the Sky0
=105Grief encounter0
=105Grim Reaper, we're needed0
=105Gris Gris0
=105Guild of Master Reapers0
=105GUN Fight at the Not O.K. Corral0
=105GUN Fishing0
=105Hangman's XX0
=105Heads in a Bag0
=105Heads of Fate0
=105Headstone Hunters0
=105Hear Theme Roar0
=105Heaven can't wait0
=105Heaven or Hell?0
=105Hell to the Chief0
=105His and Hearse0
=105Hits Of 36 Years Ago And Hits Today0
=105I Couldn't Eat Another Bite0
=105I Hear Voices0
=105I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life0
=105I Told You I Was Ill0
=105Ikea Nokia Lego0
=105I'll sleep when you're dead0
=105Illinois Reaper Beater (Version 3.0)0
=105I'm Fed Up With This World0
=105I'm Sorry For Your Trouble0
=105in eternum+'s Wrinkly Dicks0
=105In the Game of Dead Pool I Win and They Die0
=105In The Hole!0
=105Insert Name Here0
=105IT'S A COP-OUT 20190
=105It's A Grim World (After All)0
=105It's Grim Up North0
=105Jack Ketch Is Not A Weatherman0
=105Jimmy Savile's Paedo FunHouse and Grill0
=105John Key's Choices0
=105Joni Mitchell Dies0
=105Just fade away0
=105Kardashians Gone Wild0
=105Kennedy Driving School0
=105Kicking Buckets Instead of Balls0
=105Lard Bazaar0
=105Last of The Summer Winos0
=105Laughter Kills0
=105Lead, Follow and Die This Year0
=105Life's too short0
=105Little People0
=105Lived So Let's Die0
=105Lord Gravedigger0
=105Lt. Colonel Kilgore's Ultimate Surf Party0
=105M6 Toll(ed)0
=105Made In Detroit0
=105Manuel's Stiffs0
=105Men with Beards0
=105Miscarriage of Popjustice0
=105Moldy Oldies0
=105Moribold Krakatoa's Playhour0
=105Mortem Omnibus0
=105Most Unique Picks 20190
=105Mourning Glory0
=105Mr & Mrs Drummerboy0
=105Mr Whit's Wonders0
=105Music Deaths 20190
=105Naked Florida Gravediggers0
=105Natural Selection0
=105Neither There Nor Thereabouts0
=105Nicked but not Dead0
=105N-n-n-n-nineteen was a bad day!0
=105No more expenses0
=105No Mr Bond Villain, I Expect You To Die!!!0
=105No Weddings And Twenty Funerals0
=105Not At All Well0
=105Not Gone Yet, But Still Forgotten0
=105Not Of Rapist Ancestry0
=105Obituaries 'R' Us0
=105Obscura Camera0
=105Oh My God They Killed Kenny0
=105Oh Ronnie, Where Art Thou…0
=105Old As Dirt0
=105Old Lags and Old Slags0
=105Old People Smell Of Piss0
=105Oliver's Army (of the Dead)0
=105Olivia and Company0
=105One Bar Gas Fire And A Tin Of Dog Food0
=105One Century Is Enough, Madam!0
=105One should keep their fingers crossed0
=105Only Fools and Corpses0
=105Oscar The Beast0
=105Owt To Stop Me Coffin?0
=105P@F #metoo0
=105P@F end of the game0
=105Partridge As Reaper0
=105Passing of the passed0
=105Peace, Drugs, and Death0
=105Pearly Gates0
=105Pedro's Catacomb Dwellers0
=105Perfect 100
=105Permanent Kip0
=105Phantom's Pick 'n' Mix0
=105Pickett's Popped Off Picks0
=105Pity Da Foolz0
=105Poisoned Pens0
=105Pop go the Weasels0
=105Popped Their Clogs0
=105Poppin’ Clogs0
=105Potential Unnatural Deaths0
=105Powder picks em off0
=105Predictor's Predictions0
=105Pretty Noose0
=105Propheticum per prophetam0
=105Pull my finger0
=105Quebec's Predictions0
=105Researched to Death0
=105Riding The Jesus Train0
=105Robbie's Rotting0
=105Rockers who Rolled to the Graveyard0
=105Rotting Kanzlerin0
=105Ruling The Afterlife0
=105Rushing to Tim Horton's for Maple Donuts0
=105Sad Last Days0
=105Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel0
=105Satan's Hootenanny0
=105Sausage Party Of 200
=105Say Hello To The Angels0
=105Say Hi To Uncle George0
=105Scrubber Out0
=105See Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!0
=105See You In Heaven0
=105See You In Hell0
=105Shake, Rattle, Roll Over and Play Dead0
=105Shame Thatcher Can't Die Twice0
=105She's a Goner0
=105Shot in the Dark0
=105Shovelful of Dirt0
=105Sicilian Actuaries Snorkeling0
=105Sid And Marty Coffin0
=105Simon Weston's Personal Beauty Treatment Centre0
=105Simply Dead0
=105Sing Your Last Song For Me0
=105Sitcom to Heaven0
=105Slippery Soap0
=105Snort The Ashes0
=105So long and thanks for all the Fish0
=105Sorry God, I Thought You Were Kenny Rogers0
=105Southerners Stiffs0
=105Spectre of Death0
=105Spirited Away0
=105Sportspeople I Think Might Die in 2019 United0
=105Stairway To Heaven0
=105Stairway Tom Heaven0
=105Stephen Hawking's Football Boots0
=105Stiff Upper Lip0
=105Stiffer Steaks0
=105Sudden Death0
=105Super Squirrels0
=105Sussex Stiffs0
=105Sweeney Todd's Nutritional Information0
=105Syndication Zombies0
=105Taking Out The Trash in 20190
=105Taking the Michael0
=105Team 250
=105Team A0
=105Team Cat AIDS0
=105Team Europe0
=105Terror of the Vervoorts0
=105The A Team0
=105The Anfield Iron0
=105The Award for Best Original Decomposition goes to...0
=105The B-Team0
=105The Buckley Mystic0
=105The Caulkhead Coffin Kickers0
=105The Choir Invisibule0
=105The Cobbles To A Coffin0
=105The Cobbles Toll for Thee0
=105The Conqueror Worm0
=105The Crowdsourced Deathlist0
=105The Dead Certs0
=105The Deadest Of The Dead0
=105The End of the World As We Know It0
=105The Family Tomb0
=105The Fat Lady's singing...0
=105The FEDs0
=105The Fifth Horseman0
=105The Final Whistle0
=105The Forest Lawn Jockeys0
=105The Good, The Bad and Steve Buscemi0
=105The Grateful Dead0
=105The Heeflich Manoeuver0
=105The Honey Trap0
=105The Killage People0
=105The Long Awaited Return Of The Blackpool Jury0
=105The Misers0
=105The Old Lady0
=105The One's That Won't Go Away0
=105The Policies Of Benjamin Netanyahu0
=105The Politicorpses0
=105The Retchid Pong of Brit Sitcom0
=105The Retirement Village0
=105The Right to Die0
=105The Show Can't Go On0
=105The Sick-Bed of Cuchulainn0
=105The South Shall Rise Again0
=105The Survivors0
=105The Tour Never Ends0
=105The Walking Dead0
=105The Worst Acronym Team 0
=105There Goes Another One! :)0
=105They're Loving Angels Instead0
=105This Mortal Coil0
=105Time to Take Out the Trash0
=105Time's-Up Team0
=105Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, DIE0
=105Tiny and Ellie's Pick of the Drops0
=105Today's The Day The Maggots Have Their Picnic0
=105Traded to the Saints0
=105Train Wreck Central0
=105Trojan Hearse0
=105Turn Off That Telly and Go to Bed!0
=105Twenty Knights Dying To Claim Their Funeral Expenses Before They Die0
=105Twenty Little Roosters0
=105Unusual Suspects0
=105Valar Morghulis0
=105Veddy Ready for Beddy0
=105Vicky's Wish List0
=105Viva l'Italia, la morte0
=105Vive la France... et la mort0
=105Waiting for a Star to Fall0
=105Waiting for the Hearse0
=105Waiting for Ugo0
=105Waiver Wire Rookie Roundup0
=105Wayne Manor0
=105We Are Not Jessica Chastain0
=105Weakend At Bernies0
=105Welcome to heysHELL0
=105Well Done If You Got These at Home0
=105Well, it was a decent innings…0
=105What Goes Before The 5-0 Arrives?0
=105Where's My Damn List?0
=105William Hague's Special Friend0
=105Windsor the Troll0
=105Women's Deaths Matter Too0
=105Worm Farmer0
=105Worm Fodder0
=105Wretched Hive of scum and villainy0
=105YES, I got the Nobel – but there was no use to write anything0
=105You Ain't Seen Me, Right?0
=105You Could Have Waited, I've Just Put The Kettle On!0
=105You Dirty Rotten Swine, You Deaded Them!0
=105You Might Be A King Or A Little Street Sweeper0
=105You'll Never Find Us in the Guardian Obits at Parties0
=105You're Dead Now, So Shut Up!0
=105Zodiac's Wishlist0
=105Zombie Dance Party0
=105ZZ Topped: Heaven, Hell or Houston0



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