Derby Dead Pool 2019: Drop Forty

15's the score to beat...

Total dropped in 2019...12!

Pos Celeb Picture # Teams
1 Leah Bracknell
Zoe Tate
[Picture of Leah Bracknell] 168
2 Kirk Douglas
Hollywood royalty/rapist
[Picture of Kirk Douglas] 149
3 Prince Philip
Liz's hubby
[Picture of Prince Philip] 146
4 Clive James
TV host/critic
[Picture of Clive James] 144
5= Robert Mugabe
Former president of Zimbabwe
[Picture of Robert Mugabe] 113
5= Fernando Ricksen
Former Rangers midfielder
[Picture of Fernando Ricksen] 113
7= Vera Lynn
Forces' Sweetheart
[Picture of Vera Lynn] 103
7= Nobby Stiles
World Cup-winning footballer
[Picture of Nobby Stiles] 103
9 Olivia de Havilland
Hollywood Golden Age starlet
[Picture of Olivia de Havilland] 101
10 Doris Day
Musical star
[Picture of Doris Day] 88
11 Olivia Newton-John
Pop star and 'Grease' actress
[Picture of Olivia Newton-John] 83
12 Jimmy Carter
[Picture of Jimmy Carter] 76
13 Valerie Harper
Actress ('Rhoda')
[Picture of Valerie Harper] 70
14 Linda Nolan
Loose Woman
[Picture of Linda Nolan] 66
=15 Kathleen Blanco
Former governor of Louisiana
[Picture of Kathleen Blanco] 62
=15 Greg Gilbert
Delays frontman
[Picture of Greg Gilbert] 62
=17 George Alagiah
[Picture of George Alagiah] 59
=17 Bill Turnbull
'BBC Breakfast' host
[Picture of Bill Turnbull] 59
19 John McCririck
Horse racing pundit/rentagob
[Picture of John McCririck] 57
20 Prunella Scales
Sybil Fawlty
[Picture of Prunella Scales] 54
21 Marieke Vervoort
[Picture of Marieke Vervoort] 52
=22 Bob Dole
Losing '96 US election candidate
[Picture of Bob Dole] 51
=22 Dick van Dyke
Song-and-dance man
[Picture of Dick van Dyke] 51
24 Paul Gascoigne
Wasted talent
[Picture of Paul Gascoigne] 49
=25 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Former pope
[Picture of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI] 47
=25 Jill Gascoine
Actress ('The Gentle Touch')
[Picture of Jill Gascoine] 47
27 Tim Conway
[Picture of Tim Conway] 46
=28 Betty White
Golden Girl
[Picture of Betty White] 45
=28 Lee Kerslake
Uriah Heep drummer
[Picture of Lee Kerslake] 45
=30 Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme court justice
[Picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg] 44
=30 Leslie Phillips
[Picture of Leslie Phillips] 44
=32 Henry Kissinger
Realpolitik fan
[Picture of Henry Kissinger] 40
=32 Jean-Louis Trintignant
French actor ('Amour')
[Picture of Jean-Louis Trintignant] 40
=32 Johnny Clegg
White Zulu
[Picture of Johnny Clegg] 40
=35 Jimmy Greaves
Footballer/pundit/social drinker
[Picture of Jimmy Greaves] 39
=35 Queen Elizabeth II
[Picture of Queen Elizabeth II] 39
37 Bob Barker
US gameshow host
[Picture of Bob Barker] 36
38 Andrew Fairlie
Scottish chef
[Picture of Andrew Fairlie] 35
39 Stirling Moss
Perennial F1 runner-up
[Picture of Stirling Moss] 34
40 Terry Jones
[Picture of Terry Jones] 33

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