David Prowse


Man, if covid is even taking out Darth Vader, first Lord of the Sith, we’re all fucked. David Prowse, who earned screen immortality as the man inside that iconic costume, has become another victim of this worldwide pandemic aged 85. Before he became the man they call Vader, he played The Green Cross Code Man in a series of road crossing public information ads and films which were widely praised. And as a minotaur in lesser Jon Pertwee Doctor Who flick The Time Monster, which wasn’t.

David Prowse’s death brough tributes from across the film universe, including from several people responsible for stiffing Prowse out of his share of the Star Wars earnings in the first place.

He was picked by 10 teams including Lard Bazaar and You Might Be a King or a Little Street Sweeper, who you might remember briefly led the DDP back in January.

David Prowse
1 July 1935 – 29 November 2020
10 teams