Christopher Beeny


Christopher Beeny was a familiar face on TV. He had a recurring role in Last of the Summer Wine, as well as In Loving Memory and The Grove Family. It was, however, as footman Edward Barnes in the much loved Upstairs Downstairs for which he was perhaps best known.

He was a unique hit on the DDP for Last of the Summer Winos. This ended Youreout’s 48 hour reign on top of the DDP, and put this Summer Wine theme team top of the pile. Impressive as I didn’t know there were 20 people left from Summer Wine now after the Kaplan/Fergusson 1-2 late last year. If you turn it into “Folk Axed by Jay Hunt”, the team need never end…

Summer Winos has played the game seven times, but never finished above 300th place, so enjoy the early run of form, I say…


Christopher Beeny
7th July 1941 – 3rd January 2020
Unique hit