Christoper Plummer


Actor Christopher Plummer has died, slightly surprisingly at the age of 91, to give the DDP another name. In a career stretching 7 decades, he played Shakespeare (Othello) to farce (Sound of Music, and we really didn’t want a Hills are Alive pun, did we?). He played the Duke of Wellington in Waterloo, and appeared in films as diverse as Malcolm X, The Man Who Would Be King, A Beautiful Mind, and recently in Knives Out. He finally won an Oscar in 2012 for Beginners, having won his Tony award 40 years earlier. He was just missing the Grammy for a full EGOT. Everyone reading this iwll have their favourite Plummer role, and this does not give us the space to talk up them all (Star Trek VI? 12 Monkeys? Thorn Birds?) so we’ll just mention Murder by Decree, in which he plays Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Jack the Ripper himself. Plummer had a link to the classic Rathbone adaptations, as his cousin was Nigel Bruce who played Dr Watson in them! He was picked by 13 teams including Dirt Nappers and Last Gasp Saloon.


Christopher Plummer
13 December 1929 – 5 February 2021
13 teams