Caroline Flack


Caroline Flack has died aged 40. She made her big TV break playing Bubbles on inexplicably popular comedy show Bo’Selecta, before moving into a series of children’s TV presenting roles such as TMI. A move to commercial TV and Big Brother’s Little Brother followed, where Flack won plaudits for her quick wit on live TV. She won Strictly come Dancing in 2014, was a presenter on The X-Factor, and became known in recent years for her work on doomed reality show Love Island.

A former girlfriend of Prince Harry, Caroline Flack became better known in recent times for being sacked from her TV show after allegations came out of domestic abuse against her partner. This was under investigation, but led to a shitstorm on social media and in certain DDP qualifying obit media sources. The result is her death at her own hand earlier this month. The DDP will never condone domestic violence, but at the end of this tragic tale, we can only say: there should have been another way. There always is.

Flack was a unique hit with the unnatural bonus for Die Laughing.

Caroline Flack
9 November 1979 – 15 February 2020
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