Bob Weighton


The world’s oldest man has joined every former recipient of that honour, by dying aged 112. Bob Weighton worked in a factory making aeroplanes, before settling down to become a teacher in the United States.  He moved back to Hampshire in 1973 and outlived his wife and a son. Weighton became oldest living Englishman in 2016, joint oldest living British male (with Scot Alf Wright) in 2018, then the oldest living British male on his own, then in late 2019 the oldest living Brit and finally the world’s oldest man himself earlier this year. At the time of recognition, lots of care was taken to make sure the grand old man didn’t catch coronavirus, and he didn’t. However, lung cancer decided to have an unexpected say in the matter. His death actually appears to have caught the centenarian watching community by surprise, as it was thought his mental awareness and physical strength could lead to him breaking some longevity records.

The last word goes to Bob Weighton, who, in 2019, suggested the secret to a long life is to “avoid dying”! How positively Lemmy-esque! RIP.


Bob Weighton
29 March 1908 – 28 May 2020
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