Annie Ross


After a lifetime of bucking the odds, Annie Ross has died a mere 4 days before her ascension to the true pantheon of the great. Yes, that’s right, a spot on the Genarians website! Ross was the last surviving third of regarded jazz trio Lambert, Henricks and Ross, and collaborated with everyone from Dave Brubeck to Louis Armstrong. She made her start via a tempestuous relationship with her aunt who tricked her into an MGM contract as the Scottish Shirley Temple, before finding working singing alongside the great Duke Ellington on the club circuit.  On screen, she made appearances in The Beast Must Die and Superman III. Off screen, she was a long standing heroin addict/recovering addict who outlived many of her friends (including Judy Garland), and once had a relationship with Lenny Bruce.  On Bruce’s death, Annie Ross went cold turkey (without any offers of rehab as she later dryly noted) on drugs. She was also the Scottish singing voice for Britt Ekland in The Wicker Man, if you noticed anything about Ms Ekland in that film other than the rather obvious scene. In 2012 a documentary of her life made the rounds, and she claimed that Glasgow was a superior city for culture than London, proving that she had brilliant taste.

She was, in every respect, a survivor. Until now, when she isn’t.

Ross was picked by three teams including Pretty Noose, You Dirty Rotten Swine You Deaded Them, and veterans Madonna’s Hand of Bod. This is actually their 102nd all time DDP hit, an odd number to celebrate, unless your deadpool co-host is a glaikit sod and forgot about their century when Genesis The Porridge died.

Annie Ross
25 July 1930 – 21 July 2020
3 teams