Nobby Stiles

NOBBLED STILES English World Cup winner Nobby Stiles has died aged 78, after a long period of ill health. Stiles was an early example of the defensive midfielder, the man who carries the team in midfield by supporting the defence and setting up the attack at a moments notice. In over 300 hundred games for […]

Tracy Smothers

WIDE EYED SMOTHERED BOY Back in 2010, Tracy Smothers showed up in TNA Wrestling and looked like shit, victim of many years of personal demons, so whilst it is no surprise he has died aged 58, it is perhaps more of a surprise he lasted this long. Tracy Smothers bounced around the territories in the […]

Robert E Murray

LIFE DENIAL American businessman Robert E Murray has died aged 80. Not a particularly known name outside Ohio, he was apparently a climate change denialist who, despite making millions off mining, spent millions convincing politicians to try and block safety measures for workers in mines. After the Cranda Canyon Mine collapse killed six miners working […]

Marge Champion

SOMEDAY MY DEATH WILL COME Dancer and actress Marge Champion has died aged 101. Champion is best known for her role as the model for Snow White in the famous 1937 Disney classic. Yes, 2020 is even bumping off animated legends now. She also worked with Disney on Pinocchio, Fantastia and Dumbo. She later became […]

Viola Smith

VIOLA’S CRESCENDO American drummer Viola Smith has died aged 107. A pioneer who played on The Ed Sullivan Show Smith’s career started in the 1920s as part of her family group The Schmitz Sisters Family Orchestra. After the war, she played with the NBC Symphony Orchestra, and played on the broadway performance of Cabaret. She […]

Frank Bough

REAPER BOUGHS FRANK Former British TV broadcaster Frank Bough has died aged 87. For fifteen years he was the reassuring jumper wearing face at the helm of Grandstand, the BBC’s premier sports show. He also hosted BBC Breakfast Time from 1983 to 1987 (a role later played by DDP current favourite Bill Turnbull). He guest […]

James Randi

RANDI IN THE UNDERWORLD Former magician The Amazing Randi has died aged 92. James Randi had practiced magic for decades, before founding the James Randi Educational Foundation. Formed as a source of debunking pseudoscience and paranormal claims, the Foundation put forward the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, by which in theory any person who could […]

Jill Paton Walsh

EPILOGUE Children’s novelist Jill Paton Walsh has died aged 83, a month after marrying her third husband. Walsh wrote novels such as The Dolphin Crossing and Hengest’s Tale for children. Her novel The Emperors Winding Sheet won the Whitbread Prize in 1974. Writing for an adult audience, she was best known for her fantasy novel […]

Rhonda Fleming

DEATH IN TECHNICOLOUR Actress Rhonda Fleming has died aged 97. Fleming got her big break in the Alfred Hitchcock classic Spellbound, where she plays Mary, one of the patints at Green Manors mental hospital. A swift role as a doomed friend in early slasher The Spiral Suitcase followed, as Rhonda was cast in controversial (for […]

Herbert Kretzmer

LAST DREAM Lyricist Herbert Kretzmer has died shortly after his 95th birthday. Kretzmer was most famous for providing the lyrics for smash hit musical Les Miserables, based on the Victor Hugo novel. Yes, you can direct the line of blame for Susan Boyle’s career directly to the Tony award winning writer. Les Mis earned Kretzmer […]