Nicolas Rea

I JUST MET A DEATH CALLED MY REA Nicolas Rea has died five days before his 92nd birthday. He was a unique hit for theme team House of Soon to be with the Lord. A practicing Doctor, he succeeded to the hereditary peerdom of Rea on the death of his uncle in 1981. In 1999 […]

Majek Fashek

IT’S A KIND OF MAJEK Singer-songwriter Majek Fashek has died aged 57 after a battle with cancer. The Nigerian guitarist was a prime exponent of African reggae music, and had worked with Beyonce and Snoop Dogg. He was picked in the DDP by Wormfarmer and the nefarious Pelican in the Wilderness. Majek FashekMarch 1963 – […]

Bob Weighton

GRIM WEIGHS IN ON BOB The world’s oldest man has joined every former recipient of that honour, by dying aged 112. Bob Weighton worked in a factory making aeroplanes, before settling down to become a teacher in the United States.  He moved back to Hampshire in 1973 and outlived his wife and a son. Weighton […]

Larry Kramer

KRAMER vs CREMA   Playwright Larry Kramer has died of pneumonia a month before his 85th birthday.  Already a well regarded writer after his adaptation of Women in Love (with Oliver Reed and Alan Bates wrestling naked) and other such works in the 1970s. However he became far wider known and respected as an ardent […]

Rory Gilsenan

RORYS FINAL FURLONG Well, here’s a curious one. Rory Gilsenan was a horse racing trainer who won the Horse of the Year Show trophy in 2018. However, also in 2018, he began to suffer from the effects of glioblastoma, which has killed him aged 50. He died in April, and got sod all in the […]