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The online competition to guess which famous people won't make it to the end of the current year. If they're elderly, ill, or just live a high-risk lifestyle, stick 'em in your team, and for each one whose death you correctly predict, you'll score points. DDP was dreamt up in Derby, England (hence the name...) by Big-Iain back in 1996, then was run from 2003 to 2007 by Siegfried Baboon and Rude Kid. From 2008 to 2009, it was run by Octopus of Odstock, and from 2010 The Man in Black. 2016 marks the Twentieth Anniversary!

Latest Stiffs: 11th February 2016 by The Man in Black

Green Gartside

Phil Gartside became chairman of Bolton Wanderers FC in 1999 and the steered the club to a successful but ultimately costly period in the Noughties, culminating in a couple of appearances in European competition.
His passing aged 63 of cancer however, has come at an awkward time for the Trotters as they are currently mired in debt run up during Gartside's tenure and near the bottom of the Championship. Gartside ws a hit for 11 teams, including last year's runner-up and third place teams...
Sushil Koirala was a veteran Nepali politician who rose to the highest office late in his career, becoming President of the Nepali Congress in 2010 and then Prime MInister in 2014, serving for 20 months before standing down. Koirala was 76 and a unique hit for theme team Hell To The Chief.
Now another one of those picks. 50nny Lang was a young gymnast who suffered from the genetic condition cystic fibrosis. She was said to have the heart and lungs of an eighty year old, so the inevitable happened at the age of only 23. Cancerous Hatred get a unique/joker hit. One wonders why this game hasn't gone mainstream...

[Scorecard] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] (11 teams) = 8pts [Joker](2 teams) = 16pts
[Scorecard] (Koirala) [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] + [Unique] = 10pts
[Scorecard] (Lang) [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] + [Unique] + [Joker] = 30pts

Early adjournment for Harpham

Harry Harpham was a formere coal miner who took part in the divisive miner's strike of 1984. In May 2015 he was elected the member for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough but has died of cancer aged 61 after serving for only 273 days, the shortest duration for a Labour MP for 26 years. Theme Team Dead Commons get a unique/joker hit.
Now for a couple of Edgars. Edgar Whitcomb was a US politician who escaped from a Japanese POW camp in World War II. He was Governor of Indiana from 1969-73 before changing track completely and set about sailing around the World. He was 98 and a hit for 2 teams.
I think we can safely say that Edgar Mitchell trumped Whitcomb in the travel stakes. Sailing around the World, pah! What about geting to the moon and back? Mitchell was a member of the Apollo 14 crew who touched down on the lunar surface in January 1971 alongside the legendary Alan Shepard, the very first American in space. The effect of the trip certainly affected Mitchell, who went on the claim the existence of UFOs and indulged in the paranormal. Mitchell was 85 and a unique hit for Lidder's Late Lamentables
Chr1sty O'D0nn3ll campagined for a right-do-die law in her home state of California after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She died aged 47 with Shovelful of Dirt getting a unique hit.

[Scorecard] (Harpham) [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] + [Unique] + [Joker] = 22pts
[Scorecard] (Whitcomb) [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] (2 teams) = 5pts
[Scorecard] (Mitchell) [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] + [Unique] = 9pts
[Scorecard] (O'Donnell) [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] [Points] + [Unique] = 13pts

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Artur Fischer, Óscar Humberto Mejía Victores, Norman Hudis, Zdravko Tolimir, John McCafferty

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David Quantick's Showbiz Pals - 53 points (a record?)

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A British film production company is prosecuted for causing the injury to Harrison Ford during filming for the last 'Star Wars' film. Well, at least he wont be in the next one. (gasp) I shouldn't have said that!

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