Terry Jones

HE’S NOT THE GRIM REAPER HE’S A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!   The wonderful Terry Jones has sadly died, aged 77, after a long and publicised battle with a particularly nasty form of dementia. Terry Jones was recognisable instantly, possibly worldwide, as one of the six members of the Monty Python comedy team. Performer and writer […]

Shin Kyuk-ho

WHOLE LOTTE DEATH Shin Kyuk-ho, founder of Lotte Corporation, has died aged 98. He founded Lotte in 1948 as a chewing gum manufacturer, but it had grown into becoming one of the worlds largest multinationals. He was 136th on the Forbes rich list at one point, but given a suspended jail sentence in later life […]

Robert Maclennan

SOCIAL DEATHOCRATIC PARTY Former leader of the SDP, Robert Maclennan, has died aged 83. Formed in 1981, the Social Democratic Party aimed to break the mold of British politics, but by 1988 the two party mold had broken the SDP instead, so they looked to a unification with the Liberals. Dr David Owen, leader of […]

Mr. Derek Fowlds

THAT’LL BE ALL, BERNARD “Should we pick you on the DDP, Mr Derek?”“What’s that, Basil?”“It’s a dead punt. BOOM BOOM!” Mr Derek Fowlds, friend of Basil the Brush, has sadly died aged 82 after a stint in hospital with heart problems. Indeed, the anthropomorphic toy fox has already been on Twitter, sharing his condolences. What […]

Rocky Johnson

SOUL MAN DOWN Rocky Johnson was regarded as one of the best in ring performers of the 1970s, and in 1983, became one of the first black champions in WWF history when he and Tony Atlas won the Tag Team titles. A trainee boxer who once sparred with Muhammad Ali, Johnson turned to pro-wrestler in […]

Christopher Tolkien

AND IN THE DARKNESS BOUND HIM Academic, novelist, and book editor, Christopher Tolkien was the world’s foremost expert on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was almost as if his dad wrote the books and Christopher himself edited them. Trained at the Dragon School (not actually made up), Christopher became a tutor at New […]

Bobby Brown

TWO CAN PLAY THAT DEATH When a local Banker played Bobby Brown in the DDP, the system assumed it was the singer. In fact, so sure was it, it corrected the chaps previous DDP team which also had the other Bobby Brown. In fact this is the former football manager who led Scotland to their […]

Alun Gwynne Jones (Lord Chalfont)

REALIGNMENT OF THE RADICAL DEAD A fairly popular deadpool pick in recent years, Lord Chalfont (or Alun Gwynne Jones as he was before his peerage in 1964) has died shortly after turning 100 last month. New centenarians of late have no staying power. A World War Two veteran who fought in Burma for three years, […]

Welcome to DDP 2020

Hello, and good morning.   There is a decent chance that, if you look at the List of Teams for 2020 (link on the right hand menu as usual), you may find a notice about your own DDP email link not working. Please ignore this message. It is an automated thing added by one of […]

Roger Scruton

ROGER REPATRIATES SOUTH Long time British philosopher and gay botherer Sir Roger Scruton has died to give many people success on the DDP. Editor of the Salisbury Review for 20 years and a specialist in the aesthetics of conservatism, Scruton became himself after witnessing the May 1968 student protests in France. Whereas Ken Clark produced […]